Can You Sell Placeit Designs? [We Find Out]

Can I Sell Placeit Designs?

When it comes to selling Placeit designs, the first question that many people ask is, “are these copyrighted?” With hundreds of thousands of users and a near equal number of templates to match, it may seem as though several copyright issues might arise. Fortunately, this is not always the case.

Can you sell Placeit designs? Yes, you can sell Placeit designs because every design made on Placeit comes with commercial usage rights. This is important because not all graphic design websites include commercial usage rights on their downloads.

As a platform open to new users and with more users than designs, there is going to be some overlap or double-dipping in their designs. To avoid running into any issues with the website, or worse, it’s best to know what the site doesn’t allow before you go quitting your nine to five.

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As previously discussed, you can sell your Placeit designs, but there are exceptions. Copyright issues can pose huge legal concerns if you’re not careful, so it’s best to review the policies of the Terms and Conditions you were supposed to have read before trying to sell your Designs. Fortunately, Placeit makes it easy to review the cans and cannots of the creating world.

For more details, read the Placeit License here.

Placeit Can-Do Policies:

Placeit is a great platform you can use to create a profit based on your designs, and there are several ways to do so without infringing on any copyright issues.

Below are the can-do’s:

  • Add or modify any pre-existing content to create a final design you’re proud of
  • Create and sell right through their platform
  • Distribute the content you create
  • Print your designs onto merchandise
  • Publish or display any content you create with Placeit
  • Register trademarks with the designs and logos you create

Placeit Can’t Do Policies:

When your business and money are on the line, why take any chances? It’s best to know all the things you cannot use the platform to accomplish. Your bottom line is that you want to be able to distribute or sell your own creations respectfully.

Here’s a deeper look at the do-nots:

  • Create a pre-existing Placeit design
  • Create a variation of the Placeit platform
  • Distribute Placeit content as your own
  • Use any final image or content containing a person or brand that is derogatory
  • Use any final image or content that may imply endorsement by Placeit

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Making Money with Placeit

Placeit is completely customizable and lets its users make mockups of pretty much anything. Members can modify every aspect of the graphic to make it completely original and unlike Placeit’s original design.

Having the ability to modify every aspect gives nearly every template and design on the website unlimited variations, decreasing the chance that you’ll have the same design as someone else.

A few of the customization options available to subscribers include:

  • Back-graphics
  • Backgrounds
  • Color
  • Font
  • Foreground
  • Image color
  • Picture
  • Words
  • & more

Originality Sells, Placeit Provides

Designers and creators alike rave about Placeit because of the quick, user-friendly convenience and quality. When you create a print or graphic design that is a moneymaker, you want to stretch that to maximize as much profit as you can.

Placeit makes it easy to take a single design and apply it to multiple products or pages. There are several different ways to produce and apply the designs, but infinite possibilities for each.

Here are some examples of how users are creating with Placeit:

Designs Gaming Mockups Videos
Album Covers Animated Logos Activewear YouTube Videos
Banner Ads Image/Video Cropping Apparel Video to GIF Converter
Beauty Designs OBS Stream Overlays Books Promotional Videos and Clips
Birthday Designs Twitch Banners Hats/Beanies Facebook Covers
Book Covers Twitch Overlays Home Decor Free Video Cropper
Business Cards Twitch Panels Tech Instagram Stories
Flyers Video Intros Mugs Intros
Pinterest Pins YouTube Banners Onesies Slideshow
Posters YouTube End Cards Phone cases and grips T-shirt Videos
Clothing Designs YouTube Thumbnails Stationary Twitch Screens
Social Media Templates YouTube to GIF Converter Bags Animated Logos

Logos: A Gift and Act of Service

The possibilities are endless. But no matter your platform or business, a logo is something everyone can use and many need. Using Placeit’s design capabilities, these benefits can quickly turn into surprising profits.

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Your business and brand crave attention, like people. When they need attention, it’s best to give it to them. Placeit makes it easy for business owners and professionals alike to give their brands the attention they need. A logo is on the frontlines and can make or break your business. By having a stand-out logo, you are better able to grab customer attention and leave a stronger impression.

In the world of TikTok and social media, 15 seconds have never been so hard to get from someone. A powerful logo is more than the foundation of your brand or business. But it is also:

  • Expected
  • Develops Brand Loyalty
  • Makes your Business One to Remember

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Types of Logos

Professionals and businesses alike benefit from incorporating logos into their business plans. Many of which have used Placeit in the past. Placeit makes logo design for professionals easy by having templates and designs in mind for everyone. Here are a few professions who are profiting off of logos designed with the help of Placeit:

  • Architects
  • Artists
  • Chiropractors
  • Consultants
  • Dentists
  • Designers
  • Doctors
  • Electricians
  • Event Planners
  • Financial Advisors
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Landscapers
  • Lawyers
  • Mechanics
  • Musicians
  • Painters
  • Pharmacists
  • Photographers
  • Psychologists
  • Teachers

Professionals, however, own and operate businesses. Aside from those mentioned above, many other businesses experience an increase in sales from their powerful logo. Including:

  • Bakeries
  • Bars
  • Catering Companies
  • Cleaning Services
  • Clothing Brands
  • Coffee Shops
  • Contract Companies
  • Daycare Centers
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Hip Hop
  • HVAC Companies
  • Moving Companies
  • Organic Companies
  • Pet Shops
  • Realty Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Sports Facility Centers
  • Sports Teams

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How To Make Money using Placeit

It’s all too common in the creator world to have to use multiple platforms or software tools to produce just one print or prototype. Never mind when you have multiple projects or tasks, and your dashboard is nearly drowning from in-use icons.

So many creators are taking advantage of Placeit because they can profit in more ways than just their art or single creation.

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Selling Your Designs On T-Shirts With Print On-Demand

One of the most exciting ways you can profit from making designs on Placeit is by selling your designs on t-shirts with print on-demand.

There are websites that allow you to start a fully functioning t-shirt business, using “print on-demand”, and your Placeit account will be the only tool you need.

Essentially: You upload your designs and create a virtual listing (it looks just like a listing on Amazon). Then customers can come purchase your t-shirts (pick their size and color) and these websites print the specific shirt on the spot, and ship it out to the customer. They also take care of all customer service and returns too!

Oh and the best part, it’s completely free!

I recommend Teespring, Merch by Amazon, and Redbubble.

  • Teespring gets about 20 million visitors per month
  • Redbubble gets about 30 million visitors per month
  • Merch by Amazon gets about 2 billion visitors per month

They are all reputable, and best part is they are all non-exclusive.

This means that you can upload the same Placeit designs to all 3, and get triple the exposure.

For a full tutorial on how to start making money selling your Placeit designs on t-shirts, here is the YouTube video showing how to start an online t-shirt business.

Ads to Add to Your Revenue

If you’re creating designs through Placeit and earning a profit on your merchandise and prints, you may have thought about expansion. A great way to take it up a notch is by adding advertisements on your Etsy page or local bulletin board. Placeit offers a plethora of templates to craft the advertisement you have in mind. Easily create sale flyers and banners with a few clicks of a button.

Advertisements aren’t just a commercial or a quick flyer on your way out of the grocery store. Think bigger, and outside the box, literally! With Placeit, you can really expand your outreach and grow your brand by using their billboard mockup application. Quickly scan, upload, and adjust your image to see it in real-time!

You can also know well in advance how that jumbo billboard sign will look like before installing it along the freeway while you wait for those sales to soar. The site even allows users to make mockups of just about anything, flags and tri-fold signs included.

Thinking small is sometimes the best plan of attack. In a world filled with so much tossed away plastic, make your packaging something to remember. A drawstring bag with a brand logo or a coozie that comes on a to-go coffee mug are both great packaging ideas to add a bit of flare and additional advertising.

With a mockup tool and an expansive list of customization options, you can truly enhance your product catalog, further expand your business, and increase your revenues. Expanding on the product line through additional advertising is a great way to add more passive income!

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Social Media to Support Your Sales

Social Media has become a powerful tool in the business world. It is a great way to reach new clients and maintain a relationship with loyal customers that have been with you from the start. When using social media to attract new clients and increase sales, you want to make sure your profiles and pages are able to compete with what else is out there.

A great way to use Placeit Designs to increase your sales is by taking advantage of their social media templates. You can make unlimited designs and logos to find what works best for your page. Users also take advantage of their post and story options, giving their posts an added edge and flare.

How You Can Get a Piece of Placeit’s Pie

Enough small talk. The best way to exponentially increase your profits using Placeit designs is with brand merchandising. With merchandise, you can generate a passive income on the side that supports your business. Merchandising is like paid advertising, so it’s important to have merchandise that represents your brand identity as it will most likely attract newcomers.

Merchandise is something you want to establish when your brand has had a little time to grow. No one will want to buy your merchandise if there is no audience. Once your business has taken off, promotional merchandise is a way to spread the word further.

This increases customer outreach and may even start to develop brand loyalty.  Since you’re creating merchandise with the hopes of expansion, there are a few helpful tips to experience successful merchandise sales:

  • Collaboration or Competition – There will always be competitors in the business world, especially in merchandising. But one way to overcome the competition is with collaboration. Join together with other brands that align with yours to create additional merchandise, or “merch,” with a 100% original twist! You can even use merchandise to raise money for a fundraiser by collaborating with a charity. Not only are you helping a good cause, but this will also gain great positive exposure.
  • Function over Fashion – Clothing apparel is great, and you can never go wrong with a hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt. However, more people are finding that merchandise with functionality tends to do better than apparel.
  • Originality Vs. Trendy – Not all platforms and businesses are going to be the mainstream trend. But when selecting your merchandise, it’s best to go with what your audience would use and not what’s the most popular or in style. If you go with the latest trend, it just may not appeal to your client base.
  • Research Your Clientele – If you know your audience, you will know what they like. By investing time in understanding your followers or customers, you will be able to select merch that they will buy.

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Fundraising Really Can Raise Funds

A great way to build rapport and establish yourself within the community is with community outreach. Identifying a way that your brand can give back is a great way to sell products and support a cause you feel good about backing! Fundraising is a great way to get your name and brand out into the community or world and really earn that reputation you are trying to build – or grow!

Collaborations are a great way to do fundraisers.

You are able to work with other businesses in brands that have a strong foothold in the industry and can help add some recognition to your brand, as well as offer any great advice. It never hurts to network!

Here are some examples of the many benefits that fundraising can have on your business:

  • Brand Exposure
  • Communal Outreach
  • Increased Revenue
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Potential Partnerships
  • Reputation Building
  • Supporting a Great Cause

There are multiple ways of using placeit for fundraising. Whether it be to create posters and advertisements, or even a new logo combining your brand with others, the platform can help you earn more money. Even if you break even after your donation, you will see an increase in profits from your fundraising efforts.

Making Merchandise

Creating merchandise doesn’t have to be a grueling process. Many successful companies use their logos as their merchandise design or repeat other features. But there are many creative ways you can create merchandise while avoiding this easy route! Select merchandise fonts and colors with your brand image in mind. Use your catchphrase or business slogan to cause people to take a second look.

When you’re drafting your designs, it can be hard to envision the finished product in all of its glory. Placeit offers a great mockup tool that they guarantee will take your sales from average and make them skyrocket! By seeing your design in a realistic setting, you can really enhance the design to make it look its absolute best.

Here are a few ways mockups have helped Placeit users experience significant increases in profit:

  • Realistic imaging makes products look more relatable
  • Studio mockups are great for enhancing product features
  • Style the product in multiple environments to appeal to different customers and show them the functionality some products have
  • Use video mockups to see the products in real-time. Video mockups are a great way to really engage your posts and advertisements and can enhance the overall look and presentation of your business

Taking it a Step Further

Another great way to use Placeit to sell your designs is by creating and establishing campaigns. You can use your social media or a social media management tool to schedule automated posts and keep potential clients engaged. You can use different formats and visuals to avoid your audience growing tired of your advertisements or campaigns.

Here are some tips right from Placeit on how to get the most out of your campaign:

  • Avoid Confusion – Keep it simple! Don’t over complicate things and include multiple links. This may overwhelm some people, and you want to keep things as clear as possible
  • Create your Community – After your first campaign, go for a round two with a twist. Have customers really engaged by including their photos! Request pictures of them using your merch and add them to use a collective hashtag!
  • Stick to What is Familiar – This goes for both you and your audience. Don’t be too pushy with trying to sell your product, and remember to stick to what you know! Keep the verbiage and voice familiar by using your brand’s voice or terminology unique to your company!

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Can you Really Make Money with Placeit?

You can absolutely profit from selling your designs made with Placeit. You cannot sell their original content as your own, but if you follow their guidelines, you can create original content that your customers and audience will love. There are several tips from the platform itself on ways you can maximize your profits.

The sky is this limit, and there are no limitations other than those set forth by copyright laws. Sell your designs on t-shirts or increase your sales with their custom advertisements and campaign videos. Keep reaching new customers and viewers by having a powerful, eye-catching logo and a striking image should it suit your brand.