How To Create a Roblox Logo For Free With Placeit

Creating Roblox Logo With Placeit

Now that you’re ready to start taking the gaming world by storm, you first need to get your logo uploaded. For most, this can involve hiring a designer and going through iteration after iteration, but lucky for you, there’s Placeit. With Placeit, you can customize an entire logo for Roblox and have it downloaded within an hour.

But if you aren’t familiar with using Placeit or editing your designs, it can be time-consuming. To get you back in the game as quickly as possible, read our step-by-step process on how to create your Roblox logo using Placeit.

  1. Sign-Up For Free Placeit Account
  2. Find Gaming Logo Templates
  3. Choose A Template to Start With
  4. Customize Your Roblox Logo
  5. Request A Special Feature in Placeit
  6. Finish Up Your Logo
  7. Summary

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Sign-Up For Free Placeit Account

When you first go to Placeit, you’ll see everything they have to offer with no restrictions, and you don’t technically need an account to customize and download your logo.

But, if you want to do some browsing and experiment with different kinds of logos, save your favorites, and reference them at a later time, then it’s a smart idea to go ahead and sign up for a free account.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Free Account” option
  2. Fill out your information
  3. Click on the “Sign Up” button when you’re finished.

You should be automatically logged in, and you will see your username at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Now you’ll be able to track all of the logos you make as well as any templates you want to use as a base to work from.

You don’t need to upgrade to a paid account to customize and create your logo. Placeit offers both free and paid templates to choose from.

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Find Gaming Logo Templates

When you log into Placeit for the first time, you will see their homepage that has many different examples of graphics and designs as well as numerous templates for different purposes. 

Instead of starting your logo from scratch and needing to come up with everything yourself, begin using one of the pre-built templates that Placeit provides to create your gaming logo.

Using your mouse, roll over the “Gaming” menu option at the top of the screen and click on the “Logos” text. This will redirect you to the landing page for gaming logos, where you can now choose between the hundreds of options before you.

Another option would be to use the search feature at the top of the screen. You can type in “Roblox” where it says “Search Templates,” and you will see pre-built templates for Roblox specific graphics.

There will not be nearly as many templates to choose from if you want to search for “Roblox” but they will be highly specific for what you are looking for.

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Choose A Template to Start With

Before you pick a logo template and start customizing it, you can test some of these thumbnails with your team name and different graphics.

If you used the search bar to find Roblox-specific templates, then you will want to click on one of the templates before adding your name. Otherwise, all the graphics will change, and you will need to fix this on the customization screen.

At the top of the page, there is a field for you to enter your team name. Once you’ve filled out your name, go ahead, and click “apply.” You should see every logo begin to change, one by one, to include the team name that you entered.

If you don’t have a team name just quite yet, what you can do is type in some keywords of what you are looking for. When you enter in your keywords, Placeit will automatically find graphics that match up with the keywords you’ve entered.

You can always change the graphic at a later time, so you don’t have to feel married to the template you choose.

Since you are creating your logo specifically for Roblox, you probably have an aesthetic you are trying to accomplish from other logos you’ve seen on the site.

To find specific examples of pre-built Roblox logos, follow the steps below;

  1. Click on the dropdown that says “Gaming (All)”
  2. Click on the “Gaming” option
  3. Click on “Roblox” to see all of the pre-built templates for that specific game.

If you click on the “Choose Graphic” dropdown you can browse through the list of graphics Placeit provides and test out different looks for your Roblox logo. Similar to when you entered your team name, the graphic will automatically change in the thumbnails after you select an option.

As you’re looking through the templates for the right one, you can click on the heart icon in the top right of the picture to save your favorites and come back to them at a later time.

When you’re ready, go ahead and click on the template you want to use, and you will be redirected to the customizing page.

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Now that you’ve selected the template you want, it’s time to customize it to include your team’s colors and change out anything you don’t like.

Customize Logo Text

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see options for changing out the text on the logo. You should have already added your team name into the step before this but if you want to try some alternative names, now is your chance to do so.

Click on the text and fill in the team name you want to try out. When you are finished, you don’t even need to click on anything, and you will see the text automatically updated in the logo itself.

Some of the logos will come with additional text underneath your team name for a small slogan or maybe your name. If you don’t want this option, all you have to do is click on the eye icon at the left of the text field, and you will see the text removed from your logo. Click on the eye icon again to add the text back in.

Customize Logo Colors and Font Style

This area also has options to switch out the font style and font color. Clicking on the font name will drop down a list of other font options you can choose from. There are stars next to each font, that if you click on them, they will add these fonts to your “Saved” section.

If you aren’t seeing the fonts you want in the suggested dropdown area, go ahead and click on the “More Fonts” button. This will display a box that has every single font in Placeit for you to choose from. Select the “View All” link, and it will show an example of what each font actually looks like. Again, you can click on the star icon, and it will save the font for you.

In the color dropdown, there is a pre-selected range of colors you can choose from. But if you aren’t finding what you want, you can click on the “More” button in the bottom right, and it will let you customize the color to any gradient you want. You can even type in your color code if you know exactly which color you want.

Any changes you make to the logo in this customization screen will be automatically updated and should appear within seconds of the change being made.

Customize Your Graphic Colors

The right-hand side of the screen has even more customization options. At the top, you will see color options for the main elements on the page like the background, text gradients, accent colors, and more.

Just like the font color options, you can choose from a pre-selected range of colors, but if you aren’t finding the one you want, then click on the “More” button and create your color. The same process can be done with any color options while you are customizing your gaming logo.

Change Out Your Graphic

Below the color changes are options to change out the graphic. You can scroll down the options that Placeit shows you, and it will continue to populate new choices for you to pick from until there is something you like.

Or, you can type in “Roblox” here and see all the lego-styled graphics that Placeit has added to their library if you are looking to remain closer to the overall style of Roblox. There’s even a tiny option at the end of the list that you can click on to allow you to message Placeit and let them know about graphics you want but are not seeing.

Sometimes your logo will include a badge, which is basically a background for your graphic. You can change the shape, but the default is usually a circle. You will be able to change the shape and also the color of the badge if your logo includes it.

Otherwise, you will just see an option to change the actual background’s color. You can upload a picture here if you want, but I recommend sticking with a solid color for consistency and visibility.

Pro Tip: Once you change any element of your logo, you have to use the “back” button on your browser to “undo” a change.

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Request A Special Feature in Placeit

Just like in the graphic section, at the bottom of your logo is a request feature for sending Placeit ideas on graphics, templates, content, and other features you feel would be useful for the platform.

When you click on the request features button, you will actually be able to see a list of all the requested features other users have made on the platform. Instead of creating a brand new request, search for the feature you are interested in to see if someone else has already submitted this feature.

This is important because the more votes a specific feature request gets, the higher priority Placeit will give for trying to implement this feature for users as soon as possible.

There is a content request section where you can make suggestions on the types of templates or graphics beings used. There is also a feature request section where you can send a special request to Placeit for more editing options like transparency for backgrounds or layered designs.

Clicking into each request will also show you comments for that request so you can communicate with the community about what issues you are having or why you agree with the post.

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Once you’re done editing and customizing your logo, it’s time to get it into your Roblox.

At the top of the right-hand side of your screen, you will see several options, including download, save a draft, favorite, and share.

Save Your Logo Draft

You will want to make sure that you are clicking on the save draft button all throughout your customization process. Since edits are not saved automatically as they would be in a Google Doc, you want to click on the save draft option so that your work doesn’t go unsaved if there is a glitch on the platform for any reason. Saving the draft will ensure that you always have a backup ready in case something goes awry.

Add To Your Favorites

If you like this logo but still want to continue making edits and experimenting with different styles then click on the “Favorite” option, and you will always be able to reference this logo when trying out new ones for your gaming team.

You can view all of your favorites by moving your mouse over your account name and clicking on the “My Favorites” section.

Share Your Logo Online

I recommend using the share option for your logo if you want some additional feedback or if you want to show off to fellow Roblox users just how awesome your logo really is.

When you click the share button, you’ll see options to share your logo on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn.

Placeit automatically populates a URL for you so that you can easily copy and paste it to your friends.

When anyone clicks on this link, they will be directed to a page that has a picture of your logo with nothing else surrounding it. They won’t be able to edit the logo in any way; this is just an opportunity for them to be able to see it.

When clicking on the download option, you are presented with three different choices. You can either purchase the logo for a one-time fee, you can opt-in to a monthly subscription, or you can pay for full annual payment. If you chose a free template to edit, then downloading will be free with no strings attached.

The one-time fee is actually much more expensive than purchasing a monthly subscription. Placeit is trying to make this option seem extremely expensive because they want you to purchase their monthly subscription.

But, if you have no real reason to continue using the platform and your whole purpose was to build this logo, it might make more sense to pay the one-time fee.

With the monthly option, you will unlimited access to all of Placeit’s templates in any style you want. You’ll also have access to their mockups, social templates, and more.

You can cancel your account at any time, but you will still have unlimited downloading access to the platform for the entire month you paid for. So if you are in the middle of a billing month and decide to cancel, you can still use Placeit for the remainder of that month.

The annual subscription works pretty much the same, but you are saving yourself a significant amount of money by paying for the entire year in advance. If you plan on using this template maker for a number of other projects, this is going to be your best bet.

Just like the monthly option, you can cancel at any time, but you will still have access to the remainder of the year that you already paid for.

Pro Tip: Placeit also offers an additional 15% off any plan with this coupon.

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Creating a high-quality logo for your Roblox gaming team doesn’t have to require tons of money or hiring fancy designers who take weeks to get you a finished product. It can be as easy as heading to Placeit, picking out the template you need, and customizing it to your wants.

Once you learn the platform by reading this article, you could get it all done in a matter of minutes. After you’re all done, share it with your community to get their feedback and make any suggested changes so that it’s absolutely perfect for your next Roblox gaming session.