Procreate Color Drop Threshold Not Working [7 Easy Fixes]

If you’re an artist and use Procreate, chances are you’ve run into a frustrating problem. Maybe the color drop threshold is not working for you, or it’s too sensitive. We’ve got a list of 7 fixes for these common problems, whatever the case may be.

When the Color Drop Threshold in Procreate is not working, most of the fixes or solutions will involve checking your settings. If all of your settings are set appropriately, check for the latest version of your app and make sure you are up to date.

Many artists find workarounds when their color threshold isn’t working correctly, however, if you are dedicated to correcting the issue, these fixes will show you how simple it is.

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Fix 1 – Enable Color Drop Threshold in Advanced Settings

You should first make sure the color drop threshold is enabled in the advanced settings. To do this, open up Procreate and go to Settings. Tap Advanced and scroll down until you find Color Drop Threshold. If it’s there, then tap on it and change it from “Off” to “Low.”

This will allow your Apple device to render the maximum number of colors on a canvas. You can also change it from “Low” to “Medium” and then try out various color palettes to see what you like best!

Fix 2 – Change the Sensitivity of the Color Picker

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The color picker can be overly sensitive, making it challenging to find the perfect color for your needs. To fix this, tap on the settings icon in the top right corner of Procreate.

Then select “Color Picker” and adjust the sensitivity slider until you are happy with your selection. This will allow you to select the best color with your color picker tool.

After opening up the Color Picker, you can adjust the sensitivity slider until it displays a good color. The more sensitive your picker is, the better and brighter colors will be shown on the screen. This allows for an easier selection of the desired color with this tool.

Fix 3 – Adjust the Radius of the Color Drop

The radius of the color drop can be adjusted in the Settings section. The lower you set the radius, the more sensitive it will be. If your color picker is being too sensitive and selecting colors you don’t mean to select, try lowering the radius.

Fix 4 – Adjust the Maximum Value for RGB Sliders

If you’re having issues with the RGB sliders in your Procreate color picker, you may be able to fix it by adjusting the maximum value for each slider. To do this, open your Procreate color picker and go to Settings. Then, scroll to the bottom of the list and tap “Advanced.”

Find “Maximum Values for Sliders” and adjust each one accordingly. For example, if you can’t select any dark colors, decrease the “Red” slider’s maximum value to 255.

If you find that you can only select specific colors with lots of other ones missing, increase the “Blue” slider’s maximum value from 255 to a higher number like 300 or 400. Procreate’s color picker won’t work correctly if a slider is set too high or too low.

Change Red Slider to 100%

If you’re having a problem with the color picker, start by making sure that the red slider is set to 100%. The color picker will go from 0 to 100 in increments of 10.

Change Green Slider to 100%

One fix is to try changing the green slider to 100%. The color picker will now have a fixed threshold, regardless of where you move the green slider.

Change Blue Slider to 100%

If the blue slider is not working for you, you should change it to 100%. Go to Preferences > Palette > Sliders. Change the Blue slider to 100%. Once you do this, it should work.

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Fix 5 – Reset Settings and Reinstall Procreate

Sometimes, the most straightforward fix is resetting the settings and reinstalling Procreate. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling Procreate and then reinstalling it. While this is a last resort, you can ensure that your Procreate is back to its factory set up. This is especially great if you made a change that you cannot undo.

Fix 6 – Update iOS, if Necessary

You may need to update if you’re running an older version of iOS. To check which version of iOS your device is running, go to Settings>General>About. To update the software on your device, go to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the prompts from there.

Fix 7 – Check for Bugs in App Store

One of the first things you should do is make sure you have the latest version of Procreate. This can be done by checking for a bug that might be present in the app store version. To do this, go to the app store and find Procreate.

If you’re wondering how to update your Apple device, there are a few simple steps that will help. First, go into the Settings app on your phone and select “General.” Then find the Software Update option in General and tap it. If an update is available for download, press Download and Install Now; otherwise, make sure Notifications is enabled so you can be notified when one becomes available!


Getting the right color for your image is critical when creating an amazing piece of art. While Procreate can be a fantastic tool for artists, some can find themselves using alternate tools to find and select the right colors out of frustration.

If you have the time, checking your settings and the status of your app can help you identify if there is an underlying issue you can correct in Procreate. This will allow you to get the fullest use out of your artistic experience within the application.

If you are still experiencing issues, the best thing to do is call or email Apple for help. They are the ones who made your device and will be able to fix any problems with it. Whatever you do, make sure not to reset your Apple device! Be patient and see if these fixes work for you.