Why Does Krita Cost Money On Steam?

Krita is an excellent option for editing graphics, specializing in digital painting and 2D animation. There are several ways to get the application, including free and paid offerings.

Now, you may be wondering why the application costs money on Steam, and there’s a great explanation for it.

Krita on Steam costs money because it helps the developers add new features to the application. On top of that, the application comes with auto-updates, which makes it easier to keep on top of all the latest features. 

You probably still have questions about why Krita costs money on Steam. We’ll delve into that below to be well aware of your options.

What Are the Benefits of Downloading Krita on Steam?

Krita is a well-known application that comes with a whole host of features that help in your quest to enter the world of digital painting and 2D animation.

Here are some of the benefits of downloading the application on Steam:

  • Support the Developers: Work on free applications is typically completed thanks to donations. The development of applications is time-consuming, and the Krita developers have been vocal about using Steam to support them.
  • Application Updates: Purchasing the application on Steam also gives access to automatic updates, meaning you have peace of mind that you will always be on the latest version of the software.
  • Fast and convenient installation on all of your devices: You won’t have to search for specific versions. Just install Steam on your devices, and it will find the best version of the application for your device.
  • The more people buy, the more popular it is on Steam: Steam has ways of users seeing its most-popular applications, so purchasing it on the platform allows it to rise in those ranks, bringing Krita to a bigger audience.
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS: Purchasing the application gives you access to both versions of the app, allowing you to focus more on designing than whether your account will be compatible.

Is the Steam Version of Krita Different from the Free Version?

There is a common misconception that the different versions of Krita on other stores are different, but they are all the same application.

If you prefer to download manually and know the details of your operating system, you can just as easily install Krita from the official website or any other places it is hosted.

If you go directly to Krita to download, you will need to be aware of updates because it won’t be automatic.

Beyond that, there are no differences, so the payment via Steam is purely to help the developers invest in the product and solidify its future.

If you opt to download the application free of charge, be mindful of where you are downloading it. It’s easy to install malware attached to software on the internet, so make sure your antivirus is up to date before installing.

Can You Support the Developers Without Paying?

If you would prefer not to pay for the software, there are other ways to help the developers with the process of improving Krita.

  • Bug reports: Bugs can be pretty irritating in applications, but feeding back any issues you have while using the application is a surefire way to give back. This will help developers know about issues.
  • Test beta versions: Beta versions of applications include features that have not yet rolled out to the official application. Beta versions tend to be less stable, but reporting on your findings is a way to improve the overall product.
  • Help other users: If you become well-versed in the inner workings of the application, you could help users who are having problems with the application. This gives the developers more time to work on fine-tuning the application.
  • Test plug-ins: Plug-ins can give new features to applications, but they can also cause performance issues. Testing them helps developers and potential consumers.
  • Recommend the App: Free applications rely on word of mouth to succeed, so if you know people interested in design, it would be helpful to make them aware of the app.

Krita: It All Comes Down to Your Needs

The question about which avenue to take for installing Krita comes down to your personal needs and whether you want to support the future development of the application.

As we’ve already established, there are many ways to install Krita, and there are also ways to support without handing over money.

Pick the best way to install Krita for your needs, and focus on the designing side of things.