Your Logo On Packages: The 9 Best Mockups

Your Logo On Packages: The 9 Best Mockups

Creating a great logo is a huge achievement for any business. Now, the next step is finding out where to put it. The options for where your logo can go are practically endless. Luckily, makes it easy to look through their extensive catalog and find what you need.

The 9 Best Mockups are:

  1. Chocolate Bars
  2. Shopping Bags
  3. Gift Boxes
  4. Software Boxes
  5. Chip Bags
  6. Mailing Box
  7. Water Bottles
  8. Coffee Mugs & Their Packages
  9. Gift Bags

To save you even more time, I have put together a list of their 9 best mockups, as well as some tips on how to best utilize them. Whatever sort of business you are, there is sure to be a mockup here that works great for you and makes your logo pop.

1. Chocolate Bars

View Chocolate Bar Mockups Here

Selling candy or chocolate can certainly be a struggle. They are a saturated market and people rarely look to find anything in their chocolate beyond basic flavors. This is why it is essential to make your packaging stand out.

Having an easy to use, ready mockup for chocolate bars simplifies the process and allows for a variety of creative designs to bring your logo to life. Want to catch customer’s eyes with a sophisticated and subtle packaging? Or an in your face, punchy color scheme? Using this mockup will help you test both and more before any major printing commitments.

While the packaging design of chocolate bars is relatively simple, there is a lot of room for original design and logo placement. Consider the following when prototyping your logo on chocolate bars:

  • Limited size. Ensure that your logo looks great even when small, as chocolate bars are rarely sold in large sizes.
  • Original color scheme. With so many products on the shelf, making your product catch consumer’s eyes before they even read your logo is a great goal!
  • Sell the details. Everyone knows what chocolate is, so it is important to include details on what makes your chocolate unique when designing the packaging.

This mockup is fantastic for getting together a great logo and testing it on chocolate bars!

2. Shopping Bags

View Shopping Bag Mockups Here

Customizing shopping bags with your logo can help the shopping experience feel personalized, custom, and caring, all great qualities that people look for when buying anything. They can also serve as reminders and openers whenever customers look at the bag, bringing back good memories of the experience.

While any old shopping bag will do, providing your customers with the very best experience is sure to keep them coming back again and again. Specialty shops where design is really important should absolutely look into this mockup.

For places like beauty stores and high-end clothing shops, shopping bags customized with your logo can help your brand stand out and give an air of quality. For other businesses ranging as far as food delivery to technology dropoffs, customized shopping bags will help keep your logo on customer’s minds.

Where your logo is placed on shopping bags is very important, as customers rarely look at them for very long. It is also important to consider what color of bag you would want so that your logo can pop off of the bag.

3. Gift Boxes

View Gift Box Mockups Here

Gift boxes are a great way to keep packaging interesting and personal. While they certainly do not fit in with every company selling things, they do have their place. Here are some examples where using a gift box with a personal logo could be great:

  • Subscription based “loot boxes”, so that each time a package comes it feels even more special.
  • Gift wrapped normal orders, for when customers want to ship something where the contents are hidden.
  • Special offers and packages, making the winning of a contest or other big event feel great.
  • Party and craft suppliers, building on the brand’s identity of having fun through packaging.

Of course, these items are not the limit. Putting your logo on a gift box mockup can be a great way to introduce a little more fun into any business. Or, simply upload your own image to use on a gift box for a highly personalized gift.

4. Software Boxes

View Software Box Mockups Here

Creating a catchy and aesthetic box to house your expensive software can take a lot of time. Once a significant amount of money and time has been sunk into a product, as is often the case with software, taking the time to really get packaging done well could be the difference between success and failure.

Software boxes are highly varied in their design and even size, so using a mockup to see how your logo looks on the package before printing anything is valuable. There is also the fact that software and what it is trying to do is so varied that choosing packaging that fits can be a daunting task.

When putting your logo on a software box mockup, consider the following:

  • Is the software for professional or personal use?
  • Will the software box include instructions or labels?
  • Should this packaging be a memento, or thrown away once the software is installed?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. They are simply made to help you utilize the software box mockup to the best of your ability and make your logo look its greatest.

5. Chip Bags

View Chip Bag Mockups Here

Putting a logo on a bag of chips seems like it could be a simple task, but as is often the case, there is more to consider. Think of how many chip bags you pass in a normal grocery store. The large brands tend to dominate the displays while smaller brands try and peek out from behind.

How do you take a chip brand logo and elevate its packaging to the next level? Through the use of this mockup! Tinkering with the placement of your logo, the colors of the chip bag, where information is, and the general design can all create a much stronger product.

Packaging, especially in markets like food where people often do not care much about the brand, is especially important. Designs need to be eye-catching and accurate, This mockup is a perfect way to make sure that is true.

6. Mailing Box

View Mailing Box Mockups Here

Mailing boxes are great for pushing out any large packages, especially for an online business. When people are not going to have the chance to come into a physical store and see what your brand looks like, it becomes even more important to get a good logo and feel for the company on the packaging.

Mailing boxes are fantastic for showing the feel of a brand. For instance, if a hiking company is shipping out a product, maybe their packaging is mostly brown and green, reminiscent of nature. An alcohol company may keep its mailing box packaging in shades of red and leathers to add an air of sophistication.

There are few packages used more in the modern world than a mailing box, so having the opportunity for a custom one is a great way to build your brand. Luckily, this mockup makes that move very easy.

In addition to basic packages, here are some other areas where a mailing box could be used effectively:

  • Subscription-based services where packaging can be customized to hint at what is inside.
  • Sending out return boxes to customers so the experience of things going wrong does not feel as bad.
  • Providing links to websites and other information so customers know where to reach the company.

Simply due to the size of most mailing boxes, there is a lot of real estate that can be used. Be creative with the mockups, and be sure to utilize the different sizes available. Rarely are mailing boxes square. It could be a good idea to have a large logo on the front, while text describing the company and its values is placed on the side.

7. Water Bottles

View Water Bottle Mockups Here

Water bottles with customized logos can be great for a host of events. Fundraisers, races, large businesses, even television productions can all benefit from having a water bottle custom fit to the event.

This mockup is great for promoting any cause or selling custom memorabilia type water bottles. When designing a logo for use on a water bottle, here are some tips for making it look great:

  • Make the background transparent. Let it shine without any sort of border!
  • Be sure it works even when small. Water bottles are not very large, so the logo may look crowded if it is too detailed.
  • Choose a simple color palette. When working with too many colors, some may blend into the background and make the water look almost dirty. It is best to keep the amount of colors minimal.

Custom water bottles are great for helping any cause or marking events such as:

  • Marathons and 5ks
  • Fundraisers, especially related to nature conservation
  • City or state events
  • Carnivals, parades, and other large celebrations

A great thing to do when putting your logo on a water bottle for any fundraising is to briefly describe the cause on another part of the packaging, as well as provide links to further information. This could garner even more support in the future!

While many people may not consider putting their logo on water bottle packaging, it could be the perfect final touch!

8. Coffee Mugs And Their Packages

View Coffee Mug Mockups Here

Putting custom logos or images onto coffee mugs is a classic. Whether comedic lines, memorable quotes, funny images, or heartfelt gifts – the list of what works on a custom coffee mug seems almost infinite.

The great thing about custom logos on coffee mugs is how often people see them. It is rare to find an adult in the United States or other countries who does not drink coffee or tea daily, often multiple times. This is a perfect advertising space!

The key to making a custom coffee mug is having the logo and artwork on the mug be appealing. If the logo simply feels like a constant billboard, people will naturally start choosing other mugs over yours.

Custom coffee mugs are absolutely perfect for such a wide variety of things. Some areas where coffee mugs with your logo on it could work very well are:

  1. Company functions. Especially if people from outside the company are visiting, many will appreciate a nice mug!
  2. Gift shops and knick-knack stores. If your business is located in a common vacation spot, you can design custom mugs to remind people of happy times on vacation.
  3. Artistic designs. When your logo represents a design company or other aesthetically pleasing business, it is often easy to take some internal work and print it on a mug! People enjoy drinking out of what could be considered an art piece.
  4. Internal company use. Many large companies have kitchens inside their offices. Keeping some mugs around marked with the company logo for internal use is a great idea.

The sky’s the limit for how logos could be effectively used on coffee mugs, so be creative.

The packaging of mugs is often overlooked but can be a great place to put your logo or design as well. The box itself is a great area to include information about the mug or design’s creation, some inspiration behind the design, or other information that helps humanize your brand. Especially with personalized packaging, people are interested in a brand’s story. Utilize that!

9. Gift Bags

View Gift Bag Mockups Here

Gift bags with your logo printed on them are a great tool to customize the customer experience a little more, as well as providing even more opportunities to put your logo in front of consumers.

Due to their shifting sizes and dimensions, it can feel very difficult to find a good mockup for creating your gift bags. Luckily, this mockup makes it easy, allowing you to test your logo in different colors, sizes, and areas on the bag.

Not every business or logo maker needs custom gift bags, however. These are best suited for in-person shops and boutiques, where the quality of the product should be felt through the entire purchasing experience.

As such, when using this mockup for gift bags, consider the following questions:

  • Are customers buying large amounts of items? If so, gift bags may not be the best option.
  • Should customers feel pampered and treated while buying from this company? If so, gift bags are fantastic for extending the experience.
  • Will customers care about the packaging? When mocking up a gift bag design, it is important to make it memorable. Otherwise, it may cost more than it is worth.

Custom gift bags are fantastic for small shops and other uses, they just require a bit more thought than some other packaging options. Tinker with your logo and something great could pop up.

Why Is Packaging Important?

Packaging is often the very first or very last thing customers see. It is vital for leaving great impressions about what your business sells and stands for, so taking the time to get it right is a good move.

When thinking about packaging and logo placement for items your business provides, consider what experience you want customers to have. Should customers feel like a business professional, or is the product meant to illicit joy? What colors should the packaging be? Other questions of this nature can help you before too much time is invested.

Because of the weight of the decision, utilizing digital tools to mockup how your logo and designs will look on the packaging before spending time printing is a great investment. Mockups of your logo on the package are great for the early packaging process.

This list is meant to provide some great mockups that are common across disciplines, so that you can make your own decision on how to best use your logo and promote your business.

The 9 Best Mockups for Your Business

This packaging is one of the best ways to make a product feel high quality and really proves that lots of thought went into every part of it. When you print your logo onto a standing mailing box, it will look great and remind customers of quality. To ensure that this feeling is being produced, take the time to mockup your packaging here before printing!