Blurry Etsy Banner? Here’s What To Do

Blurry Etsy Banner? Here’s What To Do

An important part of success on Etsy is having a banner that shouts your marketing in a clear, expressive image. When your banner is blurry, it can influence and can reduce credibility and overall success of your brand.

Blurry Etsy Banner? Here’s what to do: Make sure your Etsy banner size is formatted correctly. For larger banners, the right size is 3360 x 840 pixels. Smaller banner size is 1200 x 300 pixels, which is more ideal. Using these sizes will ensure a higher resolution and best quality image. 

The banner is at the top of your Etsy page, making it one of the first things people will notice. That is why it is equally important as the good themselves because the banner makes for a first impression for your store.

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Here’s What To Do

If you are struggling to get your banner to be clear when you upload your image, the best thing to do first is check the dimensions. Etsy sets a standard that the banner needs to be a particular size. So any other dimensions could make it appear blurry.

Etsy will adjust your image to the size it requires, and this is when the image can get distorted. If your banner is too large, the image will shrink and be compressed, making the image illegible. In comparison, if your image is too large, when transposed to Etsy, the image will be stretched, giving it a blurry appearance.

The best thing to do is start with the dimensions required, 3360 x 840 for larger banners, 1200 x 300 for small, and 1200 x 160 for mini banners. Then when you upload your file, it should already be in the correct format and adjust smoothly.

For those having trouble formatting their Etsy Banner, consider using a pre-made Etsy Banner template to create your banner. These will be formatted according to Etsy’s size requirements, and will upload clearly and look great.

Large Banners

For a larger banner display, it is suggested to use the dimensions 3360 x 840 pixels. The larger banner provides optimal performance, but there is a smaller size available as well.

Smaller Banners

The minimum dimensions are 1200 x 300 pixels. Although some reviews say they have had issues with this format, others have had success. When in doubt, you can always try the larger dimensions if the smaller banner appears blurry, like it is being stretched to size.

Mini Banners

Etsy even offers a mini banner at 1200 x 160 pixels, but this is primarily for those users that plan on having their shop icon and listings be the main focus. However, when using this dimension, one should keep in mind that it is not mobile-friendly.

In these smaller banners, the width is fixed at 1200 pixels; the bigger decision is the height.

Receipt Banners

The receipt banner is another banner option, but it is specifically for Etsy receipts order. The size of this banner is 760 x 100 pixels. This banner only appears at the top of receipt orders.

Where this banner may not be the first banner the consumer sees or influences their decision to buy from you, it completes the shopping experience marketing your brand even more.

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Products That Make Banner Creation Easy

Below are a few products that you can check out to help make your life a little easier.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make an Etsy banner, our top recommendation is

They have thousands of templates to customize and you can sort to browse their Etsy banner templates (look for the thin ones).

Placeit allows you to drag and drop elements, add graphics, add custom images or logos, etc.

Adobe Spark

There are many companies out there that promote free Etsy banner templates, but one of my favorites I have found is Adobe Spark. It has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating and is designed to help those with no design skills.

They have it available for IOS and web to help those enhance their shop banners. There is an easy 5 step process it walks you through to create your perfect banner. There are design features to choose from, and when you are complete, you just need to save, download, and share.

The following steps include:

  1. Choose Banner Size
  2. Select A Theme
  3. Choose A Color Scheme
  4. Decide on a Background
  5. Option to Add Text

Adobe Spark is known for being user-friendly and features it offers, such as iconic imagery, professional themes, and its incredible topography.

Exploring through this application, right from the beginning, you are able to choose one of their templates or create your own. You can even use pictures from your personal gallery, and then it gives you a series of social media platforms like Estu, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitch.

The first option is custom that allows you to choose the desired dimensions for your banner. Here you can enter 3360 x 840 for a larger banner, or if you prefer to try small, you can try 1200 pixels. It is quite a nice option, so you know exactly what you are dealing with!

Like most apps, there are in-app purchases you can upgrade to or need to access certain advantages, but for the most part, you are capable of creating and posting your banners straight from this app for free.


Another free platform for creating Etsy banners is Bannersnack. It is also as easy as 5 steps beginning with creating a free account and secondly creating a banner to your specific dimensions. In this application, the options for banner sizes include the big banner and mini banner.

The following step is to add any images or text into your banner. You can also upload personal photos in this step. Here you can edit size, fonts, and color to the text. Additionally, you can edit the scale in this stage. Once this step is complete, you will want to save and download your banner.

The final step is to save it to your computer! It is as simple as saving a JPG file and downloading it to upload into your Etsy account.

Other Options

There are many companies out there that make it easier to create banners, including those for Etsy. They typically are set up with the correct dimensions each social media branch requires for their platform. Also, they have a customizable option to enter the size you need to create on.

A few other resources for creating banners include Canva, Photoshop, and even Etsy itself allows you to purchase banner templates.

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Tips to Make Your Banner Stand Out

A banner is like a larger canvas to express yourself and company. It is the headline that advances your shop merchandise and captures your sellers attention. That is why it is important to make sure it is at its optimal performance.

The banner is the area that you can display all your items in one large area.

There are tips to make your banner the best it can be:

  • Use the least amount of text: Using your shop name is fine, but limit the text, so when the photo is scaled down, it remains legible.
  • Be creative: Try out various patterns and designs. There are different colors and textures to choose for your banner.
  • Add links: Using a large banner allows more space to be utilized. You can add links to your image to a specific spot in your shop.

Remember, this is going to catch the attention of consumers, so be sure to use the space wisely to show off your shop in one place. Just do not overdo it with changing your graphics to often, like other marketing schemes, consistency is recognizable, which will benefit your brand.

Blurry Images Can Be Resolved.

Having a blurry image can influence the success of your shop, but it does not have to ruin your career, just maybe a moment of your time until it is resolved. But the good news is that adjusting the dimensions can fix the blurry issue and restore your image to how you imagined it!