Why Are Your Twitch Panels Blurry? [7 Reasons]

Customizing your Twitch channel is incredibly important if you are looking to raise engagement, views, and branch into monetization options. While Twitch generally makes it pretty simple to customize all image options on your page, there are issues that show up and they are usually difficult to pinpoint a cause or a solution. 

One of the biggest issues users have been reporting is their Twitch panels being blurry or pixelated. While this is a frustrating issue what is even more frustrating is the lack of a solution Twitch has offered. Most users are having to fix things using trial and error versus getting help from Twitch’s customer service. 

1. Your Panels Have Been Compressed By Twitch

There has been a glitch issue with Twitch that many users have reported, but yet no fix seems to be available from Twitch yet. For some reason, when some people upload their images for their panels, Twitch compresses the image and it ends up looking blurry or pixelated. 

You can always try changing to resolution or image type before uploading it again, however, not many users have reported success in this changing or fixing any of their issues. 

(Source: Levvel, Discuss Twitch)

2. Your Panel Source Has Been Altered 

Whatever source you are getting your image from, whether you made it yourself or it was uploaded from someone else, it’s possible the source had an issue when you saved it or uploaded it and you copied the issue along with it. 

The best solution to this issue is to go back to the source and ensure no issues are present, then save it again. Once you do this, you can upload the newest save file and see if this fixes your issue. 

(Source: Creatoko, Reddit)

3. Your Panel Was Blurry Before Your Added It To Twitch

When we are looking at something for a while, either we end up seeing all the things that are wrong, or we begin to overlook any issues and problems in the subject. If you have spent a long time working on your image for your Twitch panel, you may not even realize that it is slightly blurry when you save it. 

However, you will definitely notice it’s blurry when you upload it. The best thing to do in this situation is to go back to the original and check the resolution and just look over it. If you can fix the issue on the original you will most likely end up having no issues uploading it to twitch. 

(Source: Levvel, Discuss Twitch)

4. Your Panel Is Too High Quality

While you want your Twitch panel, and other images, to look the best they can look, you want the highest quality possible. However, Twitch can only handle images up to a certain quality and then it simply becomes blurry once it’s uploaded. 

The best way to fix this is to figure out if you are able to lower the quality at all before saving it and trying to upload it again. It may take a few times of trial and error but eventually, you will be able to find a quality that Twitch can handle and manage to upload with no issues. 

(Source: Levvel, Discuss Twitch)

5. Your Panel Is An Incorrect Sizing For Twitch

Twitch only allows images of certain sizes to ensure that your page doesn’t get bogged down with too much image data, and to stop their servers from crashing with too many large images. So, when you upload an image, it has to be a certain size for it to look the best. 

If you need to know what sizes are allowed, you can see below on the chart for any kind of image insertion. If you aren’t sure how large your image is but you are having problems, you could always make your image smaller and see if your issues are fixed. 

(Source: Creatoko, Reddit)

6. You Are Using The Wrong Image Type

Certain images that you upload to twitch have to be certain types of images while others can be any type of image as long as they aren’t too large. If your image isn’t uploading at all, or if it is blurry and pixelated when it does upload, you may have the wrong type of image. 

You can always change the file type or the image type and try the upload again to see if the issue has fixed itself. 

(Source: Creatoko, Reddit)

7. Your Picture Settings Are Wrong For The Section You Are Changing

Twitch has very specific specifications for what type of images are allowed for upload and what size. While you can have the image size correct, the type of file may be causing the issue or vice versa. The best way to avoid this issue or fix it is to ensure you are using the correct file type and size before uploading. 

Graphic TypeImage Size RecommendationMax File SizeImage Type
Twitch Panel320 x 300 Pixels2.9MBJPEG, PNG
Twitch Custom Emote28 x 28, 56 x 56, and 112 x 112 pixels25KBPNG
Twitch Profile Banner900 x 480 pixels10MBPNG, GIF, JPEG
Twitch Offline Banner1920 x 1080 pixels10 MBPNG, GIF, JPEG
Twitch Profile Picture (Logo)256 x 256 pixels10MBPNG, GIF, JPEG
Twitch Sub Badge18 x 18, 36 x 36, and 72 x 72 pixels25MBPNG
Twitch VOD Thumbnail1280 x 720 pixels10MBPNG, GIF, JPEG

(Source: Levvel, Discuss Twitch)

Final Thoughts

Your Twitch Banner is one of the first things someone sees when they visit your page so your banner will be the first impression of who you are as a streamer. This means your banner needs to be as good-looking and professional as it can be. 

While there are a few issues that can pop up with your banner, if it is blurry or pixelated, you can fix this in a few ways and they are all pretty simple and easy.

If you’re still having issues, consider trying Placeit’s Twitch templates. These are pre-made, customizable, templates formatted specifically for Twitch. You can find templates for banners, panels, overlays, emotes, overlays, and more.