Why Can’t You Register Your Wacom Tablet?

Before you can dive into using your new Wacom tablet, you need to complete a simple setup process that includes registering the device. This will give you access to a number of features and benefits which will enhance your Wacom tablet capabilities and experience. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use certain Wacom featires until the registration process is complete, so if you’re having difficulty with this, you can troubleshoot it here.

A common cause of Wacom tablet registration issues is a lack of information necessary to complete the process, such as:

  • Wacom ID
  • Wacom tablet ESN

Alternatively, you might have unknowingly failed to complete a step of the registration process or are attempting to register a second-hand tablet.

In this article, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to successfully register your Wacom tablet for anyone performing this process for the first time or uncertain of whether they skipped a crucial step. Additionally, we’ve detailed how you can find lost ID’s, logins, and other information necessary for Wacom registration.

How to Register A Wacom Tablet

Arguably the best way to understand why you can’t register your Wacom tablet is to compare the steps you’ve taken to what is required. Here, we have listed a step-by-step guide on how to register your Wacom tablet so you can either follow along or discern what steps you didn’t take.

The steps to register a Wacom tablet are as follows:

  1. Plug your Wacom tablet into your computer
  2. Download and install the appropriate driver per your connected device
  3. Restart your device if you are using Windows
  4. Complete the driver installation steps prompted by the set-up wizard
  5. Create a Wacom account login
  6. Follow the automatic registration process (should only require you to log in to your Wacom account)

These steps will help you register your Wacom tablet if it is the first time you are setting it up. If it is not your first time, then you’ll need to open your Wacom Desktop Center on your computer and then select your Wacom tablet. From there, a blue registration banner should appear at the top of the page for you to click on and complete the registration process.

Once you’ve completed this process successfully, you’ll be able to download and activate the necessary software.

Troubleshooting a Wacom Registration

While the steps of registering your Wacom tablet are straight-forward in of themselves, you might discover that the process requires information that you’ve forgotten and/or don’t know where to find. This would effectively halt your ability to register your Wacom tablet, which means you can’t download the software necessary to use it.

To successfully register a Wacom tablet, you’ll need to know your Wacom ID and your tablet’s ESN. It is also important that whatever computer you connect to your Wacom tablet is capable of supporting the device.

Below are sections dedicated to troubleshooting each requirement in terms of where to find the information you need or make necessary changes for validity. By the end, you should be able to register your Wacom tablet and finally start using this device.

Wacom ID

One of the first steps your setup wizard will prompt when registering your Wacom tablet is to enter your Wacom ID. This merely refers to your unique Wacom account login information (username and password).

If you have not signed up for a Wacom ID before, you can follow the instructions on this link to do so. Otherwise, you can follow this link to sign in. If a forgotten password is the obstacle preventing you from using your Wacom ID, then you can follow this link to reset it.

Wacom Tablet ESN

When registering your Wacom tablet, there might come a time when the setup wizard prompts you to entre your tablet’s ESN. This is the serial number associated with your specific device that ensure the registration only pertain to that particular tablet.

There are two ways you can locate your Wacom tablet’s ESN. The first is to find where it is labeled on your tablet itself. Each Wacom tablet model labels the ESN in a different place, but you can refer to Wacom’s guide here, to determine where it should be labeled on your specific model.

Alternatively, if you find the ESN is damage and/or unreadable on your tablet, you can it in the Wacom desktop center. To do this, you’ll need to connect the Wacom tablet to a computer, open the Wacom desktop center, and then select the “Support” tab.

From there, select the “Diagnostic Data” option. You should find your connected tablet’s ESN listed under “Device Info” next to “Tablet S/N:”.

System Requirements

Those of you who are using a Wacom tablet for the first time might not have realized that they must be paired with computer, whether it be a Windows or Mac model. Luckily, the only spec that really matters here, in terms of support, is the computer’s software.

Most Wacom tablets can function when paired with Windows® 7 SP1 or later for PC or OS X® 10.11 or later for Mac. You’ll also need one of the following connections:

  • USB-C port USB-C port with DisplayPort Alternate (DP ALT) Mode
  • Mini DisplayPort/DisplayPort and USB-A (minimum USB 2.0) port
  • HDMI 2.0 port and USB-A (minimum USB 2.0) – available on Cintiq Pro 24/32

Apart from that, the only other requirement is internet connect for any registration or software installation. So, make sure these are all met before attempting to register your Wacom tablet.

Registration for Second-Hand Wacom Tablets

A great way to get a Wacom tablet for cheap is to purchase it second-hand instead of new. However, this will pose a challenge if you intend to register the device using your own Wacom ID.

According to Wacom “registration is limited to the original first-time new purchaser of a Wacom device from Wacom directly or a valid Wacom reseller.” As a result, the company does not offer a second software or registration license.

If the Wacom tablet you acquired was already registered by a previous owner, you will not be able to register it against under your own Wacom ID. Thankfully, you should still be able to use your Wacom tablet without registering it. As long as the current driver is installed and the device is setup otherwise, you’ll be able to use most tablet models.

The exception to this would be if the tablet is bundled with the software, in which case, a product registration is required to download it.

Final Thoughts

Once you know all the required information necessary for Wacom registration and the steps to complete the process, you should be able to overcome any previous issues and complete your Wacom tablet’s registration in minutes. If you find that you are still having trouble with this process, we recommend reaching out to Wacom directly through their customer service resources.