Why Is Adobe Creative Cloud So Expensive? Five Reasons

Adobe is a highly recommended software that has been around for quite some time. They have a few competitors, but no one seems to match up to the superior software. The Adobe Creative Cloud also comes with a large collection of different apps that can cover anything your imagination wants to create.

Adobe Creative Cloud is expensive because of everything the software has to offer. It is a collection of over twenty apps for:

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Design
  • Web
  • UX
  • Social Media

There is also have a wide range of color palettes and fonts. It is expensive because it has everything you will need.

It does not matter if you are a professional or just dipping your toes into the water of creativity, Adobe has an app for you. The cost can seem a little off-putting as it is quite expensive to use the software. Read on to find out the top reasons why it is not only expensive but why it could be a good choice for you.

Adobe Creative Cloud Is Packed With More Than Enough Apps

From photographers needing to touch up images to book illustrators, Adobe Creative Cloud has an app for everything you could imagine. This is the biggest reason behind the software being so expensive you are not only getting a photoshop app, but you are also getting everything.

Let’s look at the apps that are included with Adobe Creative Cloud and what you can use them for.

Photoshop Apps

Five main apps can be used for photoshop when using Adobe Creative Cloud. There are basic to more advanced apps that can be used for all of your photoshop needs.

  • Photoshop – The basics app
  • Photoshop Camera – Take and share photos
  • Photoshop Express – Edit your photos from anywhere on the go
  • Photoshop Lightroom – Can be used on any device
  • Photoshop Lightroom Classic – The app created for a desktop

These apps are perfect for making the most out of your pictured. Whether you are editing pictures for a wedding or an inspiring artist. You will be able to create the perfect images.

Graphic Design and Illustration Apps

These apps are perfect for those wanting to create an image from nothing. There are added features to help those that are new to drawing or just need a little extra help.

  • Acrobat DC
  • Adobe Fonts
  • Adobe Fresco
  • Adobe Stock
  • Capture
  • Illustrator
  • InCopy
  • InDesign

You could illustrate a children’s book or create a great magazine cover. The options are endless.

Video Apps

If you are wanting to bring a story to life or create animations with these easy-to-use apps.

  • After Effects
  • Animate
  • Audition
  • Character Animator
  • Media Encoder
  • Premier Rush
  • Premiere Pro

Whether it is a 2d animation or audio added to the video these apps will help create a great visual. Many of the photoshop apps can be used for illustration, social media creating videos, etc. This list is just a simple overview of all of the apps included in the Adobe Creative Cloud package.

Plans For Everyone – Discounts for Students and Teachers

Cost is a huge factor for those wanting to use new software. Adobe Creative Cloud is quite expensive but thankfully they do have different plans to pick and choose from. If you are only needing a few of their apps to use illustration you can only pay for those apps.

It is less expensive to buy the whole bundle though if you plan to use a few apps. Individual apps and those that come in packs of two or three are roughly $10 a month. The whole bundle of Adobe will set you back almost $60 a month.

There is one great thing about this software if you are a student or teacher the whole bundle will only cost $20 a month for the first year. You can also choose to pay early, pay yearly, or promo codes. All of which will change the overall cost.

Ability To Work Anywhere – Mobile, iPad, Desktop

Another great feature that sets Adobe Creative Cloud above and beyond others is the ability to take it anywhere. Almost all of the apps can be used on a desktop, tablet, and even your phone. Whenever you get the creative bug, you can get to work.

You are also able to work on your tablet, save that work, and pick up where you left off on a different device. There are a few apps that are only for a particular device but for the most part you can go back and forth seamlessly.

Adobes Included Apps Are Very User Friendly

Adobe Creative Cloud may seem very intimidating when looking into the whole bundle of apps. Thankfully the apps are extremely user-friendly. You will be walked step by step on set up. You will also be able to watch hundreds of helpful videos online.

Other than being very user-friendly there is also a great feature called crash recovery. For those that may accidentally turn off their device, the battery dies, or the app fails. It takes a lot of work to create works of art so knowing you are protected can ease your mind.

Easily Collaborate With Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

Adobe Creative Cloud has a large online library filled with work from users around the world. Here you can meet new people, view their work, and showcase your own. This can open you up to new ideas or give you the chance to collab with someone to create a work of art.

If you are good at one side of a project you can find someone who can pick up where you left off and bring your project to life. This will help you become better at your craft and not leave you stuck on a certain project. If you sell your work this will also mean more money.

Adobe Creative Cloud Is Worth The Higher Cost

For someone who wants to use an app every once in a while, the bundle would not be worth it to you. If you are one of the many that would use the apps in the bundle daily it will be a great idea and worth the higher cost. The apps are top of the line, and you get a lot of the money.

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