The 12 Best Book Cover Mockup Templates

The 13 Best Book Cover Mockup Templates

The design and display of your new book’s cover are important. Before reading the back to discover what your book is about, the potential reader is first drawn in by the visuals on the front cover. So much more than that, in today’s e-book dominated society, the display of your cover is just as important.

To help guide you on your quest, we’ve put together a list of the best 12 book cover mockups to help the promotion and sales for your book. The templates we’ve found and placed here will help you save time in choosing the best options.

1. Woman Reading A Hard Cover Book

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What better way to display your book than with a person reading it? This, of course, suggests to the potential reader that others have enjoyed the contents already.

The model in this template is in a relaxed posture, seeming to enjoy the book a great deal. The background also suggests a calm environment where the book can be enjoyed during “me time.” This is a great suggestion since so many people are living busy lives these days, reminding them to take time out for themselves. It would be ideal for a self-help book.

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2. Little Girl Reading A Book

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This template is targeted to a specific audience. With a child model enjoying your book, it gives the potential reader a much more specific idea of the contents within the cover.

This little girl is in her pajamas, further informing the consumer of what type of book they are considering. Since she is enjoying the book herself and not having an adult read it to her, there is a definite suggestion that it’s not a toddler’s book. It suggests that it likely a fairy tale or a bedtime story, meant to be enjoyed by someone between the ages of 7-12 years old.

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3. Kindle Paperwhite And Physical Book

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Since we’ve already touched on the fact that this is the day and age of e-books, what better way to display your cover than on an Amazon Kindle?

Especially perfect for books self-published on Amazon, this template can be used to display any book of any genre. It also suggests the easy portability of your title. Your potential audience will very likely consider this a book you just can’t put down!

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4. Good Vibes Book, Coffee, Candle, Palm Tree

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This template also suggests alone time and relaxation. What reader wouldn’t love to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while reading your book?

Suggesting this book is either fiction or new age, it gives the potential reader an idea of what lay between the pages. The background is also customizable with a wide variety of different surfaces, including the ability to upload your own.

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5. Woman Putting A Book In Her Purse

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Once again, you want to suggest to your reader that your book is a page-turner they just won’t be able to put down! This template does an amazing job of just that!

Featured here is a book being pulled out of an over the shoulder bag. Have you ever been so engrossed in a book that you look for every opportunity to read it? Showing the reader taking the book everywhere they go gives just that impression. Is your title a textbook? The tote bag also suggests a student headed to class.

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6. Books And Coffee On Bed

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This is a template that can be especially great for promotional use.

Displaying several copies of your book is a great way to promote a new release. With the backdrop of a bed, it suggests comfort and leisurely reading suited to self-help or casual contents. This is another great way to target a specific audience for your title.

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7. Three Books In Custom Color Corner

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Not a first release? We’ve got you covered there too!

Also great for promotional use; this also is fantastic for displaying a trilogy or series. If your potential reader isn’t aware of other books you’ve written, they are now! This is especially useful when releasing a new addition to an existing series. It promotes not only the sale of one of your titles but two others as well!

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8. E-Book With Transparent Background

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Looking for a more simplistic way to display your e-book? Look no further.

When your e-book is shown in the marketplace, they display a cover only thumbnail of your work. This is a quick and easy way to do just that. With no background, it puts the focus entirely on your cover.

9. Book Advertisement

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We’ve got all your promotional needs covered, no matter what the occasion.

These two mockups are perfect for a book signing and author tour. Along with your headshot, these are great tools for e-marketing or signage to display at the bookstore to advertise your event.

Many authors promote the release of a new book by touring different bookstores to sign copies and read an excerpt from the book. It’s a great way to get people talking! The first example, the small stack of books, is a great way to encourage multiple sales.

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10. Cookbook On Kitchen Table

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It’s always a good idea to make a mockup on a background that tells the potential reader exactly what kind of book this is. An attractive and welcoming setting is the perfect background for promoting your book. This kitchen makes people want to cook!

This mockup displays your cover on a food preparation surface. There’s very little doubt that it is either a cookbook or a healthy eating book. The fruit in the background further removes doubt that it is not a dessert cookbook. With this setup, your potential reader knows exactly what to expect – and feel ready to try out your recipes.

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11. Kids Book Surrounded With Girly Items

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Not only do you need to know your audience, but you need to know where they hang out. In the past, magazines would be a great place to do that, but times have changed.

This template is perfect for displaying your new book on Instagram. It targets a specific market as well – teenage girls: a large young-adult reader demographic. Since even when kids are out at the mall, they have their faces buried in their phones scrolling Instagram or other social media platforms, this is the place to advertise. It can not only be used to promote an e-book, but it’s also perfect for physical copy sales as well.

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12. Paperback Book On Bed Advertisement

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Instagram isn’t the only social network to find readers, so we’ve included one more for you. As always, the more places you advertise, the more people you’re going to reach.

Twitter is a great platform to provide frequent updates to your target audiences. Not only can you give a little blurb about your book, but you can also target specific profiles of people to see your tweets. Where better to provide an advertisement for an e-book than on the internet itself?

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Make the Most of Your New Book’s Marketing

We’ve given a lot of ideas on how to make the best mockup for your book as possible. Of course, there are many more templates available to suit your specific book promoting needs.  If you are looking for more specific templates, you can customize these templets to be even more specific.

Although we’ve mentioned two social platforms, there’s also Facebook and Google. Google Adspace will place your book on blogs, specifically targeting your intended audience. Like we said, the more places you advertise, the further the reach!

A simple search can alter the images to a model targeting your exact audience. There are options to make images specific to race, gender, and age. For example, you can search for urban audiences, religion-specific, age groups, and more. Best of luck with your new book!

If those 12 book cover mockups were not exactly what you needed, here are even more book cover mockups.