Why is Canva Blocked on Your Network? [How to Fix it]

Canva is an excellent way to create for your brand, but it can cause headaches if blocked from your network. The platform’s functionality makes it useful and often a critical part of the creation process. So why is Canva blocked from your network, and how do you fix it?

Canva being blocked could come down to a few different fixes, each with its process for solving the problem. These issues could take some know-how that some people might not have. Don’t let that stop you from getting back to work! Read on and learn why Canva is blocked on your network and how to fix it.

How to Fix Canva When it is Blocked on Your Network

A certain level of panic can set in for people when items lose functionality or simple tasks aren’t so simple. Canva is easier to use, so the stakes aren’t as high when things go wrong. There are steps to take when things aren’t going your way, and by checking the network settings, you get a firm grasp of what to do next.

Checking the Status Page is the Best Place to Start

A great thing about Canva is that they keep it simple. They have a status page that immediately tells you if their website is experiencing issues

A few things that are updated on the Canva status page are:

  • Mobile – One of the most important things to check is the status of the mobile version of Canva. Mobile traffic is where the market is going, and if the mobile side of the equation is down, there will be problems using Canva on your iPad or tablet.
  • Web – The primary way to use Canva is on your computer. It lets you see much more of the designs you are using and lets you zoom in if you use a mouse. The web is also where you will get the best view of the designs.
  • Past Errors – Something unique that Canva does that other companies don’t do is keep a listing of problems they have seen on the platform. Companies often cover up these past errors, but Canva leaves them out for people who may be experiencing them.

Canva wants to help fix any problems you might be having. They have a fantastic status page that allows them to inform users about all the issues they have had and if the servers are operating correctly.

Inspect the Router and Local Wifi Connection

Another possible problem is the internet could be out, or your connection could be compromised. When there is no internet, you will not be able to access any of the functional parts of Canva or save your progress. This is an easy fix that only takes time and a little patience to work out.

The ways to check your wifi connection are:

  • Computer – The computer will be the first stop on your search for wifi connection. By checking the top right hand corner of your screen, you can determine if the signal is strong enough by checking the wifi chevron or lines. Then, by clicking on the wifi icon, you could get a window that allows you to repair without further work.
  • Router – If the signal on your wifi is tanking, checking the router is another place you can go. The tower will have flashing lights that will let you know if there are problems. The critical thing to look for is a red flashing light that indicates internet problems. If the lights on the router are flashing, you just need to restart and try again.

The wifi can be a problem that is out of your hands. You could simply have to wait it out if there are connection problems at the front end or an outage. There’s nothing to fear as long as you don’t begin to delete pages; you should be able to jump back in where you left off when the service returns.

The Minimum Requirements for the Platform Could Hold You Back

Another thing that could be hampering the functionality of Canva is that the computer you are using could have minimum requirements that are not met. These minimum standards are solid material that can be found by checking the specs on Canva’s website. If your computer doesn’t meet these standards, you can guarantee a loss in functionality.

A couple of things that the minimum requirements could impact are:

  • Site Functionality – The biggest problem that the minimum requirements could impact is the site’s functionality. It will force the most important parts of the site not to populate when your computer navigates to the page. For example, the number of templates and fonts inside won’t load if you don’t meet the minimum requirements.
  • Web Sockets – A bit of information that could keep the site from working correctly is called a web socket. It is a section in the data stream that allows outgoing and incoming communication to meet up. These could be cut off, like cookies, and hamper what you can do with the Canva platform.

The minimum requirements aren’t something that can be overtaken. You must have a computer that works at or above them to get the great functionality you know. If not, there will be definite problems, and you could have a long day on your hands.


Canva being blocked on your network is a problem that can be easily solved. There are only a few things to check that will let you know your Canva status. Wifi is essential as the site could not load correctly and restrict access to your files. Another thing to check is the minimum requirements for your computer or laptop.

Functionality can be hampered by processes inside a machine that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. Therefore, you should take the time to address any wifi and requirement issues if you expect to work with Canva.