Will Graphic Designers Ever Become Obsolete?

If you want to become a graphic designer, you may worry about the future of the profession. A lot of things are changing due to automation, and there are plenty of graphic design tools out there. Before you decide if you should be a graphic designer or not, consider if your job will become obsolete.

Graphic designers will not become obsolete for a while. However, good graphic designers should learn to adapt to changes in design trends. It also helps to learn new design programs and to offer complementary services, such as consultation. Consider how graphic designers can stay in the game.

The rise of automation and design tools may make some graphic designers worry about their job security. But there are plenty of things designers can do to secure their futures. Keep reading to learn more.

To keep the field from becoming obsolete, graphic designers should follow trends. Subscribe to industry publications, and get online to see what is becoming popular. It’s easier for a designer to stay on top of design trends than for someone not in the field.

You can use this knowledge of trends and timeless styles as a selling point. That way, someone looking for a new design can see the value in hiring you instead of doing it themselves.

Interact with other graphic designers and share what you know about trends. Then, you can all work together to convince clients to keep working with you.

2. Learn New Technology

Websites and apps, such as PlaceIt.net, have made it easier for non-designers to do their own graphic design work. But you can also use these tools as a professional designer. A good design tool can help you get started on a project when you don’t have any inspiration.

You can also use tools to save a bit of time so that you can charge less to clients. Charging lower rates can be an easy way to convince someone to work with you.

Instead of resisting changes in technology, do your best to embrace them. Just like non-digital trends, following technology trends may help you keep your job or business.

3. Offer More Services

Another way to safeguard your graphic design career or business is to offer more than just graphic design. If you’re good at drawing, you might offer digital illustration to help make client designs look more unique.

Or maybe you’re great at teaching, so you offer design consultations. You can charge premium rates to work with clients on the designs they already use.

If you want something more passive, consider creating a graphic design course and some template packs. Then, potential clients can do the work themselves, but you can still get paid. Think about what you can do that works well with graphic design, and offer that to help earn money now and in the future.

4. Consider Different Designs

Instead of just doing logos, maybe you add other types of designs to your list of services. You could design YouTube thumbnails, social media graphics, and email headers. Even if someone doesn’t need all of those things, you can broaden your potential clientele.

Then, you can attract more people who need help with different things. Of course, you still have to prove to people that working with a designer is worth it.

However, you may find that it’s not as hard to get clients. You can also use different design services to experiment and see which are the most profitable and sustainable for you.

5. Focus on Customization

No matter what you do as a graphic designer, prioritize a custom final design. The rise of design tools means anyone can create something basic. But it still takes skill and experience to design something more personal and unique to a specific brand or business.

Include custom work in your services and portfolio. Give people an idea of what you can do that they may not be able to do with simple design skills. You can have clients bring a basic design to you or start with nothing.

Then, you can work with the client to personalize the design to meet their needs. If you do a good job, they may see the value and want to keep hiring you. They may even recommend you to people they know, so you can keep a full client pipeline.

Final Thoughts

Graphic designers as they are today may not exist in the future. However, current designers can take steps to future-proof their businesses. Whether you add similar services or embrace new technology, you can keep from losing your career.