How To Make A Mug Mockup In 30 Seconds

How To Make A Mug Mockup In 30 Seconds

Mockups are fantastic for showing off designs in a variety of settings as well as bringing a product to life. However, they can be difficult to make on your own, often requiring a lot of time and tools. Luckily, tools like make it easy and quick to make mockups for your designs.

Here is how to make a mug mockup in as little as 30 seconds starting from

  1. Go to
  2. Enter “Mug Mockup” in the search bar
  3. Select a Mug template that fits your needs
  4. Change the mug color
  5. Add text and any graphics
  6. Select “Download” in the top right corner

Getting high-quality mockups of mugs is a quick task when the above steps are followed, allowing you to show off any great mug design. Below, details about each option will be explored.

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1. Selecting A Mug Mockup

Thousands of photos that can be used as mug mockups are offered on The first step toward making a mug mockup in thirty seconds is selecting a great base photo.

To stick to the 30 seconds, simply select one that looks good to you and continue the process. It only takes a few seconds and all of the options are great for showing off your mug mockups. also has great filters and functions to quickly help you narrow down possible mockups and continue the process. Utilize them to ensure a great template.

However, if you want to take a bit of extra time and look through the plethora of options, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you want people holding the mug?
  • Is the mug made for a specific drink, like coffee or tea?
  • Is the design sophisticated or comedic?

Each of these can help narrow down what sort of mockup templates will serve you best, even more so than the available filters.

Are People In The Mockup?

Having people holding the mug is a great way to add a personal touch. In addition, it could help those you are showing the mockup to envision people actually using the mug – a great bonus!

With all of the different mockups with people available, it can be beneficial to consider the poses of everyone. Does someone lounging, or standing among others help to showcase the mug mockup better? There are no wrong answers. Luckily, with how quick the process is, it can be easy to shift around and try new templates.

Is It Coffee Or Tea Specific?

While any mug can be used for any hot drink, your design may be suited specifically around a coffee or tea reference. Or maybe even hot cocoa! Whatever the case, when designs are specific, it is best that mockups match the subject matter.

It can be helpful to choose a mockup template where the mug is sat in front of a teapot or an espresso machine. This can help customers envision the mug where it may be in their own kitchens.

What Is The Feel Of The Design?

Choosing a mockup that matches with the design of the mug is essential for creating a great mug mockup. Taking a little bit of extra time (while still keeping it under 30 seconds!) now will certainly be worth it in the future.

For mugs that are made with jokes, puns, or silly designs on them, it is best to choose a mockup template that reflects that. Maybe a child is sat behind the mug, or a family is shown in the mockup.

Other mugs will be designed with sophistication in mind, where there may be no graphics at all. In cases like this, it is best to select mockups where the cup is shown around high-quality items, or held by people dressed in business casual.

Matching the mockup with the mug design will help sell your mugs to customers.

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2. Upload Your Design

With a mug mockup template selected, it is time to take the next few seconds and upload your design. makes it easy, so you can simply upload your design file and it will automatically be placed on the mug!

Once your design has been decided on, there are very few steps to take before the upload can happen. Still, you should ensure that some settings are correct to get a high-quality mockup done.

Make Your Design The Right Size

The very first thing to do before uploading your design photo is to ensure that it is the right size for your mockup. makes it easy by listing the image size directly on the mockup, and also available when the upload button is hovered over.

While file sizes different from the recommended will work, the mug mockup could end up blurry or with parts cut off. Take the time to resize your design to the best dimensions.

Crop The Image

Once you have uploaded your correctly sized, design, has a wonderful tool that will allow you to crop and rotate your image. This will help ensure that the mockup looks exactly the way it should.

Confirm that this crop looks good, and your design will quickly show up on the mug mockup. Now you can move on to the next step!

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3. Change The Mug Color

By now, you are probably about twenty seconds into the creation of your mug mockup and almost done! Only the details remain to be changed.

One of the final decisions to be made about the mug mockup is the color of the mug itself. Every mockup template starts as a simple white, and this works great for many mockups! However, if you wanted to adjust the colors to better match your design, makes it easy.

Mugs can come in a variety of colors, and each one can look great when paired with the correct graphics. Be sure that your design pops from the mug’s base color, as a rule.

Some mockup templates also allow you to adjust the handle color separately from the mug color. This is great if you want your mockup to be more colorful or have some contrast. Be sure to experiment with how various colors look!

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4. Adding Text And Other Branding

After making some quick adjustments to the color of your mug, your mockup could be fully complete. Your design is visible on a mug in a great image, ready to be shown to the world! However, it can often be a good idea to add some extras to the image before pushing them out.

Luckily, makes it easy to add text and extra graphics to mockups. Adding simple things text and graphics allows for a whole host of options to truly customize your mockup. One of the best ways to use this option is for advertising, especially if the mockups are going to be used as product images on an online site like Amazon.

Adding Text

Adding text to mockups pointing out features in a mug, or a web address, is a great way to drive traffic or purchases of a mug. Whenever mockups are going to be shown to the public it is a good idea to do this. also allows you to easily edit the text font so that the text can blend seamlessly and match the tone of the mockup.

Adding Graphics

If you have a logo or other brand signifier, it is certainly worth it to use some of the final seconds to upload your graphic and brand the mockup! This will help customers come to know your brand and seek it out in the future. It can also help prevent others from stealing your ideas and mockups.

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5. Download!

Your mug mockup is now completed in thirty seconds! The only remaining step is to download it and use it wherever you need to. With how quick the process is, you can easily create more and test other mockups as well.

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