Why Won’t Etsy Upload Your Profile Picture?

Why Won’t Etsy Upload Your Profile Picture?

Etsy is extremely convenient for those looking to purchase or sell personal and custom products. Now, once your page is up and running, it takes minimal work to keep it working; however, fixing it up at the beginning can be difficult. 

Sometimes your profile picture won’t upload to Etsy and there can be a few reasons why, such as:

  1. You aren’t uploading in shop edit mode
  2. The picture is the wrong size
  3. Your original image isn’t squared
  4. You aren’t going through the correct steps
  5. Your browser needs to be updated
  6. Etsy is having issues or a glitch

No, no matter what the reason is for not being able to upload your profile picture, there is most likely a fix, how you find that fix is the bigger issue. Some things need to be done through trial and error while others can be fixed through Etsy support or a community forum, you just have to research a bit. 

Reasons Why Etsy Won’t Upload Your Profile Picture

Thankfully Etsy has been around long enough that many users have discovered solutions to a myriad of problems and some even before Etsy figured it out. The great thing is there usually aren’t too many problems now, they are most often the same handful of issues that people can walk themselves through. 

If none of these solutions fix your issue, you can always reach out to the Etsy support team for troubleshooting tips and tricks. 

1. You Aren’t Uploading In Shop Edit Mode

When editing or changing anything dealing with your Etsy shop, you have to work in the “Shop Edit Mode” or it will not save it and in some cases, won’t even let you change anything. While this may seem pretty self-explanatory, Etsy will let you change around a few things when you aren’t in edit mode so it can get confusing for others who aren’t aware of the need for Shop Edit Mode.

Simply opening Shop Edit Mode should allow you to edit and upload exactly what you need on your page. 

2. Your Picture Is The Wrong Size

Etsy requires all images to be of certain sizes before being uploaded or it won’t let them upload fully, or even at all in some cases. Your profile picture is required to be 500x500px for it to upload correctly and to completion. If your picture is larger than that you can open it in photo editing software and try to change the size. 

It’s worth noting that your picture must also be a certain type of file. The only files allowed for a profile picture by Etsy are:

  • .jpg
  • .gif
  • .png

Once you fix this issue, you should have no issue uploading your profile picture. 

3. Your Original Image Isn’t Squared

Most of the time uploading an image isn’t an issue because the photos are usually square by default. However, if at any point your photo was edited and the shape was changed at all, your photos are not likely to upload, or if they do, they will be distorted. 

This is a pretty simple fix because you can open up your photo in editing software and change around the size and shape, allowing your photo to upload correctly. 

4. You Aren’t Going Through The Correct Steps

If you are new to Etsy, or even if you’ve been using it for a while and aren’t sure how to do certain things, this is okay. Etsy can take a while to learn, especially for those who didn’t grow up on computers. 

So, if you can’t get Esty to upload your profile picture, it’s always possible that you aren’t going through the correct steps to allow this to happen. To upload a profile picture you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to “Your Account” on Etsy.com
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Go to your Public Profile
  • Choose “Browse” or “Choose File” to select your picture
  • Save your changes

From there Etsy should apply your selected photo to your profile picture. 

5. Your Browser Needs Updating

In some cases, Etsy or your pictures are not the issues. It is extremely common for users to have issues with their browser that Etsy itself can not fix. If none of the other fixes are working for you, it’s time to try another browser or see if your current one requires an update. 

Opening the settings on your current browser and searching for “Update” should take you to where you can search for an update and follow the prompts on the screen. If you have no updates, try using a different browser. 

While Etsy works with most browsers, sometimes certain browsers change things just enough so they don’t work well with certain sites for a few weeks.  

6. Etsy Is Having Issues Or A Glitch

Any site is prone to issues at some point and Etsy is no exception. There are seasons that servers and sites go through where changes or updates are made and this can cause issues with other parts of the site that are unknown to the IT department. 

One of these glitches is usually issues with uploading or changing pictures to your Etsy page. While Etsy isn’t quite sure why it happens, once they are made aware of the issue they can usually fix it within a day or two. So, if you have an issue, feel free to reach out to their support department so they can work on fixing the issue. 

Final Thoughts

Etsy is a widely popular selling site that helps many people manage and add to their finances. While Etsy is pretty user-friendly, there are some issues and glitches that pop up sometimes that end up causing frustration to its users. 

Most of the issues relating to uploading profile pictures have been solved, or have easy fixes figured out by other users. Thankfully Etsy has provided many community forums dedicated to users helping other users fix problems.