What to Do When Illustrator Keeps Scrolling

Adobe Illustrator is one of the top production software programs for graphic designers and non-specialists worldwide. There are many options and features to using Illustrator; nothing is more frustrating than when Illustrator keeps scrolling. However, the fix is quite simple if one knows what to do when Illustrator keeps scrolling.

Resetting the settings inside the Artificial Intelligence menu is the most common solution to solving the endless scrolling issue with Adobe Illustrator. The second option is disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse and keyboard to the computer. 

An alternative software may be the most viable solution if one is not too keen on using Adobe Illustrator. However, if a person chooses to use Illustrator over one of these alternatives, the answer to fixing endless scrolling is two-fold. Two primary reasons cause Adobe Illustrator to scroll endlessly; the solution might be surprising.

Is Illustrator Getting Stuck When Scrolling Through the Font Selections?

Finding the perfect font for an illustration project is an art in itself. However, with various options available in Illustrator, the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that Adobe uses to power the illustrator engine can get stuck in infinite scrolling mode when selecting fonts. According to Reddit user dAKirby309 the solution is as simple as unchecking a selection in the edit menu.

To Fix the Infinite Scrolling Issue for font selection in Adobe Illustrator, do the following:

  1. Find and select the edit menu (Control or Command K for a shortcut)
  2. Select the type option
  3. Then uncheck the setting that says Missing Glyph Protection.

The solution still works today, even though it was posted to Reddit over six years ago. Two Reddit users named, BackToTheStation and IamTheOneWithTheCure, agree that this solution still works for them in twenty-twenty-two. However, most people accept the problem without recourse as it is a complex problem to solve.

Reaching out for support or self-misdiagnosis leads to accepting the issue. After six years, if Adobe has not fixed the problem, chances are that Adobe software engineers have the matter set as a low priority, or they figure it will fix itself over time with updates. Unfortunately, the endless scrolling experience can be caused by several problems too vast for a company to eliminate all possibilities of the root cause.

Adobe Illustrator is Prone to the Automatic Endless Scrolling Nightmare

Some users experience Adobe illustrator endlessly scrolling horizontally as soon as they open a file. This solution is sometimes as simple as unplugging a keyboard and mouse or switching them out. Unfortunately, the hardware may be causing the problem with the software. At least by eliminating the possibility of faulty hardware, a user can narrow down the root cause of the endless scrolling nightmare.

Adobe support forums suggest that replacing the hardware or moving the mouse and keyboard from one U.S.B. port to another solves the problem. However, beforehand, one wants to be sure that the issue is not occurring in other places on the machine and in Illustrator. This determination is the difference between a hardware problem and a software problem.

The Problem Could be the Hardware, but Most Likely, it is the Connection.

First, however, let us look at what is actually happening at this point inside the computer. Adobe is receiving a signal from the computer telling it to scroll, which is most likely controlled by the mouse or keyboard. Using a web-based application such as placeit.net can also help alleviate some of the tediousness of using Adobe Illustrator.

Disconnecting the mouse and keyboard breaks the electrical connection between the computer and Adobe, possibly resetting the connection between the hardware and the software. Several different things could be occurring here, and Adobe is working on a solution currently. As an alternative, Web-based software programs such as placeit.net tend to run smoother when receiving signals from the computer.

Since Illustrator has a feature that enables scrolling using the control or command buttons with the mouse, Adobe Illustrator may be reading these keys being pushed together, which is why this solution works by resetting the connection between the hardware and the software.  One might also have to clear the cache and memory on the computer when working with Adobe Illustrator to reset the connection between the hardware and software.

Using Alternative Software for Designs is a Good Solution

Many software is available for logo creation, such as placeit.net or Canva. Each software has its own unique features and benefits to use. For example, Placeit.net is excellent for starting with logo creation or even social media videos. In addition, most of the templates available are easy to use and fix up without worrying about endless scrolling.

Placeit.net vs Adobe Illustrator Logo Creation Steps

Placeit.net is really easy to use compared to Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator requires the designer to place each line in the specific spot that the designer wants for the logo. This allows for more control and customization of logos; however, most small businesses are perfectly okay with customizing a template.

Placeit.net has templates available for almost all industries. The steps are easy to follow.

  1. Follow the instructions on the screen and enter the Brand name and industry.
  2. Select the template desired to customize based on the industry.
  3. Change the colors, size, shape, and items in the logo.
  4. Download the logo design to use it.

Adobe Illustrator is a much more complex process built for graphic designers. With Illustrator, a person must select the page size, then customize using all of the available tools inside Illustrator to create the perfect logo. In addition, Placeit.net can be used for logo creation, social media, or digital video creation. Programs such as placeit.net are for the do-it-yourself entrepreneur and the graphic designer with a client base.

One Does Not Need to Subject Themselves to Endless Scrolling Frustrations

There is nothing more frustrating when Adobe Illustrator will not stop scrolling. After changing the settings or filing a complaint with Adobe Support, one must wonder if a more straightforward solution is afoot from Adobe. Companies such as Placeit.net are perfect for creating logos and other things faster and easier than Adobe Illustrator.