Will Adobe Illustrator Work on Windows 7?

Adobe Illustrator is a very popular editing app among creators today, part of the suite of Adobe creative apps that includes Photoshop. Windows 7 is the version of the Microsoft operating system supported from 2009-2020. Both of these technological advances were well-loved, but does Illustrator work on Windows 7?

The current version of Illustrator does not work on Windows 7 anymore. Illustrator stopped working on Windows 7 in 2020. The only way you can get it to work on Windows 7 is if you download an older version of Illustrator from before October 2020.

As technology advances at a rapid pace, software developers work to update their programs and optimize them for the latest operating systems. Read on to learn more about why operating systems are updated over time.

Is Adobe Illustrator Compatible with Windows 7?

Incompatibility with older versions of software regularly occurs with software and technology as it gets updated. Developers focus their time and attention on the latest version of the software, so older versions become obsolete.

The most updated versions of  Adobe Creative Cloud products like Illustrator are no longer compatible with Windows 7, as Windows 7 stopped receiving support from Microsoft in 2020.

If every version of a software or operating system was available, computer professionals would have too large of a workload to manage.

What If You Still Want to Use Windows 7?

If you are someone who would still prefer using Windows 7 over another operating system, there is a way that you can still use Illustrator.

You just need to make sure you are running a version released before or during October 2019, because these versions of Creative Cloud still have the necessary technology to run on Windows 7.

Software developers do their best to meet the needs of their users however they can, and this is just one way they do that.

Where to Install Older Versions of Illustrator?

You can install older versions of all Creative Cloud software from within the Creative Cloud app on your computer.

To do so, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Creative Cloud app
  2. Scroll down to the app you want and select the More Options button or the three dots next to it
  3. In the drop-down menu that appears, choose other versions
  4. Find the app version you want in the menu that appears, and press the Install button
  5. Follow the prompts to install the older version

To keep older versions of software rather than upgrading to the newest version whenever new updates are released, you have to go to the Apps menu in Creative Cloud, navigate to Advanced Options, and uncheck the box that says Remove Previous Versions.

With this, you will be able to keep the version of the app that is compatible with your current operating system, unless you manually turn it back on. You do not always have to upgrade to the latest version of the software and or operating system, but there are several reasons why it is a good idea to.

Why Do Software Updates Happen?

You may get frustrated when the software or operating system you love gets a new update and the older one gets phased out. It can be difficult to adjust to new versions, especially if icons or functions are:

  • Moved
  • Removed
  • Consolidated

However, there are several good reasons why updates to software and operating systems occur.

Correcting Flaws In Security

If software and operating system security are not enhanced regularly, this makes your computer vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and malware.

Malware is dangerous because it allows unauthorized users to take control of your computer and encrypt files and other parts of your computer with harmful data. Security patches ensure your computer stays in working order.

Once the software is updated, the plan that a hacker may have had to infiltrate your computer along with several others will no longer work, forcing them to come up with a new plan or give up trying

Improvements and Addition of New Content

Software and operating systems need to be updated to keep up with the constant advancement of technology. As time progresses since the launch of the software, the developers will come up with new ideas and seek to add them in, as well as remove old content as needed.

Software updates make room for the latest developments in technology to improve the user experience.

User Data Protection

If a hacker gets inside your computer, their goal is to steal and use your personal information, such as banking account info, to get access to your money and more.

Some hackers are so skilled that they will seek to steal your identity. Software and operating system updates keep personal data protected and safe.

Better Software and Operating System Performance

Updates allow software and operating systems to work better than they did previously. Developers will find bugs in the software and operating system that slow down performance, and updating the software can fix them. The better software or an operating system performs, the more likely people will be to use it.

Ensuring Compatibility with New Technology

Software and operating systems need to be updated to work with the latest technology. Whenever a new technology is made, there is at least one component of it that has never been seen before. So, companies of all kinds have to adapt to it, and making updates help with the transition and makes the new technology useful.

Software updates and operating system updates are necessary, even if they are frustrating or bring in features that users do not find helpful. Updates help software and operating system developers know what is working and what is not. Without updates, technology will not move forward at all.

These updates allow the software to work with operating systems as they come and take advantage of the innovations they bring with them


Unfortunately, the latest version of Illustrator no longer works with Windows 7, but you can download and install versions from 2019 that are compatible with it from the Creative Cloud App. Operating system and software updates are important because they improve security, bring new content, improve data protection, and more.