You Don’t Have Permission To Share This Design? [Canva Fix]

When collaborating with multiple people to create a design it is important that you are able to share said design with the group so everyone can put their two cents into the final outcome. But what do you do when you keep getting permission errors saying that you can’t share your design with other people?

Generally, it is simple to edit your sharing permissions so that the entire group can make changes to the design. From the settings menu in Canva there are options that allow you to choose how and with whom you share information.

To learn more about the settings in Canva that allow you to make your design sharable continue reading this helpful article.

Sharing Designs With Others On The Canva Platform

To avoid error messages while using the Canva design platform the following methods of sharing are recommended.

If not currently editing a design and you wish to share it with other members of your design team follow these steps for sharing:

1. Head to the Home Page

If you have a design that has been saved and you wish to share it with your team members simply head to the Canva home page. Look to the left and you will find a tab labeled “All your designs”.

2. Make a Design Selection

Now that you have found the menu you will scroll through the folder until you locate the design you wish to share with your design team members. Select the design you want.

3. Drop Down And Choose A Design Member

Once you have chosen which design you want to share you may click on the three little dots on the top corner of the design icon.

This is where you will type the design team member’s name or email address if you don’t have it saved into the system already.

4. Choose Which Permissions to Allow

Once you have filled out the name of the recipient there is another drop-down menu that gives you options on whether or not this person may view the design only or if they also can make changes.

The menu will give you the option to share a “view only” version of the design for allowing a person to view the document but not make any changes.

The second option allows you to permit another person to “make changes” to the design rather than simply view it.

Generally, if you are sharing a design with someone it is so that they can make changes so be sure to grant them the proper permissions or they will be the ones receiving error messages.

Canva Editor

If you are working on a design and wish to share it with another member while you are using the Canva editor follow these steps for sharing:

Top of the Canva Editor Page

If you are currently working on a design and need to communicate instantly you can share the design by accessing the Share button at the top of the page.

Drop Down Menu to Select Team Member

Similar to the first method there will be a drop-down menu that gives you the option to type the name or email address of whomever you wish to share the design with.

Grant Necessary Access

Here you will decide if you want them to simply view the design and comment or if you want to allow them to make physical changes. Once you make your selection continue to the next step.

Message and Share

If you have something to tell the design team member you are sharing your work with there is an option to add comments before sharing.

Once you are satisfied simply click on the share button and your team member will have the permissions they need to get the job completed.

Copy and Paste Via Preferred Messaging App

Another alternative way of sharing the design with others is to access the share menu on the Canva editor page.

Then copy the link provided for the access you wish to grant and simply paste the link into whichever messaging app you are using to communicate with your team.

View Design Versus Edit Design Permissions

As you can see it is fairly simple to share and receive designs via the Canva design platform. As long as you pay attention and are sure that you have been permitted to edit the design you shouldn’t have to worry about any more error messages saying that permission access is limited.