Why Are So Many Logos Becoming Oversimplified?

Logo design is something that is constantly evolving and changing. Sometimes these changes are ones that we might not like or understand the reasons for. The perfect example is a logo for a company that used to be bright and colorful and have complex designs which was changed into something that uses simple colors and solid shapes that no longer stands out.

The reason logo design is so simple nowadays is because these logos are viewed on lots of different devices, they need to meet new accessibility standards, and they want to be more memorable and grab your attention faster.

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The actual reasons why logo designs are changing to this new trend Might not be so obvious to the naked eye. Read on and you’ll see that the logos of today are the results of years of research and iteration.

Why Do Logos Look So Simple Nowadays?

We often don’t make a distinction in our minds when something is simple and when it is boring or unappealing. This is because we are trained to like exciting things like bright colors or exaggerated shapes. In reality though, the opposite might be more beneficial to businesses and their users. These are the reasons why we’ve seen the shift to more simple logos.

The Biggest Reasons for New Logo Design

Here are the real reasons why logos are so basic nowadays, so you can understand why graphic designers and businesses have gone in this path.

  • To Make Logos More Memorable. In today’s day and age, you’ll see dozens if not hundreds of different logos wherever you go about your business. This is a problem for companies who want your attention, so they keep their logos simple and distinct so that you’ll be more likely to remember them.
  • To Make them more Accessible. Two things matter when you think about logo design. The first being, who is looking at it, and the second being, are they getting the message that the logo is supposed to deliver. By meeting accessibility standards and taking into account different viewing situations, companies can ensure their logos reach the widest audience.
  • To Ensure a Larger Reach. Compatibility is a huge consideration when thinking about logos. There are so many different situations where you might see a logo. Like on TV, or on a label, or on a phone screen. A logo design has to account for all these situations to make sure the brand is consistent.

Basically, the reason why logos have become so simple is because they have a lot more to do than before. They have to deliver a brand’s message, stay in the viewer’s mind, and account for all the different situations where they could be seen. Each of these reasons are of vital importance when a company thinks about their brand, and here’s why.

Logos are everywhere. You see them all the time in all kinds of different places, and the more simple a design is, the more places and situations that design can be applied. For example, a color on your phone might look different if it was printed on a t-shirt, so a good logo has to account for that.

One way you may have seen this kind of style applied is if you are somebody who does any kind of digital art or graphic design yourself. You might have noticed when you make a design that logos that are simple are more versatile and can be used in different situations.

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Are Today’s Logos More Memorable?

Modern logos simplify things so that users don’t have to digest as much information. This requires that customers should be able to recognize the logo at a glance. As a result, instead of the elaborate patterns that were previously employed, many firms have changed to basic colors and distinct outlines in their logos.

They keep logos simple so you don’t have to think about it when you look at it. By reducing distracting aspects, a corporation can make its logo stick in your mind. As a result, you’re more likely to recall simple logos, which is exactly what companies want: for their brand to pop into your head every time you think of a product or service they provide.

Why is Accessibility Important for Logos?

Everyone’s capacity to comprehend information at the same rate is not the same. Some people may take longer to read text or may have difficulty seeing, and might not understand what they’re looking at.

Web Accessibility is about reaching as many users online regardless of their personal impediments, and this extends to logo design. Accessibility is currently a major concern when a company builds a product, and there are internet-wide guidelines for it. The higher the quality they reach, the more consumers will be able to use their products and services. The simpler a logo is, the more accessible it is to everyone.

Will Logos Always Look Like This?

One major reason logos have evolved is that the things we see with them have evolved.

Previously, we would see logos on billboards, t-shirts, or retail ads, where they had to be large and showy.

That’s not to say logos will be like this forever. We have made massive shifts in our aesthetics and designs over the past couple years so who’s to say that we won’t make such shifts again.

It’s totally possible that design standards could shift and require the use of more colorful and exciting logos once again and companies will change their logos to meet those new demands. This could happen because logos are getting simplified and companies will have to work harder to make them stand out in a sea of vastly similar ones.