Why Does Procreate Keep Undoing? [3 Reasons]

procreate keeps undoing

Procreate is a top-notch application for artists and illustrators. While Photoshop is still the industry standard, many professionals are turning to Procreate for their animations, paintings, illustrations, and custom lettering. Its rise in popularity is due to its cost, user-friendliness, features, functionality, and flexibility. There is one major complaint among users when using Procreate— single gesture undo.

Users that battle with Procreate accidentally undoing their work while using the application can look to the following reasons for a solution:

  1. Zoom is On in Your Settings
  2. Palm Detection is Enabled in Your Settings
  3. Hand Positioning While Drawing

Let’s look at each reason for accidental undoing in Procreate, the mechanics behind them, and the fixes for each issue.

3 Reasons Procreate Keeps Undoing Your Work

Nothing is more frustrating than being in the middle of an illustration and noticing that a line you’ve just drawn has been undone. What is worse is becoming aware after you’ve drawn a new line, which prevents you from hitting redo, losing that work forever.

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the single gesture undo in Procreate as of now. Still, it is a feature many users have requested in forums across the internet, so it may only be a matter of time before Procreate creators add this option in an update.

1. Zoom in On in Your Settings

Procreate is an application used primarily, if not exclusively, on iPads. With that being said, certain features in the settings can interfere with the application, causing it to perform unwanted actions.

When zoom is on in the iPad settings, it causes interference with the Procreate’s three-finger gestures (redo, clear, and the swipe up/down that opens the menu for copy/cut/paste). This interference will delete the last stroke you made with the Pencil when your hand comes in contact with the screen.

To resolve this problem, go into your Settings on your iPad. Locate your General settings> Accessibility and turn the zoom off. Return to Procreate, continue your work as normal, and see if this resolves the problem. If not, you can move on to the next reason and solution.

2. Palm Detection is Enabled in Your Settings

Procreate gives you the option to use your finger to draw in the application. Naturally, this could mean your palm may, on occasion, come in contact with the screen. To avoid unwanted smudges or random strokes from your palm,

Procreate has a feature called Palm Support, which will recognize the difference between your finger and the rest of your hand— only allowing strokes using your finger.

The problem with this feature arises when you try using any two or three-finger gesture to perform shortcuts. A prime example is the two-finger zoom gesture. With Palm Support on, the application thinks more than one finger on the screen is a mistake and doesn’t perform the intended task correctly– this could cause Procreate to undo the last stroke you made, erasing your work.

If you use a Pencil for your work, this feature is not necessary. To disable Palm Support, go into your iPad Settings> Procreate> Palm Support Fine Mode and set it to “off.” Return to Procreate, continue your work as normal, and see if it resolves the problem. If not, you can move on to the next reason and solution.

If you use your finger to draw and don’t want to turn off Palm Support, the options are to be mindful of resting any part of your hand, other than a single finger, on the screen while drawing. If you want to use a gesture, pause after your last stroke before attempting the gesture. Give the application to separate and differentiate one movement from the next.

3. Hand Positioning While Drawing

Every artist is different in the way that they illustrate or paint. Often your technique is determined by your education or your medium. For example, an artist who uses charcoal for their drawings will likely hold their hand in a way that prevents their palm from touching the paper to avoid smudges. If you are the type that often rests your hand on your screen while drawing, you may run into some issues with unwanted actions, like undo.

Since the single gesture undo cannot be disabled within Procreate, the only solution to avoiding accidental undoing is to adjust your hand positioning while drawing. For some, that could mean drawing with an Apple Pencil rather than their finger.

For others, it could look like modifying the way you hold the Pencil or your wrist while drawing. The important thing is not touching the screen with anything but your Pencil or your single finger.

If you don’t want to police your drawing technique and resting your palm on the screen is unavoidable, you could try using a drawing glove. A glove will isolate your hand from the screen and prevent your touches from registering as gestures in Procreate. You can also utilize a different resource, like Placeit.net, for your project needs.

How to Redo in Procreate

Accidental undoing can cause panic, especially if you are in the process of adding a new stroke to your design. Luckily, if caught in time, there is a way to get your work back, redo it. There are two ways to “redo” in Procreate.

  • Option 1: Double-tap anywhere on the screen with three fingers (index, middle, and ring fingers)
  • Option 2: Select the red arrow in the sidebar (the icon arrowhead goes toward the right)

Remember that using redo to bring back an accidentally undone stroke will only work if you haven’t made a new stroke.


One of these fixes should solve your undo issue in Procreate. There are also several forums where users will provide alternative solutions to Procreate problems. You can also reach out to Procreate directly for support. Perhaps an application update will resolve the undo dilemma by giving users an option to disable this gesture, but until then, we’ll keep hunting for solutions for you.