Why Are Adobe Programs So Expensive?

Whether you are creating an academic, professional, or just-for-fun project it is likely that you have used a program made by Adobe at one point or another. Adobe provides many programs that work in different ways depending upon your needs. If you have ever had to purchase an Adobe program you are probably wondering why they are so expensive.

Multiple reasons contribute to the high cost of Adobe programs; one of the main is that it’s been the leading software company of its type for over thirty years. Others include:

  • Tech support and updates
  • Users are making money off of the software
  • Losses from illegally pirated software

For a more expanded explanation of why Adobe software programs are so expensive continue reading.

Why Are Adobe Programs So Expensive – Here’s Why

Nowadays it is important to save money in any way you can, so you are wondering if you should invest in the paid Adobe subscriptions or opt for a less expensive option.

When it comes to software you will find that it depends greatly upon how you plan to use it and what you want to get out of it.

The following list gives the common reasons why Adobe programs are so expensive and why they are worth it, especially if you are a professional.

Unparalleled Competition

Adobe has been the leading brand of software for its type for over thirty years which means it is difficult for other smaller companies to compete even if their technology is comparable.

Adobe has monopolized the market when it comes to designing and editing software for so long that they have built an army of over 20k employees.

This team works diligently around the clock to develop, maintain, and update the software while providing top-notch customer support to their subscribers.

Users Benefit Financially From Software

Another reason that can be attributed to the high cost of Adobe programs is that many of the people using the software are doing so to make money.

Adobe figures that if people are making money from the software they have created they should get a chunk of that change.

The people who are making money with the software that Adobe has created generally will pay the asking price even if it is high because they know the value of what they are getting out of it and it is reliable and compatible with so many other programs.

Making Up For Unscrupulous Behavior

It is not uncommon for people to try and succeed at pirating Adobe software programs which is another reason Adobe has to charge so much for their programs.

The high price covers the cost of developers maintaining the necessary security measures to stay a step ahead of the unscrupulous hackers trying to save a buck while others are paying for their subscriptions.

How Its Used Matters

As mentioned previously, many people use Adobe programs for professional reasons and benefit financially from the software. Other people may be using the software for academic reasons or creative projects that are just for fun.

This can affect the price of the program depending on how you plan on using the software. If you opt for the professional version you can be confident that you fully own anything you create while using the software and receive all the support and updates necessary to finish your work.

Choosing the academic version is great for students and/or teachers who are not using the software with the intent to make money. With this subscription option, certain usage restrictions will apply as to how you can use the work you have created with the software.

If it is found that your creations are being used to make logos and other money-producing images/documents while using an academic version you can be subject to legal action and fines.

Help and Maintenance Included In Price

A large reason paid subscriptions are so high for some users is that the subscription plan comes with 24/7 technical support as well as the most current updates available.

This ensures that the user can work any time day or night and be confident that things will go smoothly and in the event that it doesn’t someone will be there to assist.

Unmatched Versatility and Compatibility

Adobe programs are compatible with virtually any other software on the market which means that it takes a lot of time and development on Adobe’s part to ensure they are compatible with other software brands and types.

Adobe is Expensive for Good Reason

Now that you have the facts you can see why Adobe programs can be so expensive; you get what you pay for. A worldwide reputation as a leader in software development for over three decades coupled with the reasons listed above makes Adobe a clear choice even if you are concerned about price.