Why Does Your Apple Pencil Make Random Lines?

If you have an Apple Pencil, you might run into the recurring problem of your Apple Pencil making random lines either in incorrect places or when you are not even intentionally writing. This error can make you question whether you have a faulty Apple Pencil or not. So, why does your Apple Pencil make random lines?

Your Apple Pencil may make random lines for several reasons. This does not mean you have a faulty Apple Pencil. While Apple Pencils can be great, they are bound to have their fair share of problems. In most cases, you can fix the problem of random lines made by your Apple Pencil.

Continue reading to learn more about why your Apple Pencil makes random lines. Whether it is a problem with the connection, the pencil itself, or your device, fixing an Apple Pencil that makes random lines is generally easy. Read below to find out how you could solve this problem.

Why Does Your Apple Pencil Make Random Lines?

There are many reasons why your Apple Pencil makes random lines. From poor connection to a dirty iPad screen to a major hardware issue, it can be difficult to tell what the problem may be. Below are the most common reasons to explain why your Apple Pencil makes random lines.

1. Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

The overwhelming majority of problems that arise from an Apple Pencil have to do with a disrupted Bluetooth connection between your Apple Pencil and iPad. While it is not the only cause, checking to make sure your Bluetooth connection is secure is the easiest way to decide if further action is required. 

If the Bluetooth connection between your Apple Pencil and iPad is disrupted, it can cause your Apple Pencil to lag or may simply make incorrect lines. As mentioned, this is an easy fix. The best way to go about the problem is completely disconnecting the two devices by turning the Bluetooth setting off. After doing so, switch it back on and test for a secure connection.

2. Which App Are You Using?

It may not be your Apple Pencils fault. Sometimes, there may be an internal issue with the application you are using. For example, Notability is one app that customers have repeatedly reported as not working as smoothly as other apps with the Apple Pencil.

This is not to suggest that Notability is not a good app, but if you notice that your Apple Pencil makes random lines in a particular app and not in others, consider finding customer references online regarding the same app to see if this may be a recurring problem. It is also worth keeping in mind that apps that have problems such as this are constantly being updated with bug fixes.

3. Apple Pencil Sensitivity

Another common problem you might have with your Apple Pencil is that the tip is too sensitive. Apple Pencils have a pressure-sensitive Pen tool that can change the sensitivity of the pen. On one end of the spectrum, you can ensure that your Apple Pencil does not make random lines by lowering the sensitivity. 

In another case, your Apple Pencil’s sensitivity may be too high. Even just grazing your iPad’s screen could result in random or unwanted lines. Make sure that you are familiar with the sensitivity of your Apple Pencil to prevent the inconvenience of having to erase random lines.

4. Hardware Issue

In a more serious instance, there might be a problem with the hardware of your iPad or Apple Pencil. It is not common, but you might have the unfortunate occurrence of receiving a faulty Apple Pencil or iPad. If this is the case, your Apple Pencil may make random lines. If you provide proof of the problem to Apple, there is a chance they will fix the situation by offering you a new Apple Pencil or iPad.

Other times, you might simply need to update your iPad. Bugs such as random lines could result if your iPad does not have the latest software. Plus, before you buy an Apple Pencil, make sure your iPad is compatible with the product. You do not want to waste money on a useful tool that does not work with your device.

5. Dirty Apple Pencil Tip

Your Apple Pencil might make random lines simply because it is dirty; there is not always a problem with the setup of your Apple Pencil or iPad. If the tip of your Apple Pencil is dirty, it might not write correctly. If this causes your Apple Pencil to lag, it can make random lines appear.

It is important to make sure you take care of your Apple Pencil to avoid petty problems such as this. Always place it in a clean storage area when not in use, and, before and after use, make sure the Apple Pencil – especially the tip – does not have debris, residue, or anything of the like.

6. Disabled Palm Detection

In some circumstances, your Apple Pencil making random lines may have nothing to do with your Apple Pencil or iPad at all. Palm Detection is a feature that notes whether the object touching your screen is the Apple Pencil or your hand that might sink too low while you are writing. If it detects your hand and not the Apple Pencil, it can know not to mark on that area of the screen.

If your Palm Detection is disabled, this may be the reason there are random lines on your screen. They are not from your Apple Pencil but instead your hand. To fix this, simply enable Palm Detection through the connection settings of your Apple Pencil through your iPad.

7. Screen Protector Interference

If you have a screen protector on your iPad, it may interfere with your Apple Pencil’s connection. Particularly if the screen protector is old, has air bubbles, or is cracked in some areas, it may disrupt the connection. It can cause your Apple Pencils connection to lag, so writing could result in accidental or random lines.

Depending on where on the screen you press, it might make another line in an entirely different area. To avoid this, make sure the screen protector on your iPad is clean and in good condition.


Your Apple Pencil may make random lines for several reasons. As you have learned, most causes are very easy to fix. Other times, you may have to wait a bit to resolve the issue with help from Apple.