Why Is Your YouTube Banner Not Showing Up?

You’ve worked hard to create a YouTube banner you believe will highlight the nature of your business, but to your surprise, the banner is not showing, and you have no idea why. Although it’s rare for this to happen, it’s a frustrating event, and many people have no idea what might be the cause.

Browser cookies are the main reason why your YouTube banner is not showing up even after updating it. However, the problem can be caused by browser cache needing to be cleared, uploading the wrong format, cropping the image at the wrong position, or uploading an image that is against the YouTube policy. Contact support if the problem persists.

That’s not all, as you still need to know how to fix a YouTube banner that’s not working, the importance of a banner image, how to make a YouTube banner, and the best size for a YouTube banner, which you will learn if you read on.

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This Is Why Your YouTube Banner Is Not Showing Up

Selecting a YouTube banner that reflects the nature of your business is the first step to building trust within your community. Not only does a clear banner help with accessorizing your YouTube channel, but it also helps to make it stand out, given the intense competition in different niches.

However, sometimes a banner might not show up on YouTube, and this problem often occurs after you’ve uploaded a new image. It’s a rare problem but equally frustrating, as many people don’t know how to solve it.

The biggest culprit is the browser cookies that have accumulated, and the browser hasn’t been able to catch up with the changes. Other times, the problem could be caused by uploading an unsupported file format other than the PNG, JPG, GIF, or BMP. The image might get corrupted when creating it and lose its format, resulting in a blank banner on your YouTube channel.

Poor internet connection is another possible cause, where the upload speed affects the image quality, making it impossible to upload the complete image. The problem is also caused by cropping the image wrong and leaving out important details in most cases.

How to Fix a YouTube Banner That’s Not Working

Since many things could cause a YouTube banner not to show, it’s best to know several ways to fix the problem. Trying all at once could save you time and the embarrassment of having a YouTube channel without a banner. They include:

  • Try clearing the cache and cookies – it’s always best to check the ‘all time’ box to delete everything when clearing cookies on Google Chrome.
  • Check the image format – make sure the image is of supported format before uploading. However, YouTube would alert you when you try uploading an unsupported format.
  • Restart your Router – it’s unlikely, but poor internet connection could be solved by restarting a router.

Once you’ve applied all these fixes, try uploading the image again, and refresh the page once the upload is complete. Try using a different browser if the problem persists, or get in touch with YouTube support for further assistance.

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Why is a YouTube Banner Image Important?

Besides adding to your channel’s aesthetic appeal, a YouTube banner helps to give your channel an identity that you can create a community around. It’s a classic interpretation of ‘a picture speaks a thousand words.’

It also helps to build trust with your viewers and subscribers, as it shows you’re focused on building your channel. YouTube channels with clear and artistic banners tend to perform better than those without any banners.

How to Make a YouTube Banner

If you’re handy with Photoshop or other similar applications, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. However, you could go for a simpler platform like Placeit, where a graphics-making wizard and drag-and-drop technology will guide you.

Start by setting the right size and format to avoid rejection when uploading. Make sure the message you intend to pass along is clear and concise, and the color is bright enough to draw your viewers’ attention. Here are some tips to make the best YouTube banner:

  • Include your picture if possible, and if not, have your name written clearly
  • Choose bright colors, with red being the most preferred one
  • Keep the banner simple by avoiding graffiti and other unprofessional calligraphy
  • Make several banners for beta testing

What Is the Best Size for a YouTube Banner?

The banner should measure 2560px by 1440px, with crucial details concentrated along the 1546px by 423px mark. The image shouldn’t be larger than 6 MB and should be in JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format. Try using simpler images if the banner’s size gets bigger than this.

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YouTube banners are very important as they make your channel stand out and create an identity where YouTube’s competition is increasing. Due to undeleted cache and cookies, slower internet connection, or unsupported format, the banner might not show up. Clearing cache and cookies, and re-uploading a properly formatted banner image, might help to solve the problem. Using a different browser works too. A banner should be 2560x1440px in size and shouldn’t exceed 6 MB.