Why Does Procreate Fill the Whole Page?

So, you’ve finished drawing your design in Procreate and it’s time to fill it in with color. Typically, this isn’t a problem, and the colors go where you expect them to. But what happens when you drag and drop the color and it fills the whole page?

Although there are several reasons why the entire page might fill up when dropping a color in Procreate, the answer usually lies with the percentage of the ColorDrop Threshold. If the percentage is set to high, the color won’t stay where it is intended, instead, spreading across the entire document.

If you are coloring in Procreate and it keeps filling the page, this can be quite frustrating. No worries, this is usually an easy problem to fix. Below, we’ll go over why Procreate fills the whole page, and what you can do about it.

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Why Does Procreate Fill the Whole Page with Color?

Color filling is a little different in Procreate than it is in other design applications like Photoshop or Placeit. This is because it lacks the usual bucket filler that many of us are accustomed to.

When you use Procreate to color fill objects, the program will utilize its own internal algorithm to determine where and how the color should be applied. While this is helpful for filling defined and isolated spaces, it can be frustrating when the color goes outside of the localized area or fills the page altogether.

While there are a few different reasons this can happen, the issue is usually easy to fix.

The ColorDrop Threshold Is Too High

If your color is filling the page and that’s not your intention, this kind of error usually has to do with the ColorDrop Threshold percentage.

The ColorDrop Threshold determines how far your ColorDrop fill leaks into and over your artwork’s edges. If the percentage is set too high, the color will spread throughout the whole document instead of staying where it belongs. However, the color will restrict itself to smaller regions at lower thresholds.

To fix the problem, simply adjust the threshold to a lower percentage. This is done by moving the tin bar that appears at the top when you drag a color to the board. Once you drag the color in place, make sure to adjust the threshold to your preferred setting before lifting your finger.

ColorDrop will remember your chosen threshold setting until you change it. So, if you’ve set it to 100% at some point, it will stay that way until you lower it.

Your Reference Layer Isn’t Set

Another common cause is having a set reference layer. Setting a Reference Layer means ColorDrop will perform with whatever is on that layer. So, if your image is on a separate layer than the one you are coloring, you’ll merely flood the coloring layer if you don’t have Reference turned on.

The Selection or Shape Isn’t Closed

 Selections are specified portions of your image that have been separated from the rest of the document. This means that any modifications made while a selection is active, such as color filling, will be limited to that selection.

Let’s say you freehand draw a circle that you want to fill with color. If the circle doesn’t have a completely closed line, the program may have problems defining the borders, resulting in the coloring filling the entire page.

To fix this, simply make sure there are no gaps or breaks in the lines of the object you are trying to fill.

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How to Add Color Fill in Procreate

To fill individual objects and subjects, you first need to choose your color.

Procreate offers a variety of color interfaces and ways to select colors to add to your document. The Color Disc is displayed by default when you first access the Color Panel. The disc is displayed as an outside hue ring that surrounds an interior zoomable disc. This allows you to easily pick the colors you want.

To fill in Procreate, simply tap and drag the color disc onto your subject once it has been selected. Once you release your finger, the area will be filled with that color.

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Final Thoughts

You should now have a solid idea of what to do if ColorDrop is filling the whole page on Procreate. While Procreate is a fairly simple program to use but it can be frustrating if you aren’t used to it. Next time you find your screen filling with unwanted color, check over the suggestions listed above, and you should be back to creating in no time.