Why Is Placeit Loading Slow? [How To Fix It]

If Placeit is not working, and you can’t work on your project because Placeit is loading slowly, don’t panic. There are several common reasons why Placeit may be loading slowly, and if you’re running into one of these issues, there are several quick fixes as well.

Because Placeit is a web-based tool, you can use it to design projects on any device with internet. While this is a huge benefit 99% of the time, it can be a bit frustrating if you run into a spot on unstable internet connection. Let’s have a look at reasons why Placeit may be running slow.

Continue reading to learn about 7 of the most common reasons why Placeit may be loading slowly, and how to fix it.

1. Placeit’s Servers Are Down

If you’re having issues loading Placeit, the first thing to check is Placeit’s servers. If their servers are currently having problems, there is a good probability that their website will not function correctly. Although this is rare for a website this large (because they have backup servers), it can happen to any website.

To see if their servers are actually down, go to the third-party website IsItDownRightNow.com, which provides information about different websites’ servers.

If their servers are actually down, there is little you can do but wait. Because the issue is on their end, troubleshooting procedures on your computer will be ineffective. The best you can do is check the website frequently, so you will know when the servers are up and running again.

Important: Although this is a sure-fire way that Placeit would be running slowly, it’s rare that this will ever happen. I’ve personally been using Placeit for several years, and have never seen it happen once. However, it has happened on other websites I’ve used over the years, so it is possible.

2. Internet Connectivity Issues

Unfortunately, if you live in an area or region with poor internet connectivity, you may have difficulty using Placeit from time to time. So, if you’ve ruled out the chance of Placeit’s servers going down, check your internet connection speed. A speed test is the simplest method to do this.

For those who are new to speed tests, they demonstrate how quick your internet download and upload rates are in real-time. It makes no difference whatever website you use to perform the speed test, as long as it can show you that your network is unreliable or running at slower speeds than usual.

You may use third-party tools like SpeedTest.net to effectively evaluate the upload and download speed of your network.

Now, if the outcome of the speed test is slow, or not near to the internet speed bandwidth mentioned on your monthly plan, try restarting your router. This is as simple as locating and disconnecting your router’s power cord for about 5 to 10 seconds, then plugging it back in. If the problem continues, you may have to make a call to your internet provider.

3. Cookies and Cache Need to Be Cleared

The cache is the source of all evil in many website-related situations.

Browser “cache” and “cookies” are temporary files kept on your computer that aid in the efficiency and performance of your browser and the websites you visit. However, these caches and cookies can accumulate and get damaged over time, causing errors when loading websites.

The cache can cause difficulties with the view if the browser does not load the current version of the site, even if the site has changed since the last visit. Sometimes data saved in the cache prevents the loading of up-to-date material. When the cache data is deleted, the new version can be retrieved.

If you’re experiencing sluggish loading times when using Placeit, corrupted caches and cookies might be to blame. To rule out this possibility, clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

4. Issues With Your Browser

Internet browsers have their own specialized engines that are used to read a website’s code. There are numerous browsers available for everyone to use, just as there are numerous websites. Though Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox are the most popular, there are many other browsers you might use, such as Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi.

Though there are many internet browsers to choose from, not all of them are ideal for usage with Placeit.

In this instance, some websites might function perfectly in one browser but not in another. If Placeit is operating slowly on your computer, try switching browsers to see if the problem persists.

5. Your VPN is Causing Instability

Virtual Private Networks are fantastic tools, but they all share the same flaw: they slow down your connection. This is due to VPNs changing your computer’s IP address. This might create instability while connecting to Placeit’s servers, slowing down or rendering the program useless.

Try disabling your VPN while using Placeit to see if that makes the website load faster.

6. Browser Extensions Are Incompatible

Another reason Placeit may not be operating properly is because of browser extensions. Technically, these extensions are applications you install on your browser to provide additional functionality.

While extensions are fantastic for adding functionality to some websites, they can sometimes interfere with others, particularly if they offer the same capabilities as the website.

If you have browser extensions installed, try turning them off while using Placeit.

7. Your Computer Is Underperforming

Websites sometimes take a long time to load, not because of the website itself, but because of the computer. Though it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it is possible that the device is having an error and needs to be restarted.

This is actually something that I’ve run into a few times over the years while using Placeit, and other websites. My MacBook was stuck trying to load another page on another tab, and the fans were on full blast. I simply restarted my computer, and the issue was fixed immediately.

If Placeit is running slow, try restarting the device you are accessing it on. If this still does not work, try using a different device.

Final Thoughts

If Placeit is loading slowly, you should now have a good sense of where to start to fix the problem. If you’ve tried every option described above and Placeit is still not operating properly, it may be time to reach out to Placeit’s customer support.

Luckily, Placeit is known for their excellent customer support. You can reach Placeit on their website with Live Chat, their Contact Us Form, or by email at support@placeit.net. Don’t forget to include information such as the search browser and the device you’re currently using.