Why Is Every Company Changing Their Logo?

Companies often run into the stressors of trying to continue gaining an audience’s attention and increasing their product sales. Typically, companies will resort to rebranding by changing their logos. This is a phenomenon that every company does, and people often wonder why.

Some companies change their logo because they want their logo to stay up to date with the current trends, which makes the company more marketable. However, companies often wonder and can become stumped as to when is the appropriate time to change their company logo.

Throughout this article, we will learn why every company changes its logo when a company should change its logo, the various benefits of changing a logo, and how to create one.

Why Is Every Company Changing Their Logo?

Companies are changing their logo to stay up-to-date on the current trends and prevent your logo from becoming, and looking, outdated. This helps increase audience traction and interest marketability. However, those who have companies often wonder when it is the proper time to change their logo. Continuing to read further, we will read to know when a company should change its logo.

When Should a Company Change Their Logo?

When you should change your company logo is entirely dependent on you and anyone else overseeing the company. However, it is typically recommended that a shift in company logos be done every couple of years. Too many changes to your logo every few years will make your audience feel discombobulated and perceive your company as inconsistent and lacking self-identity.

Looking at well-known companies’ logos, you will notice that the logos styles have dramatically changed while still maintaining the companies’ identities. Let’s continue to read more about the benefits of a company changing its logo.

Benefits of a Company Changing Their Logo

Rebranding is essential for every company that wants to continue to have an audience attraction. Many benefits come with a company changing its logo. Let’s continue to read to learn about the five benefits of a company changing its logo.

Stay Up-To-Date

You can stay up-to-date on the latest trends. People thrive off of the newest trends and what piques their interest. Implementing the current trends within your new logo shows loyal and new audiences that you are paying attention to what is current and the most exciting trends.

Stand Out From the Competition

It would help if you stood out from the competition to have a successful brand. To successfully rebrand your company via a new logo, it is essential to make sure that it stays true to who your company is and is eye-appealing for the audience.

Become More Profitable

Your brand becomes more profitable when you change your company’s logo. When a company changes its logo, it is often well-received positively and boosts sales. You can increase the price of your products, and your company becomes more profitable in the long run.

Network with New, Talented, and Reputable Graphic Designers

You’ll be able to network with new and reputable graphic designers to help you create a new logo. New talent will have a great, open-minded concept of what the people want and feel they will be attracted to when viewing a logo. You will allow these talents to express their creativity into a product fitting for you and your brand.

Attract a New Audience

You will likely garner traffic from new audiences and consumers when you change your logo. In this day in age, there are many ways to market your business through various platforms. Once you’ve rebranded with a new logo through various promotions, you will attract a new wave of audiences who are impressed and interested in your business.

Rebranding your company’s logo is good to ensure that you reach out to your audience. This is an important aspect of having a successful business. As we continue to read further, we will learn why reaching out to your audience is important.

Why Is It Important to Reach Out to Your Audience?

The most important aspect of having a successful company is forming an honest and interactive connection with your audience. Especially when you are first starting as a company, having a target audience that you are communicating with is essential.

Other reasons why reaching out to your audience is important can include the following:

  1. Helps you to determine, and narrow down, your target audience.
  2. Allows for honesty and transparency, increasing the likelihood of your company gaining further traction.
  3. Ability to determine your audience’s likes and dislikes, and if and when you were to change your logo, you’ll have an idea of how they will perceive it.
  4. Knowing what your audience wants and needs will spark creativity within you when rebranding your company’s logo, inadvertently allowing them to have input on its finality.
  5. Having an understanding between you and your audience will make transitions of rebranding easier for both of you.

Creating or recreating a logo for your company can seem overwhelming because a lot goes into it. So, as we continue to read further, we will learn about various tips you can implement when creating a logo.

How to Create a New Logo

While having your products and an overall successful business is essential, standing out from the competition with a branded logo helps boost your business. However, understandably, creating a logo can become stressful and often quite challenging to develop ideas. As we continue to read further, we will learn about five tips on creating a logo for your company.

Determine What Your Brand is About

What is your brand about? Determine what your brand’s personality is and what it stands for. Giving your brand identity will make it easier to determine how you want your logo to be designed. You’ll know, outright, if you want it to be flashy, simple, or somewhere in the middle.

Draw Inspiration From Others

Every artistic idea is drawn from inspiration, whether big or small. Do not be afraid to implement various inspirations to create your logo, but do not outright copy from it. Formulate a logo that incorporates what you would like to see as someone who would be interested in your brand. Use logo templates for inspiration, or as your design vehicle entirely.

Determine Your Font, Typography, and Color Scheme

Once you’ve determined your brand, determine your logo’s font and typography, write your brand’s name and have a specific color scheme in mind. Imagine your audience’s first impressions if they saw your logo for the first time to have an idea of the font, typography, and color scheme. Because they do not react the same, choose carefully.

Brain Dump Your Ideas

Brain dump your ideas without thinking about them. Go on websites like placeit.net and play around, experimenting with various ideas that you have for your logo without giving it a second thought. Often mindlessly sketching and creating logos online will give you the artistic freedom to not feel overwhelmed with determining the look of something as crucial as your logo.

Ask for Outside Opinions

Anyone that you know asks for their opinions and feedback. You will not have your final iteration of the logo on the first try, as it usually takes several drafts before you have your logo set in stone. Asking for feedback will provide you with consumer first impressions and, in the end, help you determine how your logo will look and have an idea of how well the audience will perceive it.


Now that you know why every company changes its logo, you will have the tools to understand when it may be time for you and your company to change its logo. You have also learned about the benefits of changing your company logo, how to create a logo, and why it is important to reach out to your audience.