Your Logo on Door Hangers: The 11 Best Mockups

Your Logo on Door Hangers: The 11 Best Mockups

Whether you are an established business or a startup trying to get your brand on solid footing, getting your logo in the minds of consumers is always a worthwhile proposition. One of the more underrated ways to feature your logo is through its placement on door hangers, as this is a surefire way to have your logo introduced to people who are out and about.

What are the best mockups for your logo on door hangers? The best mockups for your logo on door hangers will prominently feature the logo while capturing the essence of how door hangers can have mass interaction and appeal with consumers.

While there is really no limit to the amount of catchy door hanger mockups to explore, you will want to make sure, in any mockup, that the logo is clearly displayed and that the full door hanger is discernible so that prospective clients know that they are looking specifically at a door hanger and not at any general piece of print advertisement.

The 11 Best Door Hanger Mockups

The following list explores a wide variety of effective door hanger mockups. Play around with any number of them until you are able to pinpoint the exact feel that captures the essence of how door hangers can most effectively highlight your logo.

#1 – Door Hanger Hanging on a Closed Door, Straight Ahead View

This is the classic door hanger mockup, and it is, therefore, number one on this list.

Door hangers have long been associated with “Do Not Disturb” signs at hotels. Whether it be the hotel staff, neighboring rooms coming to ask a favor, or random passersby making their rounds in the halls, fists are frozen before knocking as they read those three little words on the door hanger.

Now, imagine that instead of “Do Not Disturb,” all of these same people have to pause and consider your business’ logo. This mockup provides an authentic feel of the power of a door hanger in action and will surely appeal to a wide pool of prospective clients.

The key with this mockup is that you need to be zoomed in close enough that the logo and any accompanying text are easily discernible while being zoomed out enough to fully appreciate the closed door and “read before knocking” aesthetic that you are trying to create.

#2 – Door Hanger Hanging on a Closed Door, Low View Angle

While maybe not “the” classic mockup for door hangers, this is definitely “a” classic option for featuring your business’ logo.

This mockup will feature many of the same “closed-door” benefits of the top choice on this list while featuring the door hanger a little more prominently.

When designing this mockup, you will want to make sure that all text is clearly legible, but, above all else, you are looking to feature two specific points:

  1. Your business’ logo
  2. A full image of the door handle

You can experiment with whether the low view angle works best when coming from directly beneath the door hanger, or if a low and to the side approach works best for achieving your ends.

Whatever the case, when the ideal low view angle is achieved, the result will give your logo an almost ethereal feel, as if it is hanging from a door in a peaceful dream. 

#3 – Door Hanger Hanging on a Partially Opened Door

This mockup helps bring your brand to life.

While closed-door mockups help feature the door hanger in its “natural habitat,” seeing your logo hanging from a partially opened door helps it interact with whatever excitement is taking place on the other side, creating the sense that your brand is a part of what is and what shall be.

This mockup can be a little more difficult to get right, as there are a number of essential elements that need to be captured in order for this mockup to reach its full potential:

  1. Discernible view of your logo and accompanying text
  2. Significant visual of a slightly ajar door
  3. Clear view of what is going on inside the room

Therefore, it can be a little bit difficult to find the right zoom setting for this mockup. However, once achieved, this is arguably the best view for bringing your brand to life.

#4 – A Bunch of Door Hangers Spread on a Wooden Surface

This mockup gives a trick-or-treat feel to your logo.

Door hangers are a great marketing tool for your business and offering them as a grab-and-go memento at conferences and expositions can make more of an impact than handing out business cards.

By having a mockup with a bunch of door hangers spread on a wooden surface, your brand is practically screaming, “Please, take me!”–with many prospective clients tempted to do just that.

With having so many door hangers featured in this mockup, there will be no shortage of your logo on full display.

However, while many of the door hangers will be overlapping one another, you want to make sure one complete hanger is featured prominently somewhere in the mockup with no obstructions or overhangs, as you will want clients to see what the full hanger looks like without having to piece it together in their minds.

#5 – A Few Door Hangers Spread on a Wooden Surface

Similar to having a bunch of door hangers spread on a wooden surface, this mockup also gives a trick-or-treat feel to your logo. Only this time, it makes the prospective client feel a sense of urgency to get in before all the good is gone.

This mockup will not be as busy as a bunch of door hangers spread on a wooden surface and getting the client to home in on the full image of a complete door hanger should not be an issue.

The key here will be to make sure you get the zoom right. While you want prospective clients to know that the door hangers are up for grabs on a wooden surface, you want to be focused more on the few remaining hangers as opposed to the excess wooden surface space.

#6 – Two Neatly Stacked Piles on a Wooden Surface

This mockup offers the same grab-and-go feel as the mockups that have the door hangers spread on a wooden surface, but in a more orderly, business-like fashion.

As such, while the previous two options on this list may be great for businesses such as restaurants or breweries, where clients are in a rush to get the goods, this mockup may be better for a tax preparation service or any other business that places a premium on attention to detail.

This mockup clearly displays thick stacks of door hangers, making it known that there is significant business to be done, but the organized nature makes it easy for prospective clients to clearly see the business’ logo and the totality of the door hanger with minimal distraction.

#7 – Two Neatly Stacked Piles on a Wooden Surface, On an Angle

Another great option for those businesses that want to convey attention to detail.

Like #6 on this list, this mockup does a great job of featuring the business’ logo and capturing the entire door hanger in a tidy fashion.

The key that separates this mockup, though, is that it must be shot from a slight angle, with the shorter stack in front of the taller stack. This highlights the difference in stack sizes.

By capturing this contrast in stack sizes, the business is able to convey that even though it is organized and still has door hangers left, clients have already taken a good chunk of the inventory, so get in while there are still some left.

#8 – Two Stacked Piles on a Wooden Surface, Stacks Askew

Through this mockup, the business is able to effectively capture client interaction.

The two neatly stacked piles show that the business is focused on the details, features the company’s logo prominently, and fully displays the door hanger in its full form.

However, by having the stacks slightly askew, this mockup is able to convey that even though the business is trying to keep things tidy, prospective clients are coming in and ruffling the door hangers up a little bit.

#9 – Two Door Hangers on a Custom Color Background, Opposite Sides Up

While some door hangers have fronts and backs that mirror each other and others that only have print on one side, there are other door hangers that have distinct fronts and backs, kind of like those hotel door hangers that have “Do Not Disturb” on one side and “Come Back Later” on the other.

If your business is one that features your logo prominently on one side and something else on the other, this mockup could be your best bet, as any of the hanging door options will not suffice.

An example that comes to mind is a restaurant that has its logo and slogan on the front of the hanger and a redacted menu on the back. Or a church with its name and logo on the front and a service schedule on the back.

Whatever the case, this mockup allows for a full display of each side of the door hanger against a clear, non-distracting backdrop.

#10 – Two Door Hangers on a Custom Color Background, Propped up Together

This mockup adds an element of creativity and flair to your brand.

By propping two door hangers up against each other, you effectively create a mini door hanger tower, leaving some potential clients wondering, “How did they do that?”

Not only is the tower-like effect creative, but it offers an extremely clear view of the face of your door hanger, allowing the logo and any related slogans to be featured prominently.

#11 – Door Hangers on a Custom Color Solid Surface

Using a wooden surface for mockups is a generally sound idea because wood is largely neutral, offering a classy and non-distracting backdrop to allow your door hanger to take center stage.

However, for creative purposes, you may want to keep all of the layout ideas listed thus far but play around with different backgrounds.

If you have a very colorful door hanger and/or a loud logo for your business, then you may want to feature your door hanger against a dull backdrop, like a gray or beige, as the contrast will really help your door hanger to stand out.

Hopefully one of these 11 door hanger mockups are perfect for your business. If you were not able to find one that fits your needs, here’s a list of more door hanger mockups.