How Much Does Placeit Cost? Is it Worth it?

How Much Does Placeit Cost? Why is it Worth it?

Placeit is a cost-effective one-stop website that provides virtually any type of mockups or logo design you may need for your small business or brand. Placeit pricing models are worth every penny when compared to the quality and volume of branding and marketing, not to mention the return on investment.

How much does Placeit cost?

  • Single Download: From $2.99 per download
  • Monthly Unlimited: $14.95 per month
  • Annual Unlimited: $89.69 per year

With the thousands and thousands of design options available, you can use these templates with the peace of mind that the end result will be one of a kind for your needs. Just think of all the time and money you can save! In this article, you will learn all of the different options available on Placeit and how to use it to your advantage.

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How Does Work?

Placeit offers any type of branding and marketing needs your business has without the hassle of hiring a graphic designer or hours of your valuable time learning design skills. You also can log on and experiment with the options available before you invest a penny. All of the subscription options can be canceled at any time, giving you freedom from commitment.

Once you visit the site, use the menu bar near the top of the site to find the type of branding you need to create. With just a few clicks, you can upload your design and apply it to virtually anything.

Is Placeit Worth It?

Yes, Placeit is worth the cost because it offers the largest library of mockups, designs, and logos.

Further, Placeit was kind enough to extend a 15% off discount to All Free Mockups readers. You can find the coupon here.

If you don’t already have a design or logo for your business, Placeit will generate a personalized logo or design to suit the specific type of products you offer to represent your brand perfectly. No need to hire a design firm and pay for hours of creative time. Placeit covers all of your branding needs in one place.

There are five basic categories available for design and mockup purposes guaranteed to suit your specific needs. Below, we’ll go through all five categories and explore all the options provided.

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1. Mockups

A mockup is either a scale or full-sized design of a logo or a product, providing a prototype you can use to test out your design without having to keep a physical product produced.

It also allows you the ability to offer all the different products your brand has to offer without having to keep inventory on hand, saving space, man-hours, and cost. This allows you to offer up all your brand has to offer while freeing up profits to use for other needs your business may have and allow for a larger profit margin.

With Placeit, you can create a wide variety of products and even marketing materials. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, there is an extensive list of options available. We will go through just a few of them here.

Clothing Items

Select a garment type, such as T-shirts, leggings, hoodies, tanks, and more. By uploading any design to Placeit, you will get an exact vision of how the completed garment will appear.

Adding Design and Text

Once the design is placed on the clothing item, you can add any text easily as well. This allows you the option to explore different fonts and font colors. You can experiment with up to 50 characters worth of text to see what looks the best.

Placeit also makes the placement of the text simple. Once entered into the text box, your text will immediately appear on the item with the freedom to change the size and location of your text. Once you’ve made a perfect size, a purple line will appear, marking the exact center of the clothing piece to make the proper placement a snap.

Showcase Your Work

Once you’ve chosen the item you want to mockup, there are a wide variety of ways you can showcase it. You can choose a template with or without a model and customize the exact type of background you want. You can even make an animation (in GIF format) to provide the appearance of the movement in the piece as well.

By using the garment only options, there are hundreds of templates to design a mockup of just the item. You can choose from clothing racks, hangers, even an entire outfit display. The variety of product placement is only limited to your imagination.

Under each mockup option, there is a submenu, including any type of garment you need. You can choose tops, swimsuits, brand label designs, and more. You can create your entire clothing line!


If you want to display your design on the screen of an iPad, MacBook, or laptop, this is the place to go. By choosing the type of hardware to display, you are given an abundance of options.

  • If you are a software creator, place a still shot of your program on the screen.
  • If you are a hardware reseller, you can create a generic image of the item offered up in a variety of backgrounds. You can display them on a tabletop, being used by a model, and more.

The submenu on this option also allows you to select any specific electronic device you can think of. If you are an app designer, you have the option of creating a screenshot from the App Store. It’s also a great way to display a page from your website to direct traffic there from other places.

Marketing and Ad Material

If you aren’t placing ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you are missing out on loads of web traffic from potential new clients. You can generate professional ads for these platforms, even if you have no skills.

Many small business owners are intimidated by advertising on these platforms simply because they aren’t experienced in designing ads. Once more, a mockup gives you the opportunity to view several designs before committing to one.

Miscellaneous Other Mockup Types

Along with the above-mentioned types of mockups, there are a lot more. You can design your own business cards without the expense of ordering an entire box.

If you need to display an entire suite of all your electronic offerings, you can do that. Additional marketing material can be made, such as brochures, posters, flyers, and even banners for placement on your blog or website. All of this is included in the flat-fee subscription.

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2. Designs

If you don’t already have a design in mind, Placeit makes it effortless to create one specifically to suit your needs. There are loads of options, but we’ll go over some of the most popular ones here


If you’re looking to create novelty shirts and only have a basic idea of what type of design you want to create, Placeit can help. The submenu offers a range of targeted genres for your shirts such as children, adults, politics, social clubs, human interest, comedy, and much more. That’s just the start.

Once you’ve selected the targeted genre or your shirt, you’ll select a tag to further customize design types. For example, you can choose astrology, holidays, funny, decades, amongst others. Once you’ve chosen those options, a list of design ideas will appear. You can even further customize the designs by changing the words, colors, and more to truly create an original design.

YouTube Channel Art

If you want to create a YouTube channel specifically for your brand, Placeit has everything you need. Whether you’re making a vlog or commercial style videos, there are options for you. You can upload images to create all the brand-specific stylings you need.

If you are just starting out, Placeit provides all the tools you need to design your channel. You can create professionally made page banners, profile pictures, end cards, and thumbnails. Placeit will even help you design intro animations and Ads to be placed in other videos.


As we already mentioned above, Facebook can be an intimidating platform for a business owner who is not familiar with it. In addition to the advertisement mockup, Placeit will do all the grunt work necessary to design a professional and visually pleasing Facebook page for your business.

To get the most traction out of Facebook, you need to create an eye-catching and interesting page for your brand. This means proper layout, design, and page posts that are interesting and shareable. The more times your immediate audience shares informational or interesting posts, the larger it becomes.

Placeit provides the ability to take your brand to the next level in social network marketing and branch out to a larger audience.

Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Placeit doesn’t just stop at Facebook. You can generate custom designs for your Twitter and Instagram accounts. This includes posts as well as ads. The biggest asset here is Pinterest.

If you don’t already know, Pinterest is a social media platform where people go to find inspiration for crafts, body art, nail art, and a plethora of other things. By browsing Pinterest, you’ll encounter the things your peers share as well as suggestions for things you might want to see.

For instance, while looking for quotes about survival, you can stumble across one printed on a T-shirt, potentially piquing your interest. Once you click on that post or pin rather, you are given the option to visit the website. This can lead to more and more traffic to your brand’s site. The number of times your pins are shared also expands your audience, just like all of the platforms. Keep in mind; this is all included in the flat rate.

Podcasts and Bands

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, you’ve seen what the landing pages look like. The most successful podcasts have high-quality images and photos. Placeit can guide you through creating a high-quality cover for your podcast for your branding needs. You can upload any image and make changes to enhance it to suit your audience. There’s also a variety of interest tags to further personalize your images to reflect what you have to offer.

When making an album, the most difficult part aside from production is creating the perfect album cover – whether it is for physical copy or streaming. It’s enough work to write awesome song lyrics and mind-blowing musical accompaniment!

Your album cover gives the potential listener more of an idea of what to expect that the album title does. Once you’ve selected a template, you can customize it with your own visual or use one of the Placeit images provided. You can try out different types of texts, backgrounds, and colors to create the most cutting edge cover even if you’ve never designed anything in your life!

Book Covers

Much like an album cover design, the cover of your book can enhance or kill sales. Images resonate much more than text when it comes to catching your desired audience’s attention. Placeit provides custom templates and genres specific to your target audience, causing them to either pick up a physical copy of click on an e-book to learn more about the contents.

Think about what you do when you browse titles on your Kindle or other devices – If you aren’t already decided about what you want to read, a flashy book cover will quickly generate interest. Of course, more interest leads to more readers.

Other Promotional Items

One of the best ways to advertise and raise brand awareness is to get your designs everywhere. You want to make sure people are exposed to your marketing even if they are participating in activities that have nothing at all to do with your brand.

Placeit will allow you to design coffee mugs, phone cases, grips, and more. While drinking coffee at the office, suddenly, someone participating in some mundane activity is struck by your imaging. While riding the subway or train, a person is exposed to your branding when they see another passenger talking on their phone.

This might not seem like a big deal to most business owners, but it is invaluable. Seeing those items leave the images stuck in the back of their mind, even if they are not paying close attention, perhaps coming to consciousness the next time they have a need for the offerings for your specific brand.

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3. Logos

Every brand needs a logo that clients can use to identify it. Not only does your logo help in brand recognition, but it can also lead to a better understanding of your brand identity. For example, a High-end clothing line would have an elegant logo, whereas a foodservice brand logo would likely be representative of the food they feature.

Hiring a graphic design professional can cost a great deal of money. Sometimes the picture in your mind can get lost in translation to the artist and lead to additional costs and longer development time.

With Placeit, you can design a custom logo specific to your brand in minutes for a much smaller price tag. There are options for specific industries and logo types available. We’ll touch on just a few here.

Gaming and Sports Teams

Placeit offers a variety of different logo templates for individual gaming and sports teams. Simply type in the name of your team and click apply. This will generate types of images with the name of your team to choose from. Once you click on an image, for example, an animal, you’ll be taken to the customization team.

The customization screens allow you to make changes to personalize your logo in several ways. You can alter colors for text, background, and images as well as try out different text fonts. In the Animal logo example, you can also change the animal image on the logo from the list provided and add a background print.

In the event that you can’t decide on how you want to customize your team logo, Placeit has you covered. Beneath all the customization options, you find a wide variety of preset logos that can be customized to display your team name. Even those preset images can be customized if inspiration should strike.

Clothing Brands

Designing a custom logo to represent your line of clothing and accessories can be really tough. You know what style of clothing you want to make, but how do you summarize that in a single image? Once more, Placeit has you covered.

Type your brand name in the dialogue box at the top of the screen and hit apply. This generates a list of logo options for your line. You’ll see custom options for your brand, no matter what your niche market is. There are logos geared towards streetwear, high-end clothing, alternative fashion, and more. Just like the team logos, you can customize them to your heart’s content or choose one that is preset.


Starting your own sandwich shop? Perhaps a pancake house? Maybe you’re interested in opening a classy craft cocktail bar. As with all things, Placeit has your back. There are even specific categories for specific types of cuisine.

 Starting by entering in the desired establishment name and clicking apply. Once more, a list of options is generated for you to customize. You can even upload an existing image! Play with it, have fun! It’s easy to test out public opinions and reactions by creating multiple different logos before settling on one.

Medical Professionals

Whether you are starting your own personal practice or a group, you’ll need a logo. Not only does Placeit have the tools you need, but there are even specific categories for doctors, dentists, and psychiatrists.

If holistic health is more your niche, their categories geared towards chiropractic, alternative medicine, and overall wellness centers. There’s certain to be a category specific to your needs.

You can even find related health profession options. If you are into personal training, fitness, or yoga, there’s category specific to your needs as well.

Labor Services

So, you fix cars, but not transmissions. Maybe you do general building maintenance but aren’t a plumber. What if you have a very specific type of service offered? Placeit has categories for them all. There’s even a category for tech services to cover computer repair and programming services.

The Arts

The logo for a floral shop is not going to look anything like an arts and crafts store. If you are a designer, you’re going to want a more simplistic, yet specific logo. Photographers need to be represented differently than any of them. Placeit has custom categories for all of these art genres and more.

There are so many different business types Placeit has special categories. We could go on about them all day, but we have too much to talk about to do that. Suffice it to say, no matter how unusual or one of a kind your business is, There’s a category specific to your needs.

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4. Videos

We’ve touched upon how huge of a reach social media platforms provide, and the different images and designs offered to customize your business page, but Placeit allows you to go one step farther with videos.

Not all of us have a middle schooler or teenager available to give you all the insider info on making and producing your own videos, unfortunately. It’s also very expensive to purchase all the equipment you’d need to make and edit a professional-quality video. There are lots of options to help you there.

Placeit can help you create custom slideshows showcasing your brand. You can produce them to be featured on all types of media: Facebook, Instagram, and many, many more. These videos are essential on social media to drive traffic to your brand’s page. You can create and share inspirational videos, content teasers, or coming attractions. Just like the ads, if the content is interesting and eye-catching, you can count on your audience to share them and expand your reach for you. Think about it: it is effortless and very inexpensive marketing where today’s consumers spend most of their time.

5. Gaming

The gaming community is huge and exceptionally profitable these days. Placeit has a category specifically for gamers and their various platforms. You can create backgrounds gamer specific platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and more.

In addition to all of that, you find amazing templates for all of your video streaming needs as well. Those cool borders and stationary graphics and animations you see when gamers live stream? You can create your own custom one on Placeit. Convert video to GIF animation format, teasers, and more in just a few clicks!

Inspiration For Creation

If you aren’t sure where to begin in the branding of your business, Placeit offers a lot of ideas. At the bottom of each page, you’ll find specific information geared towards the specific needs your business may have.

There are links to how-to articles for boosting clothing sales with mockups that include specific ideas on how to best display your garments. You’ll find information and examples on driving me people to your social media pages by creating great posts and content.

There’s even an entire list of ways you can boost your T-shirt design sales. When Placeit says they are a one-stop-shop for all of your brand’s design and marketing needs, they aren’t joking. You are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for and more.

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Cost Breakdown

As mentioned previously, Placeit provides several different pricing and subscription options to suit the needs of your brand. In some cases, you may find it more efficient to purchase your needs ala carte, but in most cases, you’ll find the subscription route to be the way to go.

There are two subscription options to choose from. Either you can choose to be billed on a monthly basis for $14.99 monthly or billed yearly for a one-time payment of $99.95 a year, discounting your monthly price to just $8.33. No matter which route to choose, you are free to cancel at any time you wish without penalty. There is absolutely no long term commitment required.

Now let’s look at the value in those prices. Either subscription plan includes access to all mockups, design, logo, and video templets – all with unlimited download capability. Have you ever gone to a designer or printer and be quoted prices like that? Probably not.

Although you can pay for each design individually, usually, the subscriptions are far more cost-efficient. For example, you can pay upwards of $40 for an album cover – or $14.99 for one month and have to ability to download as many as you want.

Plus, All Free Mockups users now get 15% off any plan!

Placeit Is a True ‘All-In-One’ Design Tool

Logon to Placeit today to see all the options available to your brand. No matter what your needs, there’s probably a solution on there somewhere, that will end up saving you tons of money and time, allowing you to invest both into your business instead.

Go to today to see yourself. You won’t pay a penny to try it out – all ala carte pricing if for downloads. You’ll even discover a few options that allow you to create and download images for free.