What to Do if Adobe Fonts Keep Deactivating

Adobe has some of the most sought-after and visually pleasing fonts available for all of their different software through their Fonts program. Still, from time to time these fonts may seem to automatically deactivate themselves. This problem is particularly prevalent on Macs for some reason. What do you do when this is happening repeatedly? 

If Adobe Fonts keeps deactivating on your Mac you should create a new Mac OS account and then attempt to use the fonts through them. You may also have to manually activate the fonts yourself before they will work. 

If you’re having trouble keeping Adobe Fonts activated, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In our guide below we will break down everything from the standard reactivation process to what to do when your fonts just won’t seem to stay activated. We’ll provide you with easy step-by-step instructions so you can get your fonts up and running again and finally finish that big project!

How Do I Reactivate Adobe Font?

If your fonts have only been deactivated once, then you should first try the standard way of reactivating them. Fortunately, we can show you how to do just that.

Follow the steps below to activate your Adobe fonts with the standard approach:

  1. Find the Creative Cloud desktop app and open it: This can be found on the Mac OS menu bar. 
  2. Click the fonts icon and browse for fonts: Once you click the fonts icon you should be greeted by a window with a blue button at the bottom of it labeled “browse fonts.” Click it. 
  3. Search for the fonts you want: A browser window will open that allows you to search for the fonts you want. Additionally, you can use filters to further help you find just the right ones. 
  4. Select a preferred font and click on “view family”: Once you select a font, click the button “view family.” This will take you to where you can activate the font. 
  5. Toggle the font to active: Now you just have to click the drop-down menu near the top right side of the page labeled “Activate Fonts” and you can toggle whichever fonts from each family you want active. You may have to do this process over again if you want to activate more fonts from a different family.

This is the most straightforward way that will allow you to reactivate the specific font you prefer. In our section on what to do if the fonts won’t activate or stay activated, we will show you another way of reactivating them that should prevent them from automatically deactivating or staying deactivated in the future.   

Are Adobe Fonts Automatically Reactivated?

Before we dive into what to do if Adobe Fonts continues to deactivate, however, let’s first address a common question about reactivation. Do you actually have to reactivate the fonts yourself or will they be automatically reactivated eventually? We want to get this out of the way so that people aren’t waiting around for the problem to fix itself. 

Unfortunately, if your problem is that your fonts keep automatically deactivating they will need to be manually reactivated. 

Why Does My Adobe Font Keep Disappearing

Let’s say that you go through the whole reactivation process we outlined above but then your Adobe font decides that it is going to just deactivate all on its own and disappear again. Why does this happen? 

Adobe fonts can automatically stop updating because of everything from a stuck CC update to bugs that Adobe has not yet addressed. If they continue to deactivate after updates are corrected and you’ve already reactivated them multiple times, chances are it’s one of these bugs that haven’t yet been addressed. 

Unfortunately, as of now, there is really only one fix that seems to be working for people, even though it is not at all the most convenient. We’ll dive into what that fix is next. 

How to Keep Adobe Fonts from Automatically Deactivating

So now we come to the main event. You’ve tried reactivating the standard way but it keeps disappearing and automatically deactivating anyway. How do you prevent this from happening in the future?

Follow the steps below to keep Adobe fonts from continuing to deactivate even after you’ve reactivated them properly:

  1. Make a new Mac OS account: To make a new Mac OS account you simply need to go into your system preferences, select Users and Groups, then click the + icon. From there you simply follow the prompts and create your new account. 
  2. Activate the fonts you want: You may have to go in and manually activate the fonts that you want. You can do this by following the steps we laid out in the first section. On the new account, they should stay activated. 

While it can be frustrating to create a new account, as of yet this is really the only fix that works reliably. Hopefully, Adobe will eventually create a better fix that isn’t as convoluted in the future, but for now, this is what must be done.  

So Really, What Do You Do if Adobe Fonts Keep Deactivating?

If Adobe Fonts continues to deactivate various fonts even after you’ve reactivated them, your problem is likely being caused by a bug that Adobe has yet to fully address. 

Unfortunately, the only way to prevent this problem that is actually working for real people is to create a new Mac OS account and use fonts through it. Still, once you have completed your new account it should start working fine.