Will Inkscape Work With Blender? [7 Facts]

For any graphic designer, it’s imperative that you have multiple graphic design programs because they don’t all do the same things. It’s also important that the programs you work with can work together. This makes a lot of people wonder if Inkscape works with Blender. 

Does Inkscape work with Blender? Inscape will work with Blender in almost every single case, except where you don’t use a .svg file. Any other file import from Inkscape will have too many issues to work with once it’s in Blender. 

Having programs that work together like this allows for a higher instance of people using the programs, providing feedback and helping them get better. Then, people will use them more, starting the cycle all over again. 

7 Facts About Inkscape And Blender

While Inkscape and Blender have been able to work interchangeably for a lot of things, they have many differences as well. What kind of graphic design project you are working on and how you want it to look is the deciding factor in which program you want, or need, to use. 

There are also certain things that Inkscape can do that Blender can’t or vice versa and it helps to know which program does what so you can work on your project with maximum efficiency. 

1. Inkscape And Blender Are Highly Recommended

Both Inkscape and Blender are some of the most highly recommended graphic design programs you can find, especially ones that work well together. Most people recommend or use one or the other of the program to achieve whatever end result they are looking for in their graphic design project. 

2. Inkscape Is GPL Licensed

General Public Licensing allows anyone to use and distribute Inkscape for any purpose, whether commercial or not, for any purpose. This allows people to do what they want when they want without too many restrictions, rules, or guidelines. 

This makes Inkscape a bit more popular than Blender given that any person or company can use it for exactly what they need without asking for permission or waiting for certain licensing to be approved. 

3. Blender Is Better For 3D Work

While many people use Inkscape and Blender interchangeably, it’s worth noting that Blender is better for work you need to be 3D. While Inkscape can handle quite a lot of work and different settings, it can’t quite handle the depth and dimensions that Blender Can.

4. Inkscape Is Easier To Work With

It’s recommended for those who are just starting out with a graphic design to start with Inkscape. The user interface is the easiest layout of the graphic design programs and it’s rather self-explanatory about how to create projects. 

5. Both Programs Function On Multiple OS

While Inkscape and Blender both function on Windows and Mac, each of the programs also works on separate different operating systems as well. Blender works on operating systems such as:

  • Windows 
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Free BSD

For other compatibilities, you may need to look for other options. 

Inkscape’s Compatibility 

Now, Inkscape works on operating systems such as:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Unix

As you can see, both of these work on some of the same operating systems, meaning you will likely have the freedom to pick and choose.

6. Export Blender In Any Other File Format

When using Blender, no matter what file you import or start your project in, you can export it to any other file format you need. This is huge because not every program allows you to export a file into any type of other files, usually they only allow a few choices. 

This also means that Blender is more compatible with other programs than any other program. Being able to export your project through any file format allows you to import it into any other program, no matter what format they require. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to fully work with your file the way you want to, but, you can do some work depending on what program you imported your project into. 

7. Bender Cloud Membership

Now, something that Blender has that Inkscape doesn’t is a cloud storage option. You can choose to pay $11.50/month for storage that won’t use your computer or personal storage. This is huge considering graphic design programs and their files can take up large amounts of storage. 

If you choose to not use their cloud storage option, you would need a personal storage option for your files. Many people prefer a one-time charge over a monthly rate when it comes to extra storage so they go with a personal storage device. 

Final Thoughts

No matter if you prefer to use Inkscape or Blender, you can use both for separate needs. Inkscape and Blender work well together as long as you are using an .svg file to import and export.