Why Does PowerPoint Keep Crashing On iPad?

Making your presentation doesn’t require carrying a laptop and other gadgets anymore, as you can do this with your iPad. It’s smaller and lighter than a laptop but still packs enough power to work as needed. However, there’ve been some concerns on how the app keeps crashing on an iPad, which has put off many people, especially when few people know why this happens.

PowerPoint can keep crashing on iPad due to an outdated application that becomes incompatible with new versions of iOS. The problem could also be caused by a corrupted OS that needs replacing. However, the issue could also be caused by opening too many applications at once or working on a large file.

This article will look at how you can fix a crashing PowerPoint app, how to reset it, and whether there’s a viable alternative to this app for iPad.

This is Why PowerPoint is Crashing on your iPad

There’s nothing as frustrating as working on a PowerPoint presentation only to get a popup notification that the app has crashed. You’ll end up losing the work and the time you’ve put in, making it risky if you’re working on a deadline.

The PowerPoint App You Have Is Outdated

The problem could be caused by an outdated application that is no longer compatible with the current OS version. Apple keeps updating its devices, and there are higher chances that your iPad has just received several updates in the last month. If you don’t update the PowerPoint app to keep up with the new changes, you might start experiencing such crashes more often.

Make sure you check the App Store for regular updates or set the iPad to update the apps automatically once they’re available.

The Operating System Could Be Corrupted

The crashing could also be caused by a corrupted OS that needs replacing. If other applications are crashing, it’s probably a sign that the problem is the OS. Get in touch with the Apple technical team for more support.

Opening too many applications at once could be the reason for the app crashing, especially if you’ve opened high-intensity applications. Alternatively, the problem could result from working on a huge file containing many media files.

How to Fix a Crashing PowerPoint App on iPad

Although it’s hard to pinpoint the cause of the problem of a crashing PowerPoint app, it’s best to try the following fixes:

  • Update the application – It’s the first solution you should look for when dealing with a crashing PowerPoint app.
  • Reset the application – This sets it back to default mode, allowing you to start fresh.
  • Update the iPad – A corrupted OS can be fixed by updating the OS or removing any updates that might have caused the corruption.
  • Close high-intensity apps – Shut down apps like media players, YouTube, or other resource-tasking apps that might be overloading the RAM.
  • Work in segments – Break your work into projects that you can combine later on instead of working on one huge file.

If none of these fixes work, you might consider contacting a technician to have the problem investigated.

How Do You Reset PowerPoint on iPad?

One way of fixing a crashing PowerPoint app on an iPad is by resetting the application. Make sure the app isn’t running before resetting in the following steps:

  1. Navigate to settings
  2. Find the app and select it
  3. Scroll down until you see ‘Reset PowerPoint’

Restart the iPad after this to see if the problem is fixed.

Resetting the app helps clear any bugs that might be causing the malfunction. However, remember that you might lose any settings, such as log-in details and templates, after a reset.

Is there an Alternative to PowerPoint for iPad?

PowerPoint is the go-to app for anyone working on a presentation. However, the app can prove unreliable on iPad, forcing you to consider alternatives. Are there any PowerPoint alternatives for iPad? And if there are, how do they compare with this app?

There are a few outstanding alternatives for Microsoft PowerPoint you can use on iPad, and they include:

Apple Keynotes

For starters, the app is free to use and is similar to PowerPoint in many ways. It comes with pre-made templates that you can use to create stunning presentations immediately. It’s also very easy to use, and you can create detailed slides with basic PowerPoint skills. It’s lightweight, and you won’t have to worry about the app hanging or crashing while you’re working on your presentation. However, the app doesn’t come loaded with many features like PowerPoint, but it has enough to get you started.

Google Slides

It’s probably the first viable choice outside Apple products for anyone looking to replace PowerPoint on their iPad. You can download the app from Google App Store and start using it right away. There’s not much learning curve involved in Google Slides; as with basic PowerPoint skills, you can create presentations in minutes. However, Google Slides stands out as it allows team collaboration online. Although the app is free to use, you can always purchase additional space for $1.99 per month and get 100GB with it.


Although it’s known to work better for graphics design, Canva is also very useful in designing colorful presentations, especially for people with no experience working with PowerPoint. The drag-and-drop platform works well and has a plethora of media you can choose for your presentation. You can come up with fun presentations with a few hours of training and going through the platform. The app is free to use, but you’ll have to pay $1 for any premium visual.

Final Thoughts

PowerPoint is a reliable presentation maker that usually works perfectly on iPad. However, the app may keep crashing because of an outdated app, corrupted OS, opening too many applications at once, or working on a larger PowerPoint project. You can fix the problem by updating the app, getting a new OS, resetting the app, or working on smaller projects. Apple Keynotes, Google Slides, and Canva are perfect PowerPoint alternatives for iPad use.