Why Does Canva Keep Saying “Saving Error”?

If you are at all familiar with the web-based design platform Canva, you have probably encountered that annoying pop-up box that says “saving error” or “editor locked”. You may be wondering what keeps causing this issue and if there is a way to fix it so you don’t lose precious time spent on designs that cant be saved.

To learn the reasons why you may be receiving these error messages and how to potentially fix them continue reading.

Reasons Why You Can’t Save Your Work in Canva

When you are tight on time and need to design there is nothing more frustrating than receiving an error message telling you that Canva can’t save your design or your editor is locked.

To the best of your knowledge, you have done everything correctly and it still won’t let you save your work. Now you are ready to smash the computer or device you are using.

Before resulting in violence it is important to know that saving errors and locked editor pages are common issues among Canva users and there are ways to solve them.

Understanding why you’re receiving these error messages and how to potentially eliminate them will remove the frustration so you can move on to the next task in your busy life.

1. Your Browser Is Incompatible or Not up to Date

If you continually run into problems while trying to save your work on Canva it may be as simple as your internet browser may not be the best choice to use with their platform.

Some internet browsers work better with other platforms than others; changing your browser can make a big difference in how well and how quickly the program works.

If you are unsure of which browser works best with the Canva platform Firefox and Chrome are the top recommended browsers to use with the Canva design platform

Other times it is just a simple matter of updating your current browser to a more current version. A quick update can fix any bugs and ensure that your browser is communicating properly with the Canva platform.

Most internet browsers have a tab near the top right-hand side of the window where you can access the settings menu. Once the settings menu is located there will be a tab that tells you which version you are running and if there are any updates available.

2. Your App Is Behind the Times

If you are using a mobile app to create your designs with Canva via a mobile device you may be running into similar issues as the desktop version.

Check the internet browser you are using to see that it is the best option for working with the Canva design program. If you find that there is a better option switch to that and see if your issues are resolved.

As you likely know by now in this day and age of technology, apps can become outdated just as well as desktop internet browsers.

To be sure you are running the most current version of the Canva app on your mobile device, check your settings to be sure there are no updates needed.  

In addition to your app being out of date, it is possible that the device you are using needs to be updated in order to support the new software that is downloaded.

If your device is running an older version of the software it will not communicate as it should and none of your apps will work properly.

3. Failure to Make a Proper Connection

A poor internet connection is a common reason why people encounter error messages popping up telling you that the designs you just worked so hard on cannot be saved or that the Canva editor is locked.

That is one of the biggest complaints that designers have with Canva is the fact that there are no local storage options for your designs. That means if you can’t connect to the internet you cannot connect to Canva so you can’t create or save any designs.

That can be extremely annoying if you happen to be somewhere without an internet connection and want to work on a design. Sometimes your poor connection has to do with your specific internet service.

It may behoove you to check with your provider and see how fast your internet service actually is and if there are any options for upgrading to a higher speed. In this day and age the faster the connection the better your programs will work.

Nowadays more and more people are working on the go or traveling for their jobs which means they are working on mobile devices which means finding a solid internet connection can be difficult.

If you find that you are using the Canva design platform on a mobile device more than a desktop computer then it may be wise to invest in a portable internet box that has a signal wherever you travel.  

4. Tech Issues and Scheduled Maintenance

For those who may not know, Canva is a web-based platform meaning everything is done online. Web-based platforms such as Canva tend to run into technical issues more frequently than a program that is downloaded locally to your computer such as Adobe Illustrator.

In order to keep operations working as smoothly as possible Canva also performs routine maintenance which can cause interruptions with the service.

Generally, the Canva technical team will post a notification or lock the editor to make their users aware that they are not able to save their work at that moment and to try again later.

Fixing Frustrating Saving Errors With Simple Solutions

When you are trying to create a design while using the Canva platform it can be aggravating to receive saving errors or get locked out of the editing process when you are on a tight schedule. Thankfully, this article has shed some light on the most common reasons why this happens so you can take the necessary steps to rectify the situation and get back to designing.