Why Do Some Styluses Have a Disc on Them?

When shopping for your next stylus pen online, you may have noticed that some of these styluses have little discs on their tips. These are called disc tip styluses appropriately, and they can make a huge difference in your art, note taking, and design work.

A disc stylus is a unique type of stylus pen that focuses on great sensitivity and precision for digital screens. The stylus’s tip is made of a thin flat disc that minimizes positioning errors by allowing the device to make very close contact with the stylus.

Are these styluses really going to make a big difference, you might be surprised at the benefits that they bring. Read on to find out.

What is a Disc Tip Stylus?

First of all, what is a disc tips stylus and what is it used for? A disc tip stylus is a type of capacitive online drawing tool that contains a small flat disc at the end.

This disc is used to create a more active and accurate representation of what comes into contact with the device. Therefore, you will experience a more precise representation of what you draw when you are using a stylus with a disc tip.

The reason a flat disc is used is because it will emulate the motion of a finger going through a touchscreen. You may have noticed that when you use your hand on your tablet it is very smooth and responsive.

A disc tip stylus will try to recreate that accuracy but in a much smaller surface area similar to that of a pen. This brings together the best of both worlds so that the pen will be as close as possible to the image in your head that you want to bring to life on your screen.

How Does it Work?

The disc is made of a conductive material that attempts to minimize the surface area that is coming into contact with the device. If you run your hand through your device to try and make a line you will notice that it is not very accurate at all.

This is because when you use your hand you have created a large surface area that your device is not able to pinpoint exactly where the line should be drawn. This is why many people use a stylus when they draw because it not only emulates the size of a pen, but it creates an image that a device can easily recognize because it is able to determine what the pen is drawing.

What are the Advantages?

A few benefits of this stylus are listed below.

  • Compatibility: One significant benefit of a disc stylus is its compatibility with a wide range of touchscreen devices. You won’t need to purchase multiple pens for your various devices because the tip is set to function like an actual finger would.
  • Accuracy: Since there is less point of contact between the screen on your device and the disc, the results will be significantly more accurate. It will provide you with exactly what you want and provides a broader range of motion than a typical tip would.
  • Ease of Use: A stylus is much easier to use than your finger because it functions like a regular pen would and gives you more room to work with. Since a disc tip stylus is more accurate to use than a regular stylus, it’ll be even easier to use.

There are several reasons why you would want to use a disc tip stylus but when you try one out yourself it is likely that you will notice the difference right away and you can stop focusing on making your tech work and instead focus on your task at hand whether it be creating wonderful works of art or taking quick notes when you don’t have a lot of time.


Here’s why using a disc tip stylus will make a big difference. On a touchscreen device, you need to make sure that there is as little space for error as possible when you sketch in order to produce an accurate image.

When using a disc tip stylus, you’ll see that the image you’re making is virtually as if your finger had shrunk to size and hit the exact tablet pixel you needed it to. These styluses produce the most accurate computation that determines where a point will be drawn by marrying the finesse and size of a pen with the feel and accuracy of an actual finger.