Will the Dell Stylus Work on iPad?

Imagine you have 2 of your favorite devices, your iPad and your Dell Laptop, and you just bought yourself a new stylus like the Dell Active Pen. The pen works great on your laptop, but will you be able to use it on your iPad as well?

Sadly, the Dell Stylus will not function with your iPad. This is due to the stylus only being compatible with Dell products, whereas Apple products and other touchscreen products have displays which require one of their own devices.

There are plenty of reasons why this is the case, read on to find out more about how these devices work and why you can only use your Dell stylus on Dell products.

Is a Dell Stylus Going to Be Compatible with Apple Devices?

Dell devices work well with certain styluses, like the Dell Active Pen. However, not every stylus is going to be compatible with every device.

If you are having trouble finding a stylus that works with your Apple device for instance, try using a different brand or model, one specifically built by Apple such as the Apple Pencil. You may find that your Dell stylus is incompatible with Apple devices.

Why Use a Smart Stylus

A stylus is a multi-functional electronic device that assists in writing and drawing on a tablet or other electronic devices. Stylus compatibility is an important factor when purchasing a smart stylus.

These smart styluses are more expensive than regular plastic ones, but offer superior performance for specific applications as well as versatile features to help you make the most of your device. Areas such as graphic design and drawing really benefit from these styluses.

The main advantage of using a smart stylus is that you can use it without paper or a direct electronic connection to your device. However, you have to consider how the stylus connects to your device and if it will be compatible.

Are My Devices Going to Work With Each Other?

Typically, a smart stylus will only work with the products from that same company. A Dell stylus will only work with Dell devices, an Apple pen will only work with an Apple device, a Surface pen will only work with Microsoft devices, and so on.

This applies even if the pen is turned off and you’re not using any of the smart features. This is due to touch screens recognizing a certain configuration for how they are touched, which your fingers and their own branded styluses fall under, but other styluses do not. This is the same reason why you can’t use your touchscreen when wearing gloves.

Why is My Stylus Not Compatible?

While it may be inconvenient, there are a few reasons why this is the case:

  • To Better Take Advantage of Your Device: A Dell Stylus is built specifically with Dell products in mind, so they can make the best use of features. This way you know you’re getting the best experience for your product. 
  • Not Every Touch Screen is the Same: Touch screens are all built differently, so manufacturers can’t account for what kinds of screens are in devices built by their competitors. It avoids confusion to only make one device compatible with the product it was made for.
  • The Materials Are Safer: When dealing with styluses, especially metal ones, there’s a risk of scratching touchscreens if the material on the tablet isn’t built to handle the device. Therefore, it’s safer to only use styluses to be used with products that have been tested for safety. 

A good way to find the best smart stylus for your needs is to research the different types of compatible ones for your device available in the market currently.

You can do this by looking at how popular certain models are among consumers currently or how well-received certain models were among users of your same device. Ultimately, it’s important to understand how each model works and what makes them suitable for various situations before purchasing one for yourself.

Will I Need a Stylus?

It’s important to consider how you will use your new smart stylus when deciding if you need one or not. If you are buying it for art or graphic design, you will need a good stylus with a firm tip or an extremely fine tip for the most precise result.

If your stylus is not high quality, drawing fine lines and small marks will be difficult. This is because the results will be considerably more accurate on a good stylus because there will be less point of contact between the device and the tip. Accuracy is the most crucial factor when drawing, making graphics, or trying to bring your vision to reality.

What Options Are Out There

However, not everyone needs a stylus for that, in fact you could go online to get custom graphics made for you and save yourself the hassle of doing it yourself entirely. If you plan to doodle on your tablet or you’re taking quick notes or just using it for casual use, you can get by with a cheaper plastic smart stylus. These low-cost plastic styluses can be found everywhere and will work fine for these cases as well.

Since they are made with plastic and lack all the tech used in smart styluses, they have significantly more leeway when it comes to compatibility. Some styluses mimic human fingers or use disc tips to ensure that they are compatible with all sorts of devices, at the cost of some of the features of smart styluses.

Concluding Thoughts

It can be frustrating to purchase a device like a smart stylus and find that it is incompatible with your other product, but ultimately this is to give you the best experience with the device the stylus was built for.

There is no shortage of smart styluses out there with exciting features and great build quality, so you’ll get a great tool to use with your device even if it isn’t compatible with the rest of them. This is why your Dell stylus isn’t compatible with your iPad.