Why Does PowerPoint Say “Working Offline”?

When you are working in Microsoft Office and are connected to a wireless network, you will notice that changes you make can save automatically. Sometimes, however, MS Outlook may not be connected to a network. Why does PowerPoint say “Working Offline”?

If PowerPoint says “Working Offline” chances are that you are having connectivity issues with your network. Still, there are other causes, like MS Outlook needing to update its software. An MS Outlook application that says “Working Offline” is typically an easy fix.

Read on to learn more about why PowerPoint says “Working Offline.” Fixing this issue should not be a problem, but instances in which you do not have a secure network connection can pose more laborious measures. There is much to learn about working online versus working offline.

Why Does PowerPoint Say “Working Offline”?

If PowerPoint says “Working Offline,” it usually means that there is an issue with MS Outlook being able to connect to an available network. Even if you have used MS Office applications on your home network before, MS Office may not always automatically connect. 

If PowerPoint cannot connect to your network, it will display your status as “Working Offline.” There are different reasons for this:

  1. No internet connection
  2. Update required in MS Outlook
  3. Corrupted Outlook files
  4. Unrefreshed page

Below, you can review more in-depth information regarding the reasons behind PowerPoint saying “Working Offline.”

“Working Offline” Causes

The most common reason PowerPoint says “Working Offline” is that your device is not connected to the internet. If your device does not find and secure a connection to an available network – even one you use daily – PowerPoint will revert to “Working Offline.”

Typically, the second most common cause of PowerPoint saying “Working Offline” is due to MS Outlook needing to be updated. MS Outlook maintains regular updates to keep your mail server and other MS Office applications running smoothly. If it is not up to date, it might cause your other MS applications to display “Working Offline.”

Your PowerPoint may say “Working Offline” if your Outlook files have been corrupted. This can result from a temporary crash in the software, a minor bug, or a more serious virus. It is not common, but if you know that MS Outlook is up to date and you are connected to the internet, it is worth looking into. 

The most simple cause of PowerPoint saying “Working Offline” is that you need to refresh your page. If you were working on PowerPoint earlier and moved away from your device for a time, you may need to reconnect to the internet or simply close out of and refresh the application.

What Does Working Offline Mean?

You may be curious as to what “Working Offline” means. Rest assured that in most cases, “Working Offline” is not a serious problem. Aside from lost files, if you are dealing with the causes listed above, “Working Offline” is a precautionary measure to ensure that your work is saved to at least some extent.

If an MS Office application like PowerPoint says “Working Offline,” the edits you make to your document are still saved to your computer. However, working offline in MS Office means that your changes will not be saved to your MS Outlook account.

Working online through an MS Office application such as PowerPoint is beneficial for being able to share files and save your edits to a system separate from your device alone. If you need to perform tasks like these, a “Working Offline” display can prevent you from doing so.

How To Get PowerPoint Back Online

Switching from “Working Offline” to online is easy. As mentioned, unless you are dealing with a more serious problem such as a hacked account and corrupted files, working offline is not a major consideration. Below are simple fixes to change your PowerPoint from “Working Offline” to have a secure connection with your network.

Connect To The Internet

If your device has WiFi disabled, is not in range with your network router, or cannot connect to the internet for another reason, you need to address the problem and connect to the internet. Go to the Settings application of your device and select the network with which you want to connect. When you connect to the internet and open PowerPoint, it should no longer say “Working Offline.”

Update Microsoft Outlook

Since MS Outlook updates its software through regular bug fixes and improvements, your MS Outlook may need to be updated. While this usually happens automatically, you may have to implement a manual update – which should take no more than a few minutes. Once Outlook is up to date, all of your Microsoft applications should function smoothly.

Contact Microsoft Support

If the case is more serious, your MS Office files may have been corrupted. The easiest way to make sure you take the correct steps necessary is by contacting MS services to see if they can look more deeply into the problem. Not particular to customer support, but as mentioned earlier, less serious problems can be addressed by refreshing your PowerPoint page.


If PowerPoint says “Working Offline” there is typically a minor issue that prevents PowerPoint from locating and connecting to an available network. The problem usually stems from no internet connection or a required update in MS Office or MS Outlook, and the fixes are simple.