Why Does Procreate Say “Continue Filling with Recolor”?

One of the best graphics apps on the iPad platform, the Procreate app comes with several great features that help you fill your artwork, illustrations, and animations with color. However, many of these functions create permanent effects that you cannot normally alter. Fortunately, Procreate will let you ‘Continue filling with Recolor”.

When Procreate recommends that you “continue filling with recolor”, it is saying that you could continue your current work with the Recolor tool. Recolor lets you change the color of your artwork, letting you make changes where you otherwise could not. This feature lets you correct your mistakes or test different design ideas.

To use the prompt, you must understand how Procreate tools work. By reading further, you will learn how to use Recolor to adjust color settings without damaging your art.

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When Does Procreate Recommend Filling with Recolor?

Exclusive to the iPad platform, the Procreate app bundles some impressive features into its small package and price. These features let you create stunning works of art that would otherwise require hundreds of dollars and extensive training. It even boasts an extensive tutorial, making it a great tool for both the beginner and the seasoned professional.

However, these many of these tools make permanent changes to your canvas. Once you apply their effects, you cannot change them under normal circumstances. You cannot replace the color to alter the mood or feeling of your drawing without porting your entire piece into another graphics suite.

It is this limitation that prompts Procreate to mention that you can continue filing your work with Recolor. Recolor is a special mode that lets you change the color of your drawings. It works similarly to Color Dropper, letting you drag and drop your new colors as you see fit.

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How to Use Recolor to Change Colors

Before you switch Procreate into Recolor mode, you should select Color Drop and configure the gradient Threshold setting. Recolor will use this setting to maintain your gradient but will not let you change it. Though, it will let you change every other setting.

Once you are ready to Recolor, you must tap the little “Continue Filling with Recolor” button to switch to the mode. Procreate will display a crosshair on the canvas once Recolor activates, letting you know everything is ready for you.

With Recolor active, Procreate provides several new coloring tools to help you change and rearrange your colors. The first one is an automatic live preview that is always active while you use Recolor. This live preview lets you drag the crosshair to where you want to change and experiment without altering your work until you are ready to commit.

Other important Recolor features include:

  • Active color selector
  • Flood slider that adjusts the bleed gradient
  • Hue, Saturation, and Brightness sliders
  • Color balance slider
  • Gradient curve map and gamma sliders

Once you are done, you can tap the canvas to commit your changes. You can then continue to Recolor other areas of your work or revert to the normal Procreate tools.

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Because Recolor changes how Procreate functions, here is a quick guide to some of the more commonly used features. You can find most of these functions in the Adjustments panel once you select a layer to recolor.

Saturation, Hue, and Brightness

You can change the hue, saturation, and brightness by tapping the “Hue, Saturation, Brightness” panel. The panel opens to revels several sliders for adjusting these settings. Tap the Adjustments button to commit any changes.

You can also tap the canvas to open the Adjustment Actions panel to make one of the following adjustments:

  • Undo – undo your last adjustment change
  • Apply – Commit your changes but keep Adjustments open
  • Preview – Tap and hold to see a live preview without your changes
  • Cancel – Undo all Adjustments and Close the panel
  • Reset – Reset and undo all changes but keep Adjustments open

Color Balance

Once in the Adjustments panel, tap Color Balance to change the color balance of your work. Inside the panel, you will find sliders for:

  • Cyan and red
  • Magenta and green
  • Yellow and blue

You can use the sun button next to these sliders to adjust mid-tones, shadows, and highlights.

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When coloring an area, Procreate may let you continue filling in the area with Recolor so you can adjust the color on the fly. However, this feature may not be around for long as the Procreate development team considers dropping the feature. If that happens, you can use stock clips from Placeit.net as a workaround until they offer a similar feature in the future.