Why Can’t You Package Your Illustrator File? [7 Reasons]

Why Can’t You Package Your Illustrator File?

Illustrator is a fantastic graphics design software and the images, designs, and logos you can create with it are mindblowing. It’s a favorite of many graphic designers, and even those who are designers by trade are starting to get involved with illustrators, it’s that good. As with any app or software, some hiccups or roadblocks can halt your hard work and make it difficult to get some things done. 

Packaging your file is a fantastic option Illustrator has, but a lot of users have reported it’s not been working as it should, therefore you can’t package your file the way you want. Unfortunately, these users have theories as to why things aren’t working, but only theories and possible solutions. While you may be able to figure out why you can’t package your problem, it may take a process of elimination, and quite some time. 

1. Illustrator Needs To Be Reset

While it seems too easy, sometimes a simple reset of the software can fix all your problems. If the software is running too many commands at once, or maybe it is simply stuck, you can close everything down, rest your computer to ensure the application is shut down, and then open it back up. 

Once it starts back up, open your file and try to package it again. Many users have reported success with this strategy, but if not, there are a few more options to try. 

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2. Saving To Google Drive

If you are attempting to save your package to a google drive or any other google option, you will most likely experience the error message that your package can’t be saved. There is some issue with trying to save a package file to a cloud or google based system that Illustrator has yet to fix. 

Most users have said that simply trying to save the package file to your desktop, or a USB, or another external storage system, can solve your issue. 

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3. Not Enough Storage Space

No matter where you are trying to send or save your package file, if you are attempting to save it and you get an error message, it could very possibly be due to your storage space. If you do not have enough storage space you will usually receive an error message about being unable to package your file, instead of a limited storage warning. 

Thankfully, if you think this is the issue, it’s an easy fix. You can simply make room for your package file and try again. Whether it an external, internal, or cloud storage, just go through and delete a few things to make enough room for your file to be saved. 

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4. Setting Conflicts

While most things you choose to do in Illustrator work together just fine if you try to package your file with certain settings, options, and graphic choices selected at the same time it can cause an error and your file won’t be packaged. 

Now, the unfortunate part of this is that it’s almost impossible to directly nail down the settings or options that are causing the issue. Most of the information you will find online about this particular error simply tells you the settings other users have had to change, but no way to figure it out on your own. 

Unfortunately, while this is an issue, Illustrator has yet to bring out a fix for it so you are by yourself in a loop of trial and error until you discover the issue. 

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5. Your File Isn’t Previously Saved

Thanks to some users, it has been recognized that you won’t be able to package your file if it has not been previously saved. Apparently, the illustrator has something similar to a safety net for your files and you have to have an entire file saved of what you are trying to package. 

If you don’t have a saved file, the package option will be greyed out and you won’t be able to even choose the option. 

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6. You Are Using Paid Fonts, Without Paying

If you have selected a font that you need to pay for, even if you were just trying it out, and have forgotten to pay for it, Illustrator won’t let you package your file until the font has been purchased. You can either remove the font or purchase it before you try packaging your file again. 

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7. Your Current Images Have Copies In The Trash

Even if you have images that are embedded in your file, if their original copies are in the trash, you will not be able to package your file. You must either remove the images from your file or remove them from the trash before saving and trying again to package your file. 

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Final Thoughts

While packaging your files is a fantastic option Illustrator gives you, many problems can pop up when trying to do this. However, thanks to the internet, we have many reasons why packaging could be an issue, and we have solutions that can fix it.