Why is Text All Caps in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a great tool that can be used to make stunning presentations and slides. Sometimes however, we run into issues like the text we type appears in all caps.

The reason text is all caps in PowerPoint is because you have had the “change case” setting set to all caps, the font you are using has capital letters by default, or you had caps lock turned on in your desktop.

In most cases this is an easy fix, and you will go back to creating presentations that will blow your viewers socks off, with the appropriate capitalization. Read on to find out how. 

Here’s Why PowerPoint is All Caps

There are several reasons why your fonts are appearing in all caps in PowerPoint, here are the probable causes and how to fix them.

  1. You have Caps Lock on. This is the simplest problem and simplest solution. You may have just enabled Caps Lock on your PC and forgot to turn it off. Your Caps Lock indicator light might not be working, so try turning Caps Lock off even if you don’t see the light.
  2. The Font is All Caps. Sometimes the fonts we use are set to caps lock by default. Try changing your font to see if you notice a difference. Default fonts like Arial or Times New Roman will have regular casing and are good ways to check.
  3. You had “Change Case” On. This is a feature that automatically changes the case of all text to caps or lowercase, and may accidently have been enabled on your PC. Disable this feature through Format then Font and see if the checkmark if All Caps is checked.

By checking these areas, you are likely to have discovered the source of the caps issue and can address it to get your text looking the way it should. Here is a deeper look into all 3 options.

What You Can Do to Fix This

Don’t just learn to live with it. Really, it’s a simple fix!

Fixing Caps Lock

One of the main causes of this issue is that caps lock is on and all of your text is being rendered in capitalization. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the correct ones so try and turn off caps lock on your device even if you think you have done it already.

Sometimes there is the potential problem that your caps lock key is broken or stuck in which case hitting the caps lock button does nothing.

Try to open a browser or another software and type some texting to see if it still appears in caps. If your caps lock key is broken, then you can enable a virtual keyboard on your PC to turn it off.

Changing Your Font

Sometimes, fonts use capital letters for all text which could appear as if caps lock was turned on. These uppercase fonts are plentiful so if you change your font to something then you might have run into this issue.

Some examples of all caps fonts are Baron, Blackout, and Simplifica. Try changing your font into something that uses regular casing like Times new Roman and you can check if the issue still persists.

The reason these fonts are always capitalized is because they appear dramatic and try to grab viewers’ attention. Oftentimes this is great for presentations but may not always be the case so see if it works for you. You can even make custom designs made online to really make your presentations stand out.

The Change Case Option

Did you know there is an option in PowerPoint that will automatically change the case of all text? This can capitalize each word, make certain words upper or lower case or capitalize everything.

This is the Change Case option, and it may have been accidentally enabled on your device which is the cause of the issue you are facing. This can be enabled with a simple keyboard shortcut, Shift + F3.

Try this combination and see if the case of your letters changes and you will have gotten to the bottom of the issue. To disable this setting and get your font back in regular case, highlight the text, check Format, and then Font and you should see a check mark by the “All Caps” option. All you need to do is clear the check and your text should appear normal.


Now that you know what the potential causes are, you can take the steps needed to address them so that your text will be in the correct case. Thankfully these are all very simple solutions and within minutes they will be resolved.