Why Are Modern Logos Being Flattened?

We’ve seen a big trend lately of companies redesigning their iconic logos to make them more flat, streamlined, and simple. Why is this the case?

Modern logos are being flattened and simplified to make them more legible, universal, and timeless. This is done in order to improve the marketing of a product or service, and to account for the different devices the logos will be viewed on.

The most famous logos are changing because they are no longer able to represent the company as it changes over time. Here’s why

Why Modern Logos Are Flat and Simple

The trend of flat design is a result of the demand for simplicity and minimalism in our society. Some examples of good looking logos are the Nike swoosh, the Apple logo and the Adidas logo.

The logos that are being created now are less detailed and have simpler shapes, which makes them more visually appealing.

Logos are a vital part of any business’s marketing because they help people to recognize the company as well as its products or services. To convey the company’s message in an instant, a logo should be:

  • Memorable
  • Recognizable
  • Simple enough

We sometimes don’t know the difference between simple and boring in our perceptions. This is due to the fact that we are conditioned to enjoy exciting things like vibrant colors and exaggerated shapes. However, the contrary may really be more advantageous to businesses and their customers.

Flat Logos Work

When a business designs a logo, it has to be memorable in order for people to associate with the logo and the company it represents.

Some reasons for a simple design are:

  • Simplicity attracts attention.  It can help customers find your business on the internet and in physical stores. It also helps people remember your company’s name faster than if they saw it without a logo. 
  • Simple logos are easier to see on multiple devices. One reason is the desire for a simple, clean, and modern design that is easy to stay consistent no matter the device it’s viewed on.  Flattening the logo makes it easier to see on mobile devices and screens with lower resolutions and ones with different color temperatures.
  • Simple logos are easier to design than complex ones. Companies want to streamline the design process.. When they’re ready to design your logo, everything is communicated with a designer. They make sure they both have a clear vision of the goal and can address any issues along the way.

To make a logo stand out in today’s competitive atmosphere, it has to adhere to certain design principles to ensure it’s doing its job.

What Makes a Good Logo?

Logos must be unique. Modern logos are used in many settings:

  • Websites
  • Banners
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Products

They need to look good regardless of size or background. The brand’s logo should also adapt to the resolution of most devices – not just laptops, but also smartphones or tablets. The best logo can adapt and evolve with trends and times.

You see them all the time in a variety of settings, and the more devices a design can be seen on, the more straightforward it must be. A good logo must take this into consideration because, for instance, a color on your phone may appear differently if it were put on a t-shirt or viewed on a television screen.

A Good Logo Can Improve Branding

You can find colorful and monochrome vintage logos relevant to today’s modern brands. The benefit of using this logo is that it tells your story better. It complements your storytelling and gives your customers some impression of your brand.

Therefore, you need to create a logo that represents your brand and helps you connect with your customers. Your company’s logo appears on everything from your website, products, business cards to social media and pretty much everything related to your company.

Other signs prioritize their shape over color. So they can adapt to any background or design. Just like Nike. It turned out to be great because they make clothes and accessories. This is how their logo stands out on every product they own.

Try it out for yourself to see this in action. Have you ever worked on any graphic design or art projects? In fact, websites like Placeit allow you to create complete designs in a matter of seconds, which can help you understand why these sorts of logos are the best option from a company and graphic designer perspectives.

It’s What a Good Company Wants

Companies want their products to represent their brands, and a straightforward logo makes this easier to do. A logo can be more easily incorporated into a product’s designs the less design elements there are in it.

Consider Google’s logo and its five primary colors as an example. No matter how obscure, every product and service Google releases combines those 5 colors into their branding, making it easy to distinguish a Google product at a glance. Apple’s logo has been changed from a rainbow apple with a bite out of it to a simple apple with one bite out of it.

This is not to assume that logos will always remain this way. Who’s to say that we won’t make similar alterations in the future when you consider how drastically our aesthetics and designs have changed over the last several years.

This may occur as a result of companies having to work harder to differentiate their logos in a sea of aesthetically similar ones as logos become simpler.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, a logo should be able to establish its brand, company, and identity with a single glance. Today’s logos are viewed on many various devices, they must adhere to new accessibility guidelines, and they want to be more memorable and catch your attention quicker. For these reasons, logo design is kept to a minimum.

Logos are so straightforward because businesses want to convey more information to you than ever before, and they do this by making their logo clear and straightforward, and thus we can see why logos are being flattened.