Why Does Adobe XD Keep Crashing? [7 Reasons]

Adobe XD is a fantastic software for anyone doing anything, business or personal. Now, just like any other software, Adobe does have its issues and some of them can cause the entire application to crash or just not open again. 

Now, obviously, your Adobe crashing is a major issue because it could cause you to lose your work, miss a deadline, or simply spend way too long on one project. The great thing is, most issues have been fixed thanks to users who found solutions and posted about them, or Adobe’s great customer service team, who just wants the software to work well for everyone. 

1. Your File Is Saved On Adobe Cloud

There are several reports from users that they have discovered if they have an Adobe file saved on the Adobe cloud and you try to open it, your Adobe XD will crash frequently. While niether users nor the Adobe team has been able to figure out why this happens, there is a fix. 

If you simply save your adobe file on your desktop or any external storage device you should be able to open your file through Adobe XD with no issues. However, if this does not fix the crashing problem, it’s likely that this wasn’t the issue at all. 

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2. You Have Windows 10

When Windows10 connects with Adobe XD, for some reason Adobe XD ends up crashing at startup. While an update seems to have mostly fixed the issue, some people have still reported problems. 

Unfortunately, if you have already updated Windows 10 and Adobe XD and it’s still crashing, you have to work through the issue by trial and error. You could always contact Adobe’s customer service team to help walk you through a few things. 

This doesn’t mean that if you have windows 10 Adobe XD won’t work on it at all, these issues at seemingly random and most likely are contributed to a number of other variables that just haven’t been discovered yet. 

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3. It Needs To Be Uninstalled and Reinstalled

Sometimes during the installation, or even when an application is run, the files can become corrupted or messed up and it will cause an inability for the software to run effectively or even run at all. 

In any case, if you are having issues with Adobe XD crashing, you should uninstall the software using the Adobe cleaner tool. This tool can clean up any files or issues with the software before it uninstalls it, this ensures when the software is installed again, it will have no issues. 

(Source: Microsoft Answers, Adobe Help)

4. You Don’t Have The Latest Update For Your Operating System

No matter your operating system, when you start up Adobe XD, it is only going to run effectively on the operating system it is prepared, or made for. So, when Adobe XD was created, it was created for certain versions of operating systems and the updates that come after. 

Once an operating system updates to a new version, Adobe will change with it as it’s necessary, adobe won’t wait to change until you have updated though. So, after an update or two, your adobe may not open because it is not compatible with the operating system version you have. 

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5. Adobe Needs To Be Updated

Now, if you are slacking on updating your Adobe, you won’t be able to run it, much less open it after a while. Older versions of adobe are not going to handle working on newer versions of operating software.

Simply updating Adobe should fix any problems you have started dealing with. You can figure out if you need an update by following these steps:

  1. Open or run Adobe or Acrobat
  2. Choose Help > Check for updates
  3. Follow the prompts that pop up and let the computer fully install the update

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6. You Need To Update File Permissions

Sometimes when Adobe is being installed certain permissions are missed or not allowed and this can cause an issue when it comes time to actually run and use the program. However, you can fix this yourself by following a few steps. 

  1. Find your way to C:\Windows\System32
  2. Search for msvcp140.dll > Right-click it > Properties
  3. Select Security > Edit
  4. Add > All Application Packages > Check Names
  5. Locations > Your computer name > Ok
  6. All Application Packages > Allow Read & Execute and Read
  7. Apply > Ok > Ok

This process needs to be done for both, 

  • C:\Windows\System32\msvcp140.dll 
  • C:\Windows\System32\vcruntime140.dl

Once these files have permissions, you should have no issues getting your Adobe XD to run effectively. 

(Source: Microsoft Answers, Adobe Help)

7. Your Display Drivers Need To Be Restarted

Your display drivers can affect quite a lot of the software that needs to run on your computer, however, many people don’t ever think to restart them. So, if you have tried everything else and have yet to find a solution to your issues, you can always restart your display drivers following these steps:

  1. Search for Display Drivers
  2. Click on display adapters
  3. Right-click every adapter and click disable device
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Find your display drivers again
  6. Right-click on all drivers and click enable drivers
  7. Then right-click and hit update drivers
  8. Restart the computer one more time

Once your display drivers are restarted and updated, you should be able to run Adobe XD with no issues or crashes. 

(Source: Microsoft Answers, Adobe Help)

Final Thoughts About Adobe XD Crashing

Adobe has a fantastic customer service team that is more than willing to walk through the troubleshooting process with as many customers as they have. The best thing to do when you have an issue tells customer service so they can start trying to find a solution for the masses. 

However, if they don’t have a solution, your only other options are trial and error or scrolling through user recommendations on the Adobe community page. Either way, you are bound to find a solution or at least a temporary fix.