Why Can’t You Download Adobe Illustrator?

Downloading Adobe Illustrator is usually a straightforward process that involves a few clicks and a bit of waiting. However, when the applications don’t download because of computer errors, there could be stress and panic that makes working hard. So why can’t you download Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe has a wide array of applications in its Creative Cloud that could take up large sections of your computer storage. It is a vast operation that can also occupy 35% of your processing power. So don’t get discouraged just because you hit a few hurdles! Instead, read on and learn all about why you can’t download Adobe Illustrator.

Why You Can’t Download Adobe Illustrator

One of the best things about using an Adobe product is that they have a thriving online presence that answers questions and often places step-by-step instructions to fix the problem. There are a few reasons your computer won’t complete the download, but it usually boils down to a few popular answers.

Installing the Creative Cloud Is the First Thing to Check

Do you have Adobe Creative Cloud installed? That is the first thing you need to ask yourself when wondering why Illustrator won’t download. Creative Cloud is the central hub from which all the other applications they offer are downloaded and updated. So think of it like a waiting area that only installs one type of file, those from Adobe.

The steps to download the Adobe Creative Cloud are as follows:

  1. Download – Go to Adobe and look for the Creativity & Design tab at the top left. This will bring down a menu that is chocked full of applications that are capable of amazing creations. There will be an icon for Creative Cloud at the top of the menu, and you should click on it.
  2. Applications – The next page will be a landing page that shows you all the excellent applications you will have access to once you download the Cloud and subscribe to whatever level of payment you need. After that, you will be sent to a subscription page by choosing any apps.
  3. Subscription – Once you get into the Subscription page, you should be able to start the download. Remember that you cannot download Illustrator without the Creative Cloud; jumping through these hoops is necessary to get the job done.

If the Cloud didn’t install correctly, you would get a series of Error Codes that will tell you what steps to take next. These Codes are valuable; if you don’t get a code, there could be catastrophic work ahead. Whatever the problem, you must have the Creative Cloud installed to get through to the next download portion.

Working Error Codes Is the Way to Get Results

Each time that the download fails should get an Error Code that goes along with it. These codes give you an idea of why the download failed and a few steps to clear up the problem. When you know what code you seek, just look at Adobe’s Install FAQ; there should be information to guide you beyond the problem.

The most used Error Codes that occur while installing Illustrator are:

  • Error Code 1 – The number one code issued by Adobe involves portions of your systems files being corrupt or a failure to connect the Adobe servers. This error code is a wide net that catches any bugs that might infect their servers. Error Code 1 is an easy fix, and when it occurs, you can usually restart the process to get it right.
  • Error Code 81 – Another of the most used codes is number 81. It means that there is another download happening off-screen. Adobe won’t allow you to download the same program twice. Code 81 lets you know you should check the other parts of your screen and background for any open download screens.
  • Error Code 201 – Error Code 201 involves the updates you receive from Adobe. They can be partial bits of info or large files that don’t transmit when the data flows. Code 201 can occur during downloading and when you have to install updates later on. This code also means that you have issues connecting to the server.
  • Error Code 205 – Error Code 205 is a problem with the downloaded file you are using. This code refers to your internet connection not fully receiving bits of information during the download. No matter how small, all files must be downloaded for the applications to function correctly.
  • Error Code 206 – 206 is another Error Code that concerns your internet connection. More precisely, it describes that you have disconnected from the internet, and the download has stalled. You must have a constant internet connection for the download to send and receive all the data you need.
  • Error Code 403 – Install and Update are two of the most failed parts of the download, and Error Code 403 is the warning you get. The installation and update often fail because routine segments run out of time. Restarting gives you a better chance of having small items repair themselves.

The Error Codes are a fantastic guide to finding why your computer won’t install Adobe Illustrator. They can be searched using Adobe Help and FAQ to give you information about why the problem happened and how to solve it. Remember to write down your codes, and if the problem persists, you might need to have your computer checked for hardware issues.


Working with Adobe Creative Cloud could be a total headache if you have installation problems. Installing Creative Cloud requires that you go to the Adobe page and agree to its terms and subscription cost. These costs are part of the game, and it’s a good idea to budget for them instead of using cut-rate software.

The Error Codes are your bread and butter if you want to discover why the download failed. There’s a searchable portion that allows giving your numbers for the codes, and once you know the number, it is a cinch to look it up and find the fix that goes along with it.