Why is Inkscape Cutting Off Your Font? [5 Reasons]

Over the years, Inkscape has made a name for itself as the best free, open-source graphic design software for editing vector images. Still, when it comes to adding text to your graphic design projects, it’s not uncommon to run into the problem where your font is cut off. 

If Inkscape seems to be cutting off your font and you’re not sure what to do about it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In our guide below we will discuss whether Inkscape is good for text in the first place before outlining the 5 main reasons why it might cut off your font. Along with each reason, we will provide you with a solution so you can get your project up and running. 

Is Inkscape Good for Text? 

Before we dive into the reasons why Inkscape might cut off your font, it’s worth asking the question of whether or not you should use Inkscape for text in the first place. Is Inkscape actually good for text?

Inkscape is great for adding small bits of text for several reasons. The main ones being that it can use SVG fonts for small sections of text as well as the sheer variety of text you can import. 

While Inkscape probably shouldn’t be your first choice for large blocks of text, it’s not bad at all for most fonts that would be used in small sections of a design. 

Reasons Why Inkscape Cuts off Your Font 

It can be frustrating when Inkscape inexplicably cuts off your font and only leaves you with a partial section of your text displayed in your design. Fortunately, most of the time the issues that cause this problem are relatively simple and easy to fix. 

In the sections below we have outlined the 5 biggest reasons why Inkscape might be cutting your font short so you can easily identify and solve the problem: 

1. Your Text Field Size Needs to Be Expanded

One of the most common reasons for Inkscape to cut a section of text short is simply because the text field is too small. The text field is the  

Follow the steps below to expand the size of your text field: 

  1. Select the text field 
  2. Click on the diamonds in the corner and drag them out until all the text shows

It’s as easy as that. Once you have done this your text should no longer look cut off. However, you may want to realign the text so that it is where you want it to be. 

2. Your Line Spacing is Too Small

If you have large text or multiple lines of text, it could be that your line spacing is just too small for what you’re using. 

To fix this, you simply need to try expanding your line spacing so that it can include all of the text you have added. 

3. Your Text is Too Close to the Edge of the Field

In order for your text to show completely, it needs to be aligned properly. If your text is too close to the edge of the field it can become cut off. 

Simply move your text so that it is more aligned with the field and this problem should be resolved. 

4. Your Non-Standard Font is the Problem 

Inkscape generally supports the most common fonts, as it is just an open-source software. If you’re using a non-standard font, therefore, it can sometimes create issues like cutting things off short.

If this happens you should go to the path menu and use the “Object to Path” action to prerender your text. Then you can simply cut and paste that text wherever you wanted it in the first place. 

5. Your Font Needs to be Reconfigured 

Hand in hand with the previous problem, some fonts can be configured improperly. These are usually non-standard fonts as well. 

To fix these you must reconfigure them within the font editor. 

So Really, Why is Inkscape Cutting Off Your Font?

There are a number of reasons why Inkscape might cut off your font. They range from a text field that just needs to be expanded, to non-standard fonts that need to be reconfigured. The best way to figure out which is the problem you’re facing is to start with the simplest fixes and work your way up through a troubleshooting process. 

Once you have figured out what the problem is, the solution is usually quite easy. If you think you may run into this problem in the future, feel free to bookmark this page and return any time!