How to Change the Size of Your PlaceIt Images?

Great image designs may start with your imagination, but they will end up looking terrible if their size does not fit the application. As such, you need a way to adjust and crop your images to the right size. Fortunately, most design editors offer such a feature, including PlaceIt.

PlaceIt offers two tools that will let you change the size of your image depending on your needs. The Image Resizer tool provides general-purpose size control options. Meanwhile, the Image Cropper lets you adjust the size by removing unnecessary content. Both tools are simple to use with just a few clicks.

While PlaceIt allows you to resize your images, you must still know your desired sizes. Therefore, by reading further, you will learn some commonly used image sizes and how to use PlaceIt to get to them.

How to Resize Your Images in PlaceIt

As an online design editor, PlaceIt lets you create professional-quality designs without requiring design training or background. While you could use it to build from scratch, the thousands of pre-set design templates allow you to get things done quickly with just a few clicks. However, it will not automatically resize your images. But it does come with the tools for it.

Resigning your design is a critical part of the design process. It may feel unnecessary, but specific applications require specific image sizes as a part of their graphics layout. For instance, clothing requires rather large image sizes, but you can get away with something smaller when making buttons.

However, your original images and photos might be either too large or small to fit the required space. This can happen when printing out the images or when opening them in your editor. You probably ran into a few occasions where you get a “your file size is too large” error or something similar.

In these cases, you can resize your image to make them pixel-perfect for your application. You can reduce their file sizes when editing them before resizing them back for your larger uses.

PlaceIt Image Resizer

To resize your images in PlaceIt, you will most likely need to use the Image Resizer tool. It is PlaceIt’s chief image size adjuster, and you can easily access it from the “Download” page. As such, most of the time, you can resize images in PlaceIt with the following steps:

  1. Upload your image or download a PlaceIt design
  2. Select “View All” under the “My Downloads” menu option
  3. Click “Crop/Resize” from the dropdown box
  4. Make your size adjustments
  5. Click “Download”

This procedure should create a new file containing your resized image.

Benefits of Using the PlaceIt Resizing Tool

Ultimately, you can resize your images using any editor at your disposal. Even the small image editor that comes with your computer can do it. However, there are many reasons to choose the PlaceIt Image Resizer. The top reasons are:

  • PlaceIt Image Resizer works with any image and design in the PlaceIt Asset Library
  • Preset image size options for common applications such as social media
  • Custom size editor for better control and image management
  • Maintains image quality and aspect ratios

Image Resizer also keeps your original design intact, letting you create multiple correctly sized images from a single source. As such, your images will fit their platforms perfectly without having to render each version individually. You also avoid the natural quality degradation that comes from readjusting and redownloading the same image. You just get properly sized images without blurring.

PlaceIt Image Cropper

The PlaceIt Image Resizer will work in most situations as it maintains your design completely throughout the process. However, there might be times when the Image Cropper will be more useful.

Cropping is removing parts of an image that are unnecessary, and it can be extremely useful when used in the right places. It lets you eliminate things such as local identifiers, private information, copyrighted assets, and so forth. For instance, cropping lets you create great profile headshots of your team members.

Cropping an image in PlaceIt is as easy to use as the Image Resizer. You just:

  1. Open the image in the editor
  2. Create a selection box around the parts you want to keep
  3. Select “Crop/Resize” from the menu above

Common PlaceIt Image Resizer Size Presets

Resizing images is normally a one-way process, and generally, you want to move from large to small. While you theoretically go in either direction, the compression required to create small images tends to reduce quality. Enlarging them often enlarges the compression artifacts as well.

Luckily, the PlaceIt Image Resizer lessens the impacts of these artifacts, letting you resize your images as needed. You just have to select the right target size so to minimize the need for further adjustments. Fortunately, Image Resizer comes has presets with some of the more commonly used image sizes.

These size presets to ensure that your images will fit where you need them, keeping your branding consistent across your platforms. This allows you to use the same image on say Instagram and LinkedIn without worrying about meeting the different size requirements.

 Some popular preset sizes include:

  • 110×110 – for Instagram profiles
  • 165×165 – Pinterest profiles
  • 180×180 – Facebook profiles
  • 300×300 – LinkedIn profiles
  • 400×400 – Twitter profiles
  • 552×289 – LinkedIn stories
  • 800×800 – YouTube profiles
  • 900×1600 – Pinterest stories
  • 820×312 – Facebook page banner
  • 1192×220 – LinkedIn page banner
  • 1500×500 – Twitter page banner
  • 2,048×1,152 – YouTube channel banner

These are a small sample of the presets PlaceIt offers. The Image Resizer also comes with presets for Print on Demand (POD) clothing designs, large print banners, marketing displays, and more. PlaceIt will even customize your preset selection based on your desired output. For instance, it will only show you social media sizes if you select social media images.

Thus, if your image has size requirements, you should see if PlaceIt has the size in its presets before you try to do it manually. It will save you a lot of time and effort. Most of the time, you can just upload the finished resized files directly to your platform of choice as well.


Resizing images is an important part of any graphic design. It lets you customize your images to your different platforms, ensuring consistent branding throughout. To get you there, PlaceIt offers two different tools: a general image resizer and a cropper.