Why Does Lightroom Say “File Not Found”?

Lightroom is useful software for editing your photos. As with other software, Lightroom can experience its fair share of bugs. One problem you may encounter with Lightroom involves trouble opening image files. Why does Lightroom say “File not found”?

If Lightroom says “File not found,” you could be experiencing one of several problems. Lightroom will often say “File not found” if the software believes the file has already been imported or Lightroom does not support the file type you are using for your image.

Continue reading to learn more about why Lightroom says “File not found” as well as ways to ensure that the importing of your files into Lightroom runs smoothly. It is important to learn which file types to use, how to import them, and how to fix problems relating to Lightroom not opening your files.

Why Does Lightroom Say “File Not Found”?

If Lightroom says “File not found,” chances are that Lightroom mistakenly thinks the file has already been imported and saved as a separate but identical photo file or that the file type you saved your photo as is not supported by Lightroom.

A file that Lightroom believes to have already been imported is typically the most common cause of Lightroom saying “File not found.” However, there are other reasons, including:

  • Lightroom does not support the file type
  • The photo is saved to your computer but not to Lightroom
  • The file is damaged

Lightroom does not support Nikon scanner NEF, Adobe Illustrator, and files greater than 65,000 PPS or larger than 512 MP. If you try to import and open photos saved as these file types, Lightroom will not allow you to.

If Lightroom says “File not found,” it does not automatically mean that the file is not on your computer. You may have the photo saved somewhere else on your computer instead of in Lightroom. If you have the photo but it is located in a different save source, Lightroom may say “File not found.”

If the file is damaged in any way for several reasons during downloading, uploading, saving, etc., Lightroom may say “File not found.” It can be difficult to repair damaged files on your own, and Lightroom will likely recognize damaged files and prevent you from opening them.

Fixes to Lightroom Saying “File Not Found”

In most cases, fixing the issue of Lightroom saying “File not found” is simple. Let’s take a look at some fixes below in more detail.

Check if the File Is Already Saved

For example, if Lightroom says “File not found” because it thinks you have already saved or imported the file to Lightroom, quickly check to see if that is the case. If the file does, in fact, already exist, you are good to go.

Locate the Original Copy of the Photo

Lightroom might also say “File could not be found.” It may present a prompt with the option “Locate.” By clicking locate, you can find the original copy of the photo you want to edit in Lightroom and upload it to the software.

If Lightroom does not support the file type you thought you had saved to Lightroom, locate the original photo and save it as a file type accepted by Lightroom. If the photo is saved to your computer but not to Lightroom, do the same thing. If the file is damaged, you will likely need to replace the damaged file with the photo you wish to use and save it as a new file.

Log Out and Log Back In

If you cannot figure out why Lightroom says “File not found,” it can be beneficial to log out of Lightroom and sign back in. If you refresh the software, you might not have the problem anymore.

Why Can’t I Import My Photos in Lightroom?

Similarly to not being able to open your files in Lightroom, you might have trouble importing your photos to Lightroom.

In many cases, the problems are the same as some of the factors mentioned above:

  • File type not supported by Lightroom
  • Damaged file
  • Incorrect import settings

If the file type is not supported by Lightroom, it will typically prevent you from saving the photo in Lightroom in the first place. Additionally, if the file is damaged before being imported into Lightroom, Lightroom may detect the damaged file and prevent it from being imported.

If your import settings on Lightroom do not match the setting capabilities of the file type that you want to import, you will also not be able to import the file. Make sure that your import preferences on Lightroom match the file type to ensure efficient importing.

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There are different reasons why Lightroom says “File not found.” Whether the file is already saved to Lightroom or you have yet to import it to Lightroom, fixes for “File not found” are rarely problematic.